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The solutions correct the reduced field of view and remove the black bars affecting 21:9 and wider resolutions, particularly prominent at 32:9 and wider.

For Microsoft Store:

  1. Download the archive and unpack it with software like PeaZip using the password pcgw
  2. Launch the game, followed by the tool.
  3. Press the key as instructed to toggle the fix on and off in real time.

All trainers containing CE components may trigger some anti-virus software.

For Steam and any other stores the game may appear on, simply unpack and move the archive contents to the game folder next to the ArtfulEscape-Win64-Shipping executable.

Tested the latest Game Pass version at 2560x1080 and 5760x1080. Steam version tested by OnkelJupp at 3440x1440.

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Mirrored here.

What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


  • Created a brand new solution for Steam and other platforms with file access.
  • Microsoft Store solution updated to support the latest game version.

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4 minutes ago, Lancasther said:

Thanks, Rose! But I'll have to wait to Steam versionĀ šŸ¤ž

It should be easy to address as soon as I get the Shipping exe. No complex calculations in this one, so it could be a patcher.

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7 hours ago, Rose said:

Now updated with a patcher for Steam, though it's up to the users to test it!

Rose, you're my Hero! Thank you!!Ā šŸ¤©

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