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  1. All the UI is widened, like the subtitles and the art of dialogues. Is there any way to fix it? Try to switch Window / Full screen to refresh. It worked to me.
  2. Ok, the patch is working perfectly now! I didn't know what I had to edit with Steamless the exe file. A lot of thanks! 🙌
  3. I've the Steam version, on last update. The weird thing is that the patch seems install fine, without errors. But when I run the game crash. I show you the cap tures.
  4. Sorry man, but don't work on actual version. I look the patch is small. What valors have u change on EXE file? Thanks!
  5. Works very well in 2560x1080, but Im using 3840x1080 monitor (32:9). Can u do the patch for this resolution? Or if u want tell what valours to change on exe file. Thank you a lot!
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