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  2. Wow this is really a genius way!Why didn't I think of that!
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    Game article and instructions: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Spyro_Reignited_Trilogy Undub mod for Spyro Reignited Trilogy to undub the audio from selected language, allowing playing the game with different language dubbing and text. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1962652475 Authors: Kaed✩Wolf, Pâmela
  5. It would probably make more sense to tag this on just the file rather than the past, e.g.: {{file|config.cfg|binary}} This would mean the result would be other other way around out of necessity: This would also make it possible to tag files when mentioned individually, e.g. for games where there is a breakdown below the table for what each file does.
  6. @killer-m I was encoutering a problem whenever the ball touched a bubble of extra life your fix fixed it thx a lot man
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  8. huge thanks for your making this fix!!!! a lot better than capcom the lazy! but i dont know if it is just me or anyone else, after installing the fix ,movie will be stretched weirdly and become out of shape ,and the sound wont match the movie at the same time. in game , it just works fine. any help?
  9. don't care about anti virus, just allow it to restore and accept the tool. there is no problem, it's a false positive !
  10. Hey I really want to use this tool but my Anti-Virus is picking up a VHO:Backdoor.Win32.Zegost.gen trojan... Is there a version of this that doesn't include the trojan?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This fix is based on FOV fix by Keith and features: Changes to viemodel FOV and positioning to accommodate for high FOV Non-vomit-inducing headbobbing Usage: choose your FOV value (the value is set for 4:3 aspect ratio) and unpack fov.pk4 to <path-to-game>\SP\base\ Set "+set com_allowconsole 1 +set com_SingleDeclFile 0" as a launch parameter. <!> Set Post Processing Quality to low. "com_SingleDeclFile 0" breaks Depth of Field and causes significant blur on distant objects. I haven't managed to remedy this, so the only way to get rid of the blur is to disable it altogether by lowering Post Processing Quality.
  12. Hey could you show me how to make happen with lspdfr because there is a tutorial to change something in the plugins cashe but I don't know what the exe file and the window name would be because it doesn't recognise him
  13. {{Audio |separate volume = |separate volume notes = |surround sound = |surround sound notes = |subtitles = |subtitles notes = |closed captions = |closed captions notes = |mute on focus lost = |mute on focus lost notes = |eax support = |eax support notes = |red book cd audio = |red book cd audio notes = |general midi audio = |general midi audio notes = }} General MIDI row/parameters has now been added to the Audio template.
  14. That's good to know...and distressing considering how big a deal Redbook audio was for awhile in PC gaming (not to mention CD-ROM gaming as a whole). While I'm sadly just one person on the PCGW staff, hopefully a MIDI support parameter (aka row) could be added much sooner.
  15. If you read through that CD music thread you can see I asked for it for almost 2 years until it was done. It is only been a year since it has been available.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Start after the game. password: pcgw Start after the game.
  17. Frankly, given we already document Redbook CD audio for old games, I'm surprised we don't already have this - especially with, as someone who doesn't understand the backend of MW, a potentially-elegant solution such as what you've already proposed. Though if it were to make it onto the page, don't forget that General MIDI merely standardized the instruments, instrument banks, and their ordering. MIDI is a general term for storing musical information as data - so pre-General MIDI, it was the American Wild West in terms of device support. Yes, the MT-32 became the main device used pre-General MIDI since it just so happened to be the most appealing combination of quality and price consumers had back then, but there were a few games which offered support for other MIDI devices. Thankfully, that's easily-covered by "other" and a mandatory note. But then we get into the 'fun' minefield of what is, in hindsight, errata, like whether a game's General MIDI support requires a MPU-401-compliant MIDI device (the Intelligent MPU-401 is a Roland interface device and standard for MIDI data transmissions, before and during General MIDI). That can be got around nowadays either by using DOSBox - that's what its "intelligent" MIDI mode does - or using software like SoftMPU on real hardware. Don't know if we want to get into the errata or not, but I thought I'd bring it up since those more knowledgeable with MIDI would.
  18. Hey I have an issue. I copied the downloaded files into the game folder and launched the game. I can see the changed bindings in the controls but my controller isn't working anymore. Any ideas? do i need to download x360ce?
  19. Each file can be listed individually and each one can have its own flag; plain text or binary. Encrypted/non encrypted is poor choice of words on my part, I was more thinking about being readable and editable versus being binary, ecrypted or whatever.
  20. I had a similar idea a while back and made a mock-up. I don't know MW enough to convert it into a proper template, though. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:SirYodaJedi/Music_Templates_concept#Midi I already document this type of information on the page using this type of format; search the wiki for instances of "General MIDI" and "MT-32" for such examples that I've did. I deviate a little bit from the mock-up I posted, adding additional information like which MT-32 version it's designed for.
  21. Config files can also be binary but not encrypted. Can't edit with notepad, but could edit with a hex editor. And how about when some config files are plaintext, whereas others are binary and/or encrypted? For example, Tt's Lego games have a plaintext config file that controls all options except the keybinds, which are in a separate binary file (and whether that's encrypted is anyone's guess). I'm not sure about this one, because there's quite a bit of variance that's difficult to portray with a simple flag.
  22. I suggest adding a parameter so we can set if configuration files are encrypted or not. There could be several options; - non encrypted - when you can read and edit them with notepad, or if registry settings are readable and can be edited - hackable - if it is encrypted, but there is a tool to read and edit them - encrypted - no soup for you
  23. Version 1.0


    The small patcher unlocks all resolutions in the game and removes black bars. Make sure to follow both steps and patch both files covered by the tool. The game is likely to reset to 1920x1080 and windowed at the start of each chapter, which is a known issue with the game itself. In that event, simply go to the options and set them back. Tested the latest GOG version at 2560x1080. You can buy me a coffee or become a patron.
  24. It's necessary, I need more information, driving directions
  25. The information is good, i need more, i'm still learning about it. run 3
  26. Version 1.0.0

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    In Martian Gothic: Unification, the ending video (<path-to-game>\data\outro.bik) can be corrupted. The other videos aren't. If it is, when it should play the game crash. The used game installation was fully updated with all the available patches. Can be tested if it's corrupted using the last RAD Video Tools/Bink and Smacker (Actually Bink 2021.3/Smacker 4.2e) and trying to playing it. If its corrupted it should play with big greens and blues squares as the screenshot. Also MPC-HC doesn't play the video (only the audio) but VLC plays it normally. It seems it's about of using a different encoding than the others videos, which doesn't match the binkw32.dll bundled with the game. The game seems to be using Bink compatible with RAD Video Tools 1.0e (which is the one available when this game was launched), and the video is created with 0.8 or below, or a higher version. So the attached video is the same video reencoded with Rad Video Tools 1.0e. To fix the video, change the original file in <path-to-game>\data\outro.bik with this one. No need to point it out, but this is the ending and it has spoilers, although not the big ones.
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