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  2. Windows Security says that DLLInjector.exe had a trojan attached to it. I'm not sure if that was a false positive, but it said that Trojan:Win32/Occamy.CED was affecting it. The download did work, and it unzipped fine after the password, but I'm just trying to be wary. (Edit: fixed Win21 to Win32)
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  4. Sounds pretty good so far. Some quick things that come to mind. Search bar: Since we have effectively 2 search bars on the home page this should be a given. Maybe we could remove the big search bar entirely and highlight the one in the top nav bar a bit more instead (white, or lighter grey background inside the search bar and maybe a bit wider). Recent changes: Not sure if this is needed as in such a small scale it doesn't provide much information. On the full page on the other hand you can see right away what and how much has been done. It's just that the link is a bit hidden if you don't know about it. Again, maybe just highlight it more. Changelog: Is this something a normal user really needs to see? Announcements should be visible but stuff that is mainly aimed for editors isn't interesting for normal visitors I guess (maybe it can be filtered depending on being an anonymous or registered user?)
  5. This only applies to games running in classic exclusive fullscreen mode, where the fullscreen optimizations of Windows 10 aren't being used nor is the game running in (borderless) window mode. This is, to be honest, a bit of a hit or miss. HDR support is still in its infancy with various alternative methods available which affects how or whether a game will enter HDR mode automatically or not. For example, Nvidia exposes HDR through their NVAPI that some games utilizes, yet there's also the native built-in support in Windows as well. I still haven't really fully grasped which method automatically swaps the monitor to HDR mode or not, but... meh... it's too cumbersome at the moment where some games requires you to manually enable HDR in Windows before the in-game HDR option is made available. None, whatsoever. Windows 10 has, since v1803, a built-in tonemapper that basically maps the SDR signal of the game over to a HDR appropriate range. You can control the brightness of this under Display Settings > Windows HD Color settings > HDR/SDR brightness balance. You'll find that SDR games running in SDR while HDR is enabled and active will have their brightness adjusted in real-time when/if you play around with that slider with the game running in the background. On another entirely separate note, the modding utility Special K allows for HDR "retrofits" into DirectX 11 titles. It isn't perfect, but for SDR titles that already does their lighting calculations in the higher range (the "old" type of HDR -- aka "HDR rendering") the difference can be worth the hassle of using Special K. If you want a beta key for Special K, you only need to request one in this thread: Beta Invite Correspondence
  6. Tried it yesterday on the GOG release of the game, and the customizer failed to apply its modifications due to a mismatch of bytes in the EXE. I made sure I was using the main EXE, and not the Mooncrash EXE.
  7. I have a Samsung CHG70 HDR monitor connected with DisplayPort. I typically do not have HDR enabled in the Windows 10 UI because it looks bad and most games that support proper HDR will simply switch the monitor to HDR mode as needed. If HDR is enabled in the Windows 10 UI, games that don't natively support HDR typically switch the monitor to non-HDR mode, however, I've noticed some non-HDR games not switching out of HDR mode. Detroit: Become Human (Steam demo) - Has an HDR option in its config file (GraphicOptions.JSON -- "HDR": true,), no option in the in-game settings, doesn't switch to non-HDR mode, doesn't look like it's really doing HDR. It does support HDR on PS4, but I have a cheap TV with very basic HDR (DisplayHDR 400 equivalent) so I can't do a comparison. Team Sonic Racing - No indication it supports HDR, but it leaves the monitor in HDR mode Both games are running fullscreen, not borderless window. Could it be that they're not in exclusive fullscreen? Is there any benefit to leaving the monitor in HDR mode for these games?
  8. Unfortunately, Season 2 uses a completely different engine (Unity, whereas Season 1 uses Adobe AIR). Therefore, it's not quite as simple to skip the Season 2 intro.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Replace the video file <path-to-game>\MOVIES\1000.VMD with this file to skip the intro video of Shivers Two: Harvest of Souls.
  10. Last week
  11. Ok I didn't notice the enable/disable F10 Thanks it is working nicely well done Rose!!! Maybe make the enable/disable more noticeable for idiots like me.
  12. What keys are you pressing? Does the Enable/disable text turn green when its button is pressed?
  13. Game is launched first. AV is disabled still not working
  14. It's working on my end right now. Make sure the game is launched first and that your anti-virus software is not blocking the tool.
  15. Just downloaded 1.1 and it isn't working with the Windows store version of the game.
  16. You are absolutely right, my bad, Windows Defender was catching it, thank you for the quick response!
  17. It already does. It only looks for the process, regardless of the file location. What you are seeing is a Windows error message, not an app error message. It looks like a permissions issue or anti-virus software blocking it in your end.
  18. I seem to have stumbled across a bug. I use a separate drive for my games, and it seems that this throws off the application. I think that a similar error will occur once the Steam version is released later this month, and I would suggest setting up the mod to search within its own directory. This would mean that you place the mod within the same folder as DetroitBecomeHuman.exe, and it would work regardless of install location and where it is purchased from.
  19. Version 1.0


    In English: This is the Hungarian Language Pack (fan translation), for the game called, "Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom". The password of the archive is: pcgw. Magyar nyelven: Ez egy magyar nyelvű csomag (nem hivatalos fordítás), a "Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom" című játékhoz. Az archívum jelszava: pcgw.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This mod is based on the code used in 21xMachi9 (https://github.com/KingKrouch/21xMachi9), but only modifies the Vert- FOV in Destroy All Humans. It also supports custom FOVs by modifying the config.ini file. I have plans on releasing an open sourced version once the game releases, but I figured that I'd release a seperate version of this fix soley for the demo version, as it likely won't need to be updated as often. Installation: Extract the contents of "DestroyAllVertMinus_Release_Win64.zip" into the "Destroy All Humans Demo\DH\Binaries\Win64" directory where the game is installed. NOTE: This fix requires Visual C++ Redist 2015-2019 to be installed to function properly, as this release build uses the most recent Windows SDK versions as of Visual Studio 2019. Please download and install those from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  21. Guest

    Borderlands Ultrawide and Multimon Hack

    It's 2020 and people still don't know passwords are case sensitive. Boggles the mind
  22. I think that the it's about time that Home could do with a redesign, so I'd love to get any thoughts and opinions. It's a long term project with lots of things that need adding before any meaningful change can be made. The Home page is the highest viewed page on the site and arguably the most important on the site. It is a new visitor's first impression, and also the best way to 'convert' users and attract new editors. What the Home page should do: Explain what PCGamingWiki is about Point to interesting/timely content Focus our attention on specific projects people should view/join Announcements Past Home page: There hasn't had a huge amount of change since we moved from the Vector to the Overclocked skin. The design of the Home page went from one which was predominantly 'widescreenl' (see screenshot) to one that had max-width and 2 columns, and later modified by Aemony to 3 columns which we have today. Here's how it looked in around 2014 according to the Way Back Machine. Arguably there are some things I preferred with this - clarity that we support multiple OS, more emphasis on non-gaming pages etc. use of RecentChanges on the Home page, and plus I also prefer the 'widescreen' layout more. Anyway some ideas on what a new Home page might change: Reduce size of News This was an experiment which I'm still going to continue but I am going to de-emphasize on the Home page to stop shifting focus too far away from the wiki articles. I'd like to make this much smaller and take it away from the 'top' of mobile view as well. I think I will also separate Announcements as a section. Changelog/Announcements We have a current Changelog which I'd like to integrate into Home, perhaps showing 5 of the latest changes and a button to view the full Changelog. Integrate announcements into this. Game tracker Some discussions about this in #editors channel - this would be a collaborative news section that allows us to highlight game platform changes, big sale events, major DRM changes etc. These articles would get big traffic as soon as these events happens and it would be good to highlight them and improve them when there is a lot of attention on them. It might have a format like this: May 30 - [[Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes]] released, a port of Xbox game from 2005 May 29 - [[Borderlands 2]] and [[Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel]] free on [[Epic Games Store]] May 27 - [[GOG]] Summer Sale begins 05/27 - 06-15 May 27 - [[Doom Eternal]] removes [[Denuvo#Denvuo Anti-Cheat]]. May 25 - [[Heavy Rain]] releases on [[Steam]] Notable releases Instead of having 20 in a single column, I'm thinking of splitting it into 14 over two wider columns, and making it more 'dense' so it doesn't take up as much room. Forum feed I'd like to keep this but make it much smaller and more dense. Integrate top pages using Google Analytics We had a solution using ExternalData/Matomo which broke but I will be attempting another method using this extension. RecentChanges So this is an interesting thing to integrate - not possible using Special:RecentChanges because it cannot be cached. However we could use the RecentChanges RSS feed to somehow integrate this into the Home page (this is also done in the Forum, see top of the sidebar). Now whether this is actually desireable - I've always thought it increased editor engagement, however I can see an argument for not having it (virtually no other wikis do it or it is relegated to the Community page). Search bar change I think that the search bar at the top of the page is too large and distracting, I think reducing its size would be desireable. Sponsorship Make this much smaller, and possibly integrate it back into an 'About' box which integrates About/Sponsorship/Statistics. Lists and projects I think instead of having lots of icons, we have use more written links to make it easier to make changes and updates to focus our attention on proper games. Emphasising non-game article pages The whole non-game article section will be redone and I'd like to show more of this type of thing. Emphasising and improving the Mac and Linux Anyway it would be interesting to hear feedback and thoughts, as my own ramblings above are very initial thoughts. Some questions that might be helpful to answer: What examples of good wiki home pages have you seen? Include some links What sections would you like added or removed? Do you have any ideas for a layout?
  23. Demo is on GOG ... I believe it will be coming to Steam.
  24. Yes I'd like something like this too, if someone could draft the template then I'd be happy to give it the green light.
  25. We actually had a SwiftShader page back in 2012 but it was removed due to lack of content, and honestly I sorta don't see it go any different this time around. From the looks of things, SwiftShader is essentially turning graphics APIs and calls into software rendering -- that is, being rendered and executed on a CPU and not the GPU. It is intended for enabling 3D rendering on systems that otherwise can't fully support hardware-accelerated rendering, and was developed by Google to allow 3D web content to be available even to those users without proper GPU capabilities. It makes it... I mean... Its use-cases becomes extremely specific. For example, the Crysis video highlights the fact that even with the game running at the lowest settings in 720p, on a Ryzen 2700x (8 cores, 16 threads) released in 2018, it is a stuttering mess and barely playable. And the game would almost certainly perform much faster on any integrated GPU of any CPU -- something that is the standard, I think(?), for CPUs nowadays. We can still create the page, of course, to allow new users to add information to it, but unless someone really steps in and takes responsibility of filling the page out I would imagine any page would essentially just be a few sentences at most.
  26. Ah, the demo for this game dropped? So nice to finally be able to play the game, I never had the opportunity in the past since THQ wisely decided against GameCube or PC versions of this game.
  27. SwiftShader is mentioned in a couple articles (i.e. Diablo III & Legend of Grimrock) with a broken and/or unresolved link. If someone could create the Swiftshader page: What it is statement: A CPU-based implementation of the Vulkan and OpenGL ES graphics APIs (Note: it has legacy DX8/9 API implementations as well) Github page: https://github.com/google/swiftshader Google Git: https://swiftshader.googlesource.com/SwiftShader/ (this looks like the main repository) and there's a google drive for a Windows 32 and 64 bit build of the D3D9.dll: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8_BlOx5-97CRldzOEg5S3o0NUk There's a video of the DX9 implementation running Crisis: SwiftShader - Can it run Crysis? Yes! And another video on the more practical side of why/when it would need to be used: "Gaming" With Old Intel GMA 3100 Integrated Graphics Anywho's, seems like a useful tool in the right situation.
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