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  2. Apocalypse612

    Warrior Ch. 10 Map 2 Fix

    Version 1.0.0


    Name: Warrior Ch. 10 Map 2 Fix - V1.00 Author: Corey DeFrancesco Email: Apocalypse612@yahoo.com ------------ Tools (optional): xdeltaUI Patched File Name: war10b.map File Directory: $INSTALLATION_DIR$\GOG Games\Nox\maps\war10b This file patch applies to the GOG games release, but it should still be valid for the other versions as well. It addresses some issues related to a secret area and Mechanical Golem fight in Warrior Chapter 10 (Map 2) not triggering. I have included the modified map file in this pack. If you prefer, you can also use the patch file instead. In order to apply the patch file you will need xdelta (available at Romhacking.net). I used NoxEdit2014 in order to fix these problems. Huge shout out to those guys at the NoxCommunity.com forums for making the tool available. ------------ Email me if there are any problems. Enjoy!
  3. I’m extremely passionate about web development and design in all it’s forms and helping small businesses and artisans build and improve their online presence. onlinecasinobox

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  5. SirYodaJedi

    Maui Mallard Mega Drive Soundtrack Mod

    Version 1.0.0


    The soundtrack from the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, converted for use in the GOG release of the Windows 3.1 version. Also included is an optional replacement for the elevator audio, also taken from the Mega Drive version. Mod by geekgamer on GOG. Soundtrack conversion by Project 2612.
  6. DeRiften

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mega Patch collection

    The Music Volume mod doesn't work if you use the JP VO as is. To make it work, you hafta edit the .bat file and remove all mentions of "/usa". Big copypasta derp right there 😛
  7. Version 1.3


    The mod removes letterboxing (horizontal black bars) from every episode of the game and from the menu. There are a few videos in the game files which have embedded black bars, so they will not be affected by the mod. In episode 1, the mod may also disable subtitles because they had been hidden behind the bottom black bar and would always appear otherwise. The mod was tested with the Epic Games store version 1.3. Unpack the archive, then copy and paste the folder to your game folder, replacing the original files when prompted.
  8. The editing guide says that Surround sound is only applicable to 3D games, and that 2D games should be set to N/A. However, as Rose and I have been adamant about, a 2D game can have surround sound; it just is very rare. I believe that |surround sound = should be set to N/A only if the game does not have any audio to begin with.
  9. luanvan24

    Verification carte SD ?

    Salut, j'ai une carte SD, utilisee sur android, qui me genere une erreur sous windows a chaque fois que je l'insere sur un PC. que je fasse un fix ou pas ne change rien, la carte entraine toujours la meme reaction, et le fix ne le resoud pas. Ce n'est pas forcement tres grave en soi, mais du coup je ne sais pas si ce n'est pas ma carte qui est en train de crever (auquel cas je la jette), ou si c'est juste une erreur alacon ? Connaissez vous de vrais outils de diagnostics ? Pour le moment je ne trouve que des outils de recovery, mais rien de serieux pour verifier une carte SD ... Carte Sandisk 64GB µUSB Merci par avance de vos suggestions
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  11. Aemony

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    If so, the icon for the "always on" locked state should probably be changed to blue, to be more neutral. In the eye of the beholder, and all that. Having it "green" suggests that whatever it is that's locked "always on" is positive, which typically isn't the case, such as with these: - Mouse acceleration/smoothing being locked to always on. - Anti-aliasing being locked to always on. - Subtitles/Closed captions being locked to always on. etc. Hmm... "features that can't be configured at all would be set to false as usual" vs."while the proposed "always on" state would be used for any features that are active but cannot be configured." This is correct, and was what I was going for. There's not a lot of games with native multi-monitor support, but they exist and typically allows the use of the secondary monitors in some special way. For example some of the Battlefield games allows the use of a second monitor to show the minimap of the game, and some racing games have allows for native extended view across multiple monitors without involving AMD/Nvidia specific features. The current multi-monitor parameter could almost entirely be worked into the existing ultra-widescreen parameter with the minor difference (if one exists) noted in the Notes field. In my opinion, the multi-monitor parameter should be an highly obscured parameter, hidden by default, that properly categorizes games that allows the use of one or more secondary monitors for unique features independent of GPU features. Not be used as an "additional-ultra-widescreen" parameter.
  12. Hello! According to the The Punisher (2005) page, you can achieve window mode by Widescreen resolution • Link[edit] Use The Punisher Widescreen Fix[citation needed] To run in windowed mode, create wndmode.ini in the installation folder. Ive created the wndmode.ini but I'm sure you have to put values in the file. What exactly am I supposed to put in? Any help would be nice! Thanks!
  13. Expack3

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    @Garrett I can't help but think @Aemony was also referring to multi-monitor games such as Supreme Commander, where a secondary monitor can be independently used (e.g. no Eyefinity/Surround needed) as a full-size viewport. I'd add, as a much more obscure example, MechWarrior 2, whereby users who had both a supported color video card and a Hercules Graphics Array (HGA) discovered that while the monitor hooked up to their color video card showed things as normal, the monitor attached to the HGA would show developer debugging information. I know the latter example is barely related to multi-monitor support, but I feel it's the purest example of "multi-monitor as independent monitors" rather than the Nvidia/AMD "multi-monitor as wider-than-widescreen". As of right now, the multi-monitor setting covers both, which can potentially cause confusion since "multi-monitor as wider-than-widescreen" is so common.
  14. Garrett

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    I have made an example update of the Section Table legend with reworked definitions. There is no "always off" in this example (features that can't be configured at all would be set to false as usual). Currently, true has sometimes been used to mean "this is active natively" (e.g. forced Vsync); with a reworking such as this, true/limited would always mean "this can be configured natively" while the proposed "always on" state would be used for any features that are active but cannot be configured. This would require rethinking the implementation or presentation of a couple of settings for consistency, e.g. frame rate (@Mirh has previously suggested FPS support should be redesigned).
  15. Aemony

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    The fact that the methods does the heavy lifting and sets up a virtual display is the reason why its current use is wasted. The parameter is basically relegated right now to a “wider-than-ultra-widescreen” field, a ”hyper-widescreen”. I believe we looked it up a few weeks ago and found that in most instances that the parameter mirrors the ultra-widescreen parameter, since it’s effectively just a subparameter of that. Meanwhile we’re losing out on tracking actual games with native multi-monitor support, since those are basically combined with every other title that can “spoof support” through Eyefinity or Surround. I love the idea with a lock though, although it introduces the question of what warrants a green or red lock.
  16. Garrett

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    Gamer Alex on Discord suggested having a separate setting state for features that exist but can't be toggled. I have made an example below of what an "always on" option might look like. Such a state would only be available for settings where an "always on" state can exist. I would have to disagree with this. Multi-monitor methods combine multiple physical displays into a single virtual display, so behavior beyond that is entirely handled by the game itself (just like ultra-widescreen) apart from a few games using the AMD/Nvidia APIs to determine HUD positioning.
  17. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Direct3D Patch/Executable for the PC version of Virtua Fighter 2. Can replace or be used alongside the original executable.
  18. Aemony

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    Overhauling the editing guide sounds too encompassing 🙂 What I think is needed is that we simply go into more detail about the various parameters that allows true/limited/hackable/false values, with the focus being on Video and Input sections primarily, with the Audio section secondarily. A few example discussion points: 4K parameter seems heavily tied to 16:9 at the moment. Should preferably not be tied to any particular aspect ratio and more in general deal with whether a game can run at the 4K resolution of whatever aspect ratio the game is designed for (3840x2160 for 16:9-designed games, 3840x2400 for 16:10-designed games, 3840x2880 for 4:3-designed games). Repurpose multi-monitor parameter somehow, since right now it tends to mean "wider aspect ratio than ultra-widescreen". The "main element" of multi-monitor gaming today is AMD Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround, which isn't really relevant to the game itself, as all of that logic is separate from the game. Possibly repurpose to real multi-monitor support? As in games that allows the use of a secondary monitor for minimaps, view etc? Real native multi-monitor support, that is, without involving AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround? Generally make it clearer whether a parameter means that a game have an option for toggling something vs. supports something. Right now the difference isn't always clear, which can cause new editors to interpret some parameters incorrect (e.g. should "mouse acceleration" be set to true or false if mouse acceleration is used, but no option is available to adjust it?) New parameter(s) in Audio settings detailing spatial audio support and possible tech required to enable it. Either replacing the existing EAX support field, or supplementing it somehow. The above is just a few examples that can be discussed. Past that, we should add abbreviations (hover explanations) to all of the parameters in the tables with a short and concise description of what the parameter tracks to make it easier editing without having to visit the Editing Guide. Some parameters already have this, and it simply needs to be extended to the rest after the discussions about what the parameters should actually mean have finalized.
  19. Expack3

    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    A long conversation between multiple PCGW staff members and PCGW community members on the official PCGW Discord brought up a good suggestion: overhaul the editing guide. I've taken the liberty of putting the chat log below, as it introduces the topic much more effectively than I ever could. SirYuiJediYesterday at 7:31 PM Actually, this game is 16:10 pillarboxed on a 16:9 display that makes me think perhaps "limited" could be used for widescreen SirYuiJediYesterday at 7:31 PM Interesting idea. There's a couple other like that that I can edit if we follow that line of thought. BaronSmokiYesterday at 7:32 PM I guess the most important thing is mentioning the behavior in the notes regardless of what the value is SirYuiJediYesterday at 8:12 PM Of course. mastanYesterday at 8:18 PM if it fills the whole screen area, then its good to go, even if it is vert- Guide mentions that stretched(which fills the whole screen) is false for widescreen. RoseYesterday at 8:43 PM they probably meant vert- by that whole sentence though mastanYesterday at 8:58 PM Doubt that. Vert- does not distort picture. And if fov setting is available, vert- can be compensated. If vert- does not break game then it's true for widescreen imo. But if it does and there's no other proper widescreen setting, then false. Like in Broken Sword 5 for ultrawidescreen. Game offers next choices: - Windowed - Stretched - Vert- (breaks the game) - Pillarboxed HD/FullHD So I've put false to ultrawidescreen since no option allows to use full screen without stretching or breaking game. GarrettYesterday at 9:06 PM @BaronSmoki the ultrawide pillarbox grade handling seems to be a bug on WSGF's end (setting any of the other WSGF screen types to pillarbox gives an "unsupported" grade) CptmoldYesterday at 9:09 PM I think a Limited would be best. For example Grim Fandango's widescreen support adds additional artwork to the sides to fit 16:9. As long as notes can explain though anything should be fine. RoseYesterday at 9:17 PM I believe limited adds it to the list of games with uw support but it shouldn't be there @mastan I was talking about the quote, not the wiki mastanYesterday at 9:19 PM Not sure about that. Word "even" suggests there is something besides vert-. RoseYesterday at 9:21 PM in any case, pillarboxing just means you resort to widescreen, zero benefits to a UW user. we have a row for widescreen. there's no need to claim pillarboxing is limited support GarrettYesterday at 9:22 PM yes, limited would be for things where it is truly supported, but has some noteworthy limitation SirYuiJediYesterday at 9:36 PM Yeah, because, for example, Vert- in a game with adjustable horiz FOV like… pretty much any 90s FPS, has no reason to be marked limited, because you can just change the FOV. I really wish WSGF would stop labeling every game with adjustable FOV as hor+, though. BaronSmokiYesterday at 9:37 PM @Garrett, would you consider 16:10 pillarboxed on a 16:9 display to be "limited" enough for wide screen? SirYuiJediYesterday at 9:38 PM please say yes, please say yes CptmoldYesterday at 9:47 PM I think Limited would be good in Widescreen for any case where it's one or the other. for example, I'd use Limited for Metal Gear Rising because it will stretch 16:9 no matter what resolution you pick, even 16:10 ones. It distorts the image. BaronSmokiYesterday at 9:49 PM If it forces a stretch, that sucks. As a 16:10 gamer, I've gotten used to letterboxing and it doesn't bother me. SirYuiJediYesterday at 9:51 PM I was never able to get 2.35:1 (or 1.33:1, 1.60:1, etc) resolutions to work in FFXV demo. It would always stretch it out to my desktop resolution (even though I set GPU scaling to maintain aspect ratio). GarrettYesterday at 9:58 PM some games get the aspect ratio from the current desktop resolution (not what you set for the game itself), so in those cases you'd need to change the desktop resolution as well SirYuiJediYesterday at 10:00 PM Which is obnoxious. GarrettYesterday at 10:13 PM also, GPU scaling only works for non-native resolutions; if the game is doing its own handling within the native resolution it won't have any effect AemonyToday at 6:48 AM Are you all saying that the parameters needs a thorough rethinking of how they’re applied? Noo, tell me it isn’t so! /s As of right now, the widescreen etc parameters per the editing guide and abbreviations (mouse hover text) mostly only concerns itself with wether the game can output to a given type of resolution, and less with /how/ the actual support is handled mastanToday at 7:26 AM As of right now, the widescreen etc parameters per the editing guide and abbreviations (mouse hover text) mostly only concerns itself with wether the game can output to a given type of resolution, and less with /how/ the actual support is handled So, ultrawidescreen should be true for this then? https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/File:Kaptain_Brawe_A_Brawe_New_World_21-9_stretched.png PCGamingWiki File:Kaptain Brawe A Brawe New World 21-9 stretched.png PCGamingWiki - fixing PC games, one title at a time. And wooden boards instead of black bars of pillarboxing https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/File:Kaptain_Brawe_A_Brawe_New_World_21-9_pillarboxed.png PCGamingWiki File:Kaptain Brawe A Brawe New World 21-9 pillarboxed.png PCGamingWiki - fixing PC games, one title at a time. AemonyToday at 8:17 AM Hence why it needs a slight clarification/rework on all parameters https://images.aemony.se/sharex/firefox_2019-05-12_14-17-04.png Proper definition on what constitutes the various degrees of support is needed in the editing guide, with a better abbreviation text on the actual parameter E.g. True == Exposes ultra-widescreen resolutions and uses Hor+ (extending the visible area of the game in comparison to the reference view of the game). Limited == Exposes ultra-widescreen resolutions, but with some sort of issue such as pillarboxed or stretched display or HUD elements, or Vert- (cropping the visible area of the game in comparison to the reference view of the game). Hackable == Support can be improved why using hack/tweak of some sorts. False == Does not expose ultra-widescreen resolutions through the settings of the game. supports is a lose term that means different things for different people Expack3Today at 8:37 AM @Aemony I've never seen supports in this context mean anything other than "The game allows use of [x]". The degree of use determined by the game's implementation, which the guide - in the very example you provided - already goes into. AemonyToday at 8:38 AM Please define allows use of [x] Because NieR:Automata allows the use of 21:9 resolutions without hacking ^^ Expack3Today at 8:39 AM *allows use of [insert feature here] AemonyToday at 8:39 AM https://images.aemony.se/sharex/firefox_2019-05-12_14-39-23.png Take that for example It doesn't specify anything other than "Support does not count if the resolution is stretched." So a 4:3 game that is pillarboxed on 16:9 resolutions is true, since it allows the use of 16:9 resolutions, arguably Expack3Today at 8:41 AM No, in that case it's Limited as which it technically supports 16:9, the full resolution is not used. AemonyToday at 8:41 AM Limited didn't exist when the parameters was created and the Editing Guide was written Hence why I am for a rewrite with more in-depth details of each "level of support" Expack3Today at 8:42 AM That part I can agree on. AemonyToday at 8:42 AM Otherwise we're going to argue back and forth without having a clear definition to go by, because right now the reasoning I mentioned is as equal to yours since neither is actually covered by the Editing Guide Anyway, it's something that requires a bit more work than your typical editing, hence why it haven't been made yet. There's issues with most of the parameters that we might as well try and clear up whenever the ball starts to roll ^^ Expack3Today at 8:44 AM This sounds like something which should be posted to the forums. That way, all this won't get lost under the deluge of whatever else needs to be discussed on this channel. AemonyToday at 8:45 AM Definitely It requires a discussion to be had around it to ensure that whatever end result ends up being good
  20. Version 1.0.0


    The modified DLL removes the windowboxing at 2560x1080 by resizing the movie to fully fill the screen while maintaining the base aspect ratio. Paste the downloaded DLL over the one found in \LateShift_Data\Managed\ Works with the latest Steam game version as of May 12, 2019.
  21. Noenko

    HQ Ramses Pack (Powerslave EX)

    Version 1.0.0


    In Powerslave EX, the speech for Ramses is of especially low quality, making it hard to understand at points, I went ahead and ripped my own files from a PS1 disc. Article: Powerslave Ex Author: Noenko
  22. The PC Gaming Wiki community only offers 0.5 MB of image attachment size in total. Embedded gallery/album images were broken in some software update* and I started fixing the images in my files, but now have only 0.34MB left after uploading one image. Can the allocated size be increased? * https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/833-resident-evil-5-cleaned-hud/ https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/832-resident-evil-5-chapter-6-1-ship-deck-bug-fix/ https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/788-nosferatu-the-wrath-of-malachi-widescreen-fix/
  23. Version 1.03


    SafeDisc DRM may be active. downloaded from https://web.archive.org/web/20151201074205/ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/eapacific/lotr/lotrbfme/LotrBfMe-65539-english.exe (changelog will be added when found)
  24. Version 107


    Replace the game .exe in \WindowsNoEditor\ctts\Binaries\Win64 with the modified .exe. This will result in the game's 21:9 FOV matching the default 16:9 FOV.
  25. Rose

    Close to the Sun FOV changer

    Version 107


    Launch the game first, then run this tool. Use the buttons to decrease and increase the FOV.
  26. stereomax12

    Call of duty 2

    In that list you will find some amazing games like call of duty and many more
  27. Version 1.0.0


    This shader hack I've made disables the annoying top and bottom black bars shown during intro dialogues and other cutscenes. Just extract the files to the bin folder, where the game executable is located.
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