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  2. Hi yes I'm latest drivers, I will try that as well. Thanks for your help as well! đŸ˜„
  3. Version 2.0.0


    An updated version of the original mod from @Dictator. Use with the Steam version of the game.
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  5. Are you on Nvidia? You might notice the Forza Horizon bug with Latest nvidia driver. Downgrade to 497. The Raytracing is bugged in photomode also, when applying paint to your car the game might crash to desktop due to forza vista raytracing nvidia bug. Might be related to bug out when ingame. I downgraded my driver from v. 511 a few days ago and its working now.
  6. Version 1.2


    Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Leviathan's Tears Mod Created By: Krisan Thyme Special Thanks: Echelo (Research / Programming / Support) Scarlet Crusade (Extensive Testing / Support) Instructions 1. Copy all files contained within the zip file to your FINAL FANTASY XIII-2\alba_data\ directory. 2. Run the "Install Leviathan's Tears" BAT file, then select your option and wait for it to finish processing the files. 3. Once it is finished, close the prompt window and play the game, you're all good to go!
  7. Hi all - In an effort to increase support and visibility, I have moved the mod file to its own thread. The latest version utilizes pointers (like the original mod by Dictator), so no Lua script is required, and you will not need to follow a strict step-by-step process to get it working. @jacob - I would recommend downloading the cheat table from there. Thank you all for your support and patience during this learning process!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    renderer_rmdwin7_f.dll and renderer_rmdwin10_f.dll files with depth of field disabled. Copy renderer_rmdwin7_f.dll and renderer_rmdwin10_f.dll to <path-to-game>.
  9. Version 2.0.0


    An updated version of the original mod from @Dictator. Use with the Windows Store version of the game.
  10. Oh all good, I just can't seem to get the mod working, yes loaded the mod when I was in photomode. Yes I made sure RT was at value of 1, for what ever reason it wouldn't activate. I will continue trying today. What I do is follow the instructions exactly, go into game and focus to update but RTX doesn't appear. I'm probably missing something? I'm currently playing the game through Xbox Game Pass on PC. $1 for 3 months, could that be why?
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  12. Super Vadimka II Revenge of Dr. Kulik is a computer game with quest elements created by VadimBallzGame in a game of 109 levels, the game turned out to be very scary for those who pass the obstacle of the most traps of the water lava desert game from the sequel from Super Vadimka.Download:super-vadimka-ii-revenge-of-dr-kulik
  13. @jacobThere isn't a FH5_RT_WIN_v6.CT yet, we apologize for the confusion from the typo in @cevian 's original message. @cevianand I haven't needed to create a v6 version yet since the v5 version should still work just fine at this time. If we find that an update for the mod is necessary later on, we will be uploading the newer version to this forum page.
  14. I almost want to uninstall and then reinstall, but I'm afraid that since settings and saves are so weird with UWP that I'll lose my progress
  15. Hello Where can I find the updated FH5_RT_WIN_v6.CT? Is there a discord server I can join to keep updated on latest news on this mod?
  16. it should be pointed out if a game uses CD audio or not. mcdvoice con tellculvers.com survey
  17. Just set value and reboot, it's global thing. But as I said in the first reply, it's for when such games crash, not remain running after exit.
  18. Its indeed working. Thank you! The thing I had to do was was open photo mode as switching with alt+tab would open the menu screen every time.
  19. downloaded this, and it shuts off the tickbox on flawless widescreen after around 5 seconds. tried doing starting FW up before launching the game and the other way around but it does not seem to work. anyone having the same issue? im doing this on a 4:1 Aspect ratio (4800x1200) Edit: i now see that im also having that "FOV injection point". will investigate
  20. I second this suggestion. Many games have image scaling options, whether it is downscaling (static/dynamic resolution, like in Dishonored 2 or Cyberjunk 2077) or upscaling (DLSS, FSR). Anti-aliasing is not the primary feature of DLSS. Both DLSS and FSR should be mentioned in a specific feature box. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/God_of_War could be a good starting point. It supports both fixed downscaling and "smart" upscaling (DLSS/FSR).
  21. Didn't seem to work. Was I just supposed to set the value here, or was I supposed to point to the .exe file or something afterward?
  22. Hi there, I've tried following your advice but I am far too dumb to understand how CE works. Would it be at all possible to provide some more detailed steps, or perhaps kindly help the dullards like me by making a new table? I have JC4 Reloaded on xbox game pass thingy for PC and I'd really like to play this game, but the FOV makes it unbearable for me. I've tried using the method you listed and I can't get the number of addresses below 2,000 or so. If you could give me the tools to enjoy this game I'd love you forever. Thanks so much in advance
  23. Why are you so mad at poor devs, who wants to earn some more cash by mining cryptocurrency? Don't be toxic, lol Joke, obviously, but I want to point that, 'cause administration doesn't know what jokes are, apparently.
  24. As of now, 6 Missions/Levels are confirmed to be broken, zip file will be updated soon with save files situated across different levels including broken ones both for any testing needed and error bypassing
  25. The file will be updated anytime soon due to other missions starting from Mission 42 suffering from the same issue, but so far only 4 have been confirmed to be making the game crash, the last is Mission 52
  26. Version 1.4.2

    1 download

    The zip file contains files that serves as a workaround and a bypass for the Access violation error that happens in After the End when trying to complete Mission 42 and other bugged missions mentioned in its page in PCGamingWiki, method 1 involves playing the broken level and finishing it as is, which is intended for players who want to use their own save, this is done by installing an older trial version of the game and opening the save on a broken level the player has in it, the dll included within the method1 folder is a dgVoodoo D3D8 wrapper which can be used if in case the mission still c
  27. Thanks for the quick reply! My apologies, as I'd never used cheat engine prior to trying to use this mod. And I wanna clarify that I did not create that original mod with the video link I posted—that was a user on the Digital Foundry discord
  28. (Mod creator) I just rechecked the mod and it appears to be working correctly with the latest version of Cheat Engine (7.3) and the 2022-01-11 Forza Horizon update. Did you wait until after you were inside of your vehicle (i.e. outside of the main menu and not within the vista)? Loading in the Cheat Engine Table prior to that will cause it to fail as the ray tracing byte addresses haven't yet been created. The steps to get this working correctly should be: Startup Forza Horizon 5 Once you're in game and in your vehicle, return to your desktop and open Cheat Engine
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