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  2. Batman: Arkham Knight was also updated today to include all previously released DLCs as well.
  3. Yesterday
  4. For fair comparison, Steam overlay should be switched off and all DLCs unchecked(uninstalled) for Steam version.
  5. Batman: Arkham Collection and Lego Batman Trilogy are free on Epic Games Store, deal is up on the 26th September 2019. This is the first time we've seen Batman: Arkham Knight without Denuvo, which may offer some performance improvements over the Steam version.
  6. Version 1.0


    Source: https://mega.nz/#!JhIjDSrQ!DucssMVKJJweOdX_YBR6tq3QtJuqZou4nuixemkLX-k Mirroring here because the author's site no longer exists. leggimi-ORIGINALE.txt: ************************************************************* TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO DI JEDI KNIGHT JEDI ACADEMY by VGAMETT ************************************************************* Titolo : Jedi Academy ITA Autore : VGameTT Website : http://vgamett0.altervista.org/jediacademy.php Forum Ufficiale : http://www.consolelevelup.it/dimensioneforum/index.php Versione : 1.0 |/.:CREDITI:.\| XaRaBaS : Responsabile della traduzione e Traduttore DNA : Editor terzappi : Beta-tester Tidus : Beta-tester Files : JAuser-ita.pk3 , Setup.tab Dimensioni Files : 591 KB , 12 KB Un ringraziamento a tutti quelli che hanno collaborato al progetto ed in particolare alla mia ragazza Rita per il grande supporto morale. Massimiliano"XaRaBaS"Barresi |/.:PROBLEMI CONOSCIUTI:.\| -L'installer potrebbe dare problemi con alcuni OS in quanto necessita dei runtime di visual basic. Se dopo la loro installazione il problema persiste allora provate con l'installazione manuale facendo come segue: 1. Procuratevi WinRar; 2. Apri il file scaricato con il winrar; 3. Estrai i files "JAuser-ita.pk3" e "Setup.tab"; 4. Copia "JAuser-ita.pk3" in "C:\Programmi\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" 5. Sovrascrivi "Setup.tab" in "C:\Programmi\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install" Per la segnalazione di errori o suggerimenti riguardanti la traduzione, andate nel topic apposito nel nostro forum. Nel caso di problemi di installazione o non riusciste ad avanzare nell’avventura, potete tranquillamente chiedere tutto quello che volete nel nostro forum. N.B.: QUESTA MODIFICAZIONE NON E' FATTA, DISTRIBUITA, O SUPPORTATA DA ACTIVISION, RAVEN, O LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. VGAMETT NON SI ASSUME NESSUNA RESPONSABILITA' DEI DANNI ARRECATI IN CASO DI MAL FUNZIONAMENTO DEL GIOCO. USA QUESTO FILE CON IL CONSENSO DELL'AUTORE, MA NON PUO' ESSERE MODIFICATO, AGGIUNTO IN ALTRI PROGETTI SENZA AVER CONTATTATO IL VGAMETT TRAMITE INDIRIZZO EMAIL.
  7. Last week
  8. When I click the install button on the autorun, the autorun disappears and the installer never runs. Usually when I install old PC games on my windows 10 system, I have to first click install on the game's autorun, find an app usually called something like setup.exe in the details section of task manager, and then I have to right click it, click analyze wait chain, and stop nvcontainer.exe so the installer works, but there is no app like setup.exe that I can find when I try to install Toy story 2.
  9. Deventer11

    L.A. Noire Unlocker

    Hello, allow me one question: How to: ..edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes?? I changed 0 to 1 in some line but nothing changes (60 fps oder intro). Could you explaine it a little bit more? Is it possible to play in 21:9? Flawless didn´t work. Maybe wrong gameversion... Edit: it seemes my Virusscanner has deleted Unlocker.boot??! Maybe this??
  10. https://nhatvip.com/ là trang web được nhiều bạn trẻ chơi game bài đổi thưởng nhất

  11. Yeah but it's still sad that Rockstar are never going get over themselves for what happened with the "Hot Coffee" incident if they're spending this much effort to try and stop modders from even modding their games.
  12. Man this sucks. Bethesda and Rockstar have the monopoly on games with mod support, but Rockstar will do anything to prevent people from modding them. At least their games are good enough without depending on mods, unlike Bethesda.
  13. Version (game version 0.0.4)


    Unpack the applicable archive and use the tool to patch the exe in \DevilsHuntUnreal\Binaries\Win64\ within the main folder. This will remove the pillarboxing from the gameplay, menu screens and cutscenes. Tested with the latest GOG version at 2560x1080 and 5760x1080. You can buy me a coffee here.
  14. Activision and Nvidia have announced their latest partnership will bundle the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with their GeForce RTX line of cards. The list of eligible GeForce cards for this promotion are as follows: RTX 2080 Ti RTX 2080 and 2080 Super RTX 2070 and 2070 Super RTX 2060 and 2060 Super Pre-built desktops and laptops including any of the aforementioned GPUs are also eligible for this promotion. With ray-tracing support announced in June, along with a shift to a new engine, the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise is seemingly pushing the envelope for graphical fidelity. For those who already own an RTX card, Modern Warfare will be entering beta testing on September 19th, allowing users to test the game and it's ray-tracing implementation, along with cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you don't already own an RTX card, will this promotion sway you to make the leap? And will you be taking part in the Modern Warfare beta?
  15. Vadim M has confirmed this is similar to the Steam version except for: Uses Rockstar's own DRM Has even worse Widescreen support (the game looks more distorted in widescreen it seems) Apparently has even less music than the mobile and current Steam version Forgot to mention the downgrade tool doesn't work on the RGL version of San Andreas sadly. Hopefully the folks at GTA Forums can update the tool to fix this issue and the outdated mods it came with that gave me problems with the game after the downgrade. Sources: https://twitter.com/NationalPepper/status/1173998430080962568 https://twitter.com/NationalPepper/status/1174002885539061762
  16. I wonder if this is also in an effort to stop modders, because the launcher also warns you if it finds modified or added files in GTA 5.
  17. Keith

    L.A. Noire Unlocker

    Version RC1


    L.A. Noire Unlocker is an ASI plugin/mod that provides several fixes for the game: Unlock the frame rate to 60 FPS Remove black bars at 4:3, 5:4, or 16:10 Remove intro logos Unlock exclusive DLC outfits Early access to detective outfits Simply extract dinput8.dll and scripts\ to the game folder, and edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes. Originally posted on ZenHAX.
  18. Rockstar has now released their new Rockstar Games Launcher, another PC storefront competitor. To ease us in they are giving away Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free. To claim the game, just download the Rockstar Games Launcher and login to claim the free game.
  19. Reports on reddit show that the latest update to Grand Theft Auto V on Steam has disabled the ability for players to play offline, even in singleplayer mode. According to Rockstar Games support page, this is an unintentional bug: This issue has been interpreted as a way of forcing an always-on DRM onto the game. We look forward to seeing a timely update which fixes this issue. The changes coincide with the launch of Rockstar Games Launcher, now a required part of installing Grand Theft Auto V on Steam. The new launcher includes a number of dependencies that need to also be installed:
  20. Cutscene Gears 5 made on the engine, it can be seen by loading textures, is it possible to correct the aspect ratio for 21:9 and add support for 32:9 ?
  21. Version 1.0.0


    I am not the creator of this injection mod. It was posted to the WSGF Discord server by killer-m who is most likely the creator. Copy the files to the game folder for it to work.
  22. Hi Rose need your hand to help with Devil´s Hunt! Would you please be so kind? I cant do it to make a new topic in wsgf. s.t. changed. ... 

    I think you see the problem in my added pic. ... 21:9 Black bar. I do not now how do I do a new topic to this forum.

    Please help and send me a sign.

    Devilshuntunreal Screenshot 2019.09.17 -

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    2. Deventer11
    3. Rose


      Thanks. It doesn't seem to be packed, so use my just released patcher

    4. Deventer11


      Think it works (you are great). Top!!!!👍

      Devilshuntunreal Screenshot 2019.09.18 -

  23. Right, you're able to bind it to the Z axis, but that axis is just a single axis. Pushing the left trigger pushes it one way, and pushing the right trigger tries to push it the other way. Pushing both in will cancel both inputs out to 0.
  24. Carefully


    Nevermind it was my slow dumbass
  25. Carefully


    This is downloading at prehistoric speeds. I bet Jesus had better internet than this.
  26. Well I managed to use them that way so idk
  27. You can use the triggers that way, but instead of each trigger being separate, they're combined into one axis so you can't use both together, which can be solved by using DS4's native output
  28. Well ironically I have DS4 now, but even then I tried using XI Plus for the vibration (and gave up) since using that xbox driver thingy gave me some random issues I forgot about. Mapping itself is fine in the game, even triggers can be used for accel/brake.
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