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  2. In an abundance of caution and because the time is overdue I am disabling native authentication on both the wiki and community site to prevent credential theft attacks. I can't directly protect against somebody proxying the SSO domain, but the SSO service will *not* hand out authentication tokens to non-PCGW domains. I will be adding links to the SSO account management to appropriate locations tonight and I advise all users to setup 2FA for their accounts.
  3. In the immediate term I’ve blacklisted the IPs at the CloudFlare level, they don’t seem to be very intelligent and if they decide to keep IP hopping I can automate the blocking easily. I am recording the backend addresses and will be submitting abuse complaints to the appropriate service providers if they persist as well.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hopefully it's doing nothing except proxying to the real site with custom ads displayed. It rubs me the wrong way they are basically profiteering off of a wiki. On the other hand, I am concerned about the intentions behind whomever is behind the site, since the traffic to the site is unsecured/unecrypted. I tried to dig up some info on the host and people behind the domain, but I got nothing asides from the fact that this site was created on January 11 2020. By the way, I'm usually just a guy browsing the wiki, and made this account just to report this. Is there anyway to deactivate or delete my account after this is resolved?
  6. Perhaps if you stated your OS, drivers and components it would be a start.
  7. No, it's not affiliated. From the looks of things, they seem to be proxying traffic to the real site anyway, as a change on PCGW appeared in an instant on that mirror site. They're also injecting custom code into the site, as evidenced by the ads and stereotypical torrent / comments links they're adding to the very bottom of the webpage. @snuxoll, any ideas on how to prevent this sort of proxying from happening? Or is the only approach a wack-a-mole one where we determine their IP through the traffic logs and ban said IP?
  8. I found this website, gahomesaver.com that looks and functions like an exact copy of PCGamingWiki. Is this website at all affiliated with PCGamingWiki? I am concerned that it might be malicious since it might be trying to deceive someone.
  9. I have installed Sleeping Dogs Definitive edition. When I open it and go to main story and then loading screen opens and loads for approx 10 sec and the black screen appears and game shuts down tell me how to fix please.
  10. I was wondering, is there any way you can make it so that, in 21:9, the letterboxing effect remains for the horizontal bars but not for the vertical bars?
  11. Last week
  12. Confirmed! I first tried that by going to the original solution. Remember to overwrite the sprites by importing them into their destinations instead of dragging and dropping and unchecking the box iwad_lock in Edit > Preferences > Advanced.
  13. You can bypass achievements getting disabled by injecting the sprites into the game's IWAD using Slade.
  14. It does not work anymore, would the author be kind enough to update the patch? Would love to play the game in ultrawide, thank you...I am using 3440*1440 btw
  15. Hummmmmm...... I Got A Problem, When I Reach The Final Boss, The Game Closes For Me, What Can I Do?
  16. Same here. At this point I don't see any reason to play this version over EX. The inaccuracies posted on their blog are stuff I wouldn't notice anyway so I don't care. At least now it's possible to get the WAD legally I guess.
  17. I have these tiny black bars at the bottom and the top That normal?
  18. Looks like it doesnt work anymore .. someone just tried it out and posted the result on a video of mine
  19. Version 1.0


    The patcher unlocks 21:9 and any other resolutions unavailable in the game, however the UI will be too cropped to navigate every settings menu at anything wider. Played the latest Steam demo at 2560x1080 for about 30 minutes and very briefly at 3840x1080 to test the solution. Please leave a comment to let me know how it works in the full Epic version. You can buy me a coffee here.
  20. Icon of Sin level I always thought was a very cheap way of structuring a final boss. I am still really surprised no one has modded freelook into the game yet, it has been out for a while!
  21. After running Half-Life: Alyx wirelessly through the Oculus Quest, I've realised that a lot of the latency is probably generated by the encoding/decoding of the stream rather than my 5GHz wifi. Also I'd like to be able to play more games at 3440x1440 at 75Hz without turning down the resolution or using resoluition scaling. I also figure it's time to upgrade as my PC is nearly 7 years old. This is a good time to do it as I have a lot more free time due to the quarantine, but it's also a really bad time due to supply chain disruptions in China caused by the coronavirus. I am currently running: i5 4670K 16GB DDR3 ASRock Z87E-ITX Zotac 1070 8GB I am happy to spend quite a lot to get a high end setup to replace the CPU/Mobo/RAM. Is it worth going AM4 eg R7 3700X now, or is there something around the corner I should be waiting for?
  22. Could you get around disabling steam achievements if you just replace the sprites in the main .wad file with the uncensored ones with something like SLADE?
  23. Guest

    Assassin's Creed Rogue Black Bars Fix

    21_9 File is for Freedom Cry not Rogue.
  24. No idea -- never heard of Xinput Plus before today. I used to use this driver to enable force feedback in old DirectInput based games on my Xbox Controller and don't remember having run into any noticeable issues with it, so feel free to elaborate on what potential issues you mean. Looking up XInput Plus, that tool allows rebinding what Xbox Controller buttons the virtual DirectInput controller maps to, which is sorta another use case entirely -- primarily to solve issues between games expecting different controller layouts. Sure, that tool might encompass more, feature-wise, but I see no reason as to why that would prevent the inclusion of this tool. If I only care about a couple of DirectInput games which all expects the same controller button layout then I'd personally prefer this install-it-and-forget-it driver as opposed to messing with a separate tool and whatnot.
  25. Version 1.0.2


    X-Wing series 60FPS (1.0.2) patch by Justagai This will change the FPS limit from 30 to 60 in any of the X-Wing games in the series: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Balance of power and X-Wing Alliance Compatible with the Disc, GoG and Steam versions. Instructions: Extract/Move dinput.dll and Hook_60FPS.dll into the game folder. Multiplayer: Make sure that everyone has the same patch installed to prevent syncing issues. Notes: - If there is a frame loss when targeting something and you have a custom DDRAW installed, try turning off antialiasing in its config. Issues: - It is possible that 60FPS can make some missions impossible due to a movement bug in the engine. Please report the mission with the bugged craft. Changelog: 1.0.2 - XWA: Hangar is now 60FPS 1.0.1 - Fixed issue with certain machines crashing at game startup 1.0 - Initial version Special thanks to: JeremyaFr (Originally created the hooks which this patch is based off of) RandomStarfighter (Overall help with everything) XWVM team (Lots of engine knowledge discovered) And thanks to all who helped test!
  26. I don't want to be that guy, but I thought we had dismissed this solution already with XInput Plus, due to the bugs and problems it caused here and there?
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