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    • Yes, you can set AA/AF/FOV to n/a for purely pixel-based games, text adventures, and other cases where those concepts can't apply. A note is not required but some pages have notes like your examples.
    • So is there any kind of batch upload planned perhaps? I still have all the images I uploaded (and going by my watchlist, almost all of mine are corrupt now), but going through them one by one is going to be tedious as hell.
    • Key points give too much power to new accounts (I'm mainly referring to unregistered users) and some very questionable information has even been featured on the front page's "featured articles" . I don't often know what can be added either and a significant portion of my key points have been quickly removed from articles. The editing guide is more of a guideline. I've compiled some examples of subjective edits here:  
    • What is the correct way to fill in AF (in the article video settings table) for two-dimensional games? Can I use "n/a" (not-applicable)? And how to formally write (in "notes) "this is a 2D game", or "this game doesn't use 3D graphics"?
    • 1600 images are corrupt, or experience other issues (e.g. being too large for the wiki to handle) based on this list: https://pastebin.com/8yQ2xDSj There's also some 300 images entirely missing: https://files.aemony.se/pcgw/images_missing.txt Note that this list isn't updated, so a few of the images have already been solved.
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    • This is a big thank you to the community who make PCGamingWiki work - the editors! Who can believe that we are 6 years old now?

      We are giving away Steam Gift Cards to members who have provide great contributions to PCGamingWiki over the last 2 years (since we last did a big anniversary celebration).

      The following will receive a £25 Steam Gift Card:




      Garrett (£50)







      Suicide machine



      If you are on the list please accept my Steam friend invitation as I'll be sending the gift cards through there. If you feel like there's a notable member who go missed out and deserves recognition, in the shuffle please contact me on Discord and also add me on Steam.

      Technically the website was founded slightly later in the year, but I've brought this forward because Steam Gift Cards are best spent at the Steam Winer Sale, which is due to start today. Merry Christmas!

      And thank all of you for bearing with my absence over the last year. I would like to let everyone know that I have returned to active admin duties and will be overseeing PCGamingWiki's development going forward. We are things in the pipeline, including hiring a new server admin, creation of a new screenshot comparison tool, an improved blog format (coming soon), more community features and articles. And one of the major projects I hope to achieve in 2019 will also be a wiki article overhaul.

      Exciting stuff ahead. Here's to another year of fixing PC games!
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