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  1. Happy to know! It's a great platform.
  2. Looks like your antivirus software blocking it. See this article if you use Defender.
  3. Still works even at 1440p Ensure that you are using the "(updated)" plugin, not the one that comes with Flawless Widescreen, and that you do not have any manual resolution / HUD overrides set in the app settings.
  4. Hi, I'm unable to reproduce the issue on my end at 32:9 today (no other mods used).
  5. Hi, I do not have access to the Steam version to look into it. It appears that there are differences in the files. You could try the manual solution linked in the description.
  6. An earlier revision of the PCGW policy prevented me from mentioning Steamless, so I had to link to an external guide, which, as you correctly pointed out, no longer had the instructions at the time of your writing. I uploaded a new solution and also updated the instructions for the old patchers now that the rules allow it.
  7. Did you try again? I tested it after your report with the game fully updated and each of the fixes worked correctly.
  8. Hi Rose! Sorry again for asking, but any plans for FFVII Remake PC Ultrawide?

    Not sure if you are interested in the game. It only has some half ass Ultrawide, but not fully.


    1. Rose


      Hi, I do not own the game but you could try doing this.

  9. For the Steam version, Unpack the target file with Steamless. Save the name of the original file and move the file away to prevent confusion. Rename the "unpacked" file to match the old name. Patch this new executable with the tool included here.
  10. Hi, do you happen to still have the save archive? I would like to test it in the latest version and update the solution if necessary.
  11. No, the descriptions are correct, so the trainer is the only option for 32:9. It does not modify any of the game files and gets into its memory, hence the need to run it every time.
  12. The trainer must be run each time, whereas the patcher is persistent until the exe is modified by a game update.
  13. All new and old mods are here.

  14. I would try to establish whether the series or the universe may be referred to as something different by the developers. MobyGames appears to have solved the issue by naming it The Last Days of Gaia series, though another possible approach is naming it The Fall (Silver Style) or something to that effect. This is just my take though, as I cannot think of any precedent, let alone any relevant guidelines on PCGW.
  15. Version 1.0.1


    The tool allows to change the first-person FOV in real time and exceed the limit of 120. For convenience, it is also bundled with existing solutions, including FOV fixes and the cutscenes fix for ultrawide resolutions, so not all of the functions may be compatible with an already patched exe. Download the archive and unpack it with software like PeaZip using the password pcgw Launch the game, followed by the tool. Press the hotkeys as instructed to enable or disable the fixes in real time. All trainers containing CE components may trigger some anti-virus software.
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