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  1. Version 1.0

    1 download

    The patcher removes pillarboxing (vertical black bars) from the in-game cutscenes. Unpack the archive, then use the included tool to patch engine_x64_rwdi.dll inside the main game folder. Re-patch in the event of a game update. The solution currently has no effect on letterboxing, retaining the native vert- behavior compared to 16:9. Tested briefly at 2560x1080 and 5760x1080. You can buy me a coffee here.
  2. Very strange. The green text is a good sign though. Are you on the latest game version? What is your resolution? Can you confirm that you press F8 at kill cameras or cutscenes, not before or after them?
  3. In the current version, do you first press F9 at any time, then F8 when the black bars first appear?
  4. Rebellion on whether using the tool would result in a ban:
  5. It might be that your anti-virus software removes it right away, although I've recently sent the file to Microsoft for review and they had it re-categorized as a "potentially unwanted app" rather than a trojan. Look in your Downloads folder or whichever place your browser has it set as. You could also try a different browser (Internet Explorer and Edge come with Windows 10)
  6. Can you share your executable from the latest GOG or Steam version? Before you do that though, make sure you're targeting the right "Shipping" executable rather than the first one you see in the main folder.
  7. Rose

    Noita ultrawide mod

    Thanks. It's a known issue but I haven't thought up a way to fix it yet. It's rather minor but can probably get annoying. Is it?
  8. Just move the folder and see whether your progress is affected. If confirmed, you can add it to the article without much thinking.
  9. Version 1.0


    The tiny patcher can be used to remove black bars from the game at 21:9 and wider resolutions. Follow the instructions within the tool to patch the specified game file. If necessary, any resolution can be set in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Weappy\Rebel Cops\Settings.xml (open in Notepad) Tested the latest GOG version briefly at 2560x1080, 3840x1080 and 5760x1080. The menu cursor disappeared at the triple monitor resolution. You can buy me a coffee here.
  10. Version 2.0


    The tool allows to change field of view and remove black bars from the game. Unpack the archive with software like 7zip - the password is pcgw Run the game, followed by the tool Press the shown keys to allow for modding at any time Press the black bars removal key - ideally when one first appears Adjust FOV with the shown keys All tools based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest EGS Vulkan and DX12 game versions at 2560x1080, and briefly at 1920x1080 and 5760x1080. You can buy me a coffee here.
  11. Correct. The trainer is superior but I am keeping the patcher for user convenience and after a few expressed concerns about the (false) flagging of the trainer as malware by some AV vendors, similarly to every other CE trainer.
  12. I also sent the file to Microsoft for review. It is no longer getting false flagged by Microsoft anti-virus software. You can check it with VirusTotal to verify.
  13. That's the way some AV engines tend to react to packed executables. A moderator informed me of the matter so I remade the patcher. However, it is not uncommon for game hacks to be false flagged as malware.
  14. Just add it to the list of exceptions. Any trainer built on CE components will trigger some anti-virus software. You can make your own in 5 minutes to test it.
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