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  1. No, it's not affiliated. From the looks of things, they seem to be proxying traffic to the real site anyway, as a change on PCGW appeared in an instant on that mirror site. They're also injecting custom code into the site, as evidenced by the ads and stereotypical torrent / comments links they're adding to the very bottom of the webpage. @snuxoll, any ideas on how to prevent this sort of proxying from happening? Or is the only approach a wack-a-mole one where we determine their IP through the traffic logs and ban said IP?
  2. No idea -- never heard of Xinput Plus before today. I used to use this driver to enable force feedback in old DirectInput based games on my Xbox Controller and don't remember having run into any noticeable issues with it, so feel free to elaborate on what potential issues you mean. Looking up XInput Plus, that tool allows rebinding what Xbox Controller buttons the virtual DirectInput controller maps to, which is sorta another use case entirely -- primarily to solve issues between games expecting different controller layouts. Sure, that tool might encompass more, feature-wise, but I see no reason as to why that would prevent the inclusion of this tool. If I only care about a couple of DirectInput games which all expects the same controller button layout then I'd personally prefer this install-it-and-forget-it driver as opposed to messing with a separate tool and whatnot.
  3. Minor question, why are the link to the Steam Community thread duplicated ? I removed the duplicate a while back but it seemed to come back when you updated the file... 🤔
  4. I updated the title and description to give more information about what it concerns.
  5. Thanks for uploading these! They're one of the most critical tools for players of older games. I did a minor change and added "DirectInput" to the title and description though, as these drivers basically add support for force feedback in DirectInput games for XInput-based controllers. The original title is most likely a translation issue or unfamiliarity with English.
  6. I would be fine with mouse look being disabled by default, as long as it at least was available as an option. The fact that it isn't, however, makes the game unplayable for me. It'll remain in my library untouched up until that time that I am able to get mouse look into the game.
  7. Sorry about that -- the links pointed to the old location of the thumbnails which changed when we switched storage provider during 2019. The thumbnails have now been redirected to their new location.
  8. We should be able to merge the edits over to your user, but that requires us knowing the specific IP address. Could you send a link (please PM it to me directly) to one of the specific edits you've made where the IP address is visible so I can use that to merge the edits over to your user account?
  9. Yes, creating pages (which I guess uploading requires) is locked behind 3 edits or so to other articles. This is to prevent spam bots from causing havoc.
  10. Sorry for the delay, but could you try again? The site had a few issues a few days ago that hopefully solved this one as well.
  11. What error message do you get when you try and upload the files through the form?
  12. The community site is hosted on Hertzner — which is the old service provider that the wiki was also hosted previously at until summer/autumn of 2019. One of the reasons behind the move to a new service provider was that they could regularly cause weird behaviours or slowdowns to the site. Basically, while I cannot be certain, it could very well be a weird issue caused by Hertzner, again.
  13. On that note, I guess OneDrive's feature Files On-Demand could also possibly be really useful to save local storage space by only syncing actual relevant files locally. I'm not sure how it would affect games (possibly longer load times when dealing with a save file not read yet) but it would sure be interested if it worked flawlessly.
  14. I haven't done so myself since I, sorta, instead just threw more space at the issue. And my saves in general tend to be on the lower side of things (the total amount that is taken up by all of my saves is a measly 20 GB or so). A couple of years back during Black Friday I sorta went out and bought a bunch of 1 TB SATA SSDs to throw into my desktop and since then I have yet to completely fill them out entirely -- in parts because I store other static data (software, game installers, etc) on my actual NAS. Using symbolic links to store save files on a NAS is a good idea though, although I guess there's a risk that some games can't properly resolve the symbolic link and might crash on it instead.
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