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  1. Version 1.0.0


    libEGL.dll retrieved from Next Up Hero, from NextUpHero\GameGuide\Streamer\bin\32bit\libEGL.dll, on the 2018-12-15. Extract to the same folder as Chrono Trigger.exe, so to Steam\steamapps\common\Chrono Trigger.
  2. Aemony

    Sound and Windows 10

    Sui is a PCGW moderator. See the https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Staff page for confirmation (or just visit the Discord channel). That said, the reason I included the latency is because I believe it has the highest likeliness of translating over to PC gamers. Generally speaking, audio improvements is not something a lot of gamers really understand unless they have knowledge or interest in audiophile or professional audio setups or equipment. Latency, however, is something that translates well due to its importance for PC gamers in pretty much everything (monitors, input, connectivity, etc). Much like the rest of the Glossary pages, it could use an introduction and general information about sound in video games etc. A bunch of these glossary pages don't really have a "point" beyond being a dumpster used for stuff semi-related to the name of the page.
  3. Aemony

    Sound and Windows 10

    I think it's mostly fine, although a minor rewrite would be good: Current: Rewritten: Leaving the DRM and introduction of WASAPI aspect out of it because it isn't really _that_ important, and it is still sorta covered by the inclusion of a reference to this thread of yours. Please tell me what you think :)
  4. Aemony

    Seriesbox: Linking to parent series

    Looks great!
  5. Version 1.27b


    Mirrors of the 1.27b standalone patches released for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Obtained from Blizzard's official FTP server, then repackaged as ZIP using Bandizip to allow them to be uploaded to PCGW. Reign of Chaos only: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Castellano.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Cesky.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Chinese_Simp.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Chinese_Trad.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Deutsch.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_English.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Francais.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Italiano.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Japanese.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Korean.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Polski.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3ROC_127b_Russian.exe With The Frozen Throne expansion: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Castellano.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Cesky.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Chinese_Simp.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Chinese_Trad.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Deutsch.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_English.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Francais.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Italiano.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Japanese.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Korean.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Polski.exe http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_127b_Russian.exe
  6. Version 1.0


    Monster Hunter: World - DualShock 4 prompts v1.0 Mod by MHVuze Tested and working with game build 151639. Use at your own risk! Play in offline mode if you fear a ban or whatever. How-to: 1. Move the nativePC folder from this archive to your install dir (i.e. D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World) 2. Profit If the controller detection is fixed in an upcoming patch or you want to get rid of it for some other reason, just remove the nativePC folder. If you have other mods installed, remove the two files of this mod to keep the other mods intact. If you downloaded this mod from anywhere but the release post linked below, be wary of malicious modifications. Release Post @ ResetEra: https://resetera.com/posts/11334316/ Enjoy! --- Tips are appreciated: https://streamlabs.com/mhvuze Twitter: https://twitter.com/mhvuze
  7. Version 1


    This is the config file needed if you want to play with just controllers. Split-screen with controllers just from second player onward does not need this config file. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\ Replace UTInput.ini with the one in this archive.
  8. Sorry, I think this devolved slightly into a rant at the end. Related threads: - https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/topic/1880-steamworks-drm-in-articles/ - https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/topic/1075-analysis-why-steam-isnt-drm/ - https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/topic/1640-availability-steam-drm/ Instead of revisiting /exactly/ the same discussion (which were focused on Steam as a DRM) I instead wanted to discuss what /purpose/ the DRM column is currently intended to serve, and how to best go about it. Right now when you hover your mouse over the DRM column you get the description: "DRM required to play the game" That description is short, and to the point. It also only cares about >the DRM of the game<, and nothing else. Meaning it doesn't care about launcher, websites, or anything, really. It cares about the game itself and nothing else. This mirrors pretty much what I think all gamers are mostly all about when they discuss DRM: "What DRM-specific restrictions limits my use of the game itself?" >The game< is the focus. Not how you access the content that makes of said game initially. I bring this up mostly in the case of where publishers (such as Paradox Interactive with their Paradox Launcher) starts to provide DRM-free versions of their games through their own services. These are games that you can do whatever you like post-download. You can move them to another computer, you can run them offline, you can effectively treat them as DRM-free in every meaning of the word, post-download/install (aka "after you've accessed said content"). It is, I think, dishonest to list games that have no DRM preventing your use of them post-download as having DRM, while then turning around and treating every single title from GOG as "DRM-free", despite those having similar initial limitations albeit in a different form. Therefor we come back to the question: What /purpose/ is the DRM column intended to serve? Is it to blatantly push the narrative that GOG is the only place that provides DRM-free games, solely because their download interface "only" requires standard HTTP connection and a semi-modern browser to access? Or is it to actually provide readers with meaningful information on what restrictions and limitations they might face after having downloaded/installed a game? For example, I can't on good faith list Tyranny and Stellaris as "account-based DRM" on the Publisher row, because neither of those games enforces an account requirement post-download/install. You can take that game folder, archive it, ship it to the most closed off machine in the world with no Internet connectivity, and play the game just fine without ever needing an account or online connection to do so. They are, in every meaning of the word, DRM-free. Yet we're supposed to list them as account-based DRM solely because they require an account during the initial access of said game content (hint, so does GOG) ? What I believe the average gamer want to know when they discuss DRM in relation to their games are what restrictions are applied >after< having accessed said content. Not what's required of them to access said content initially. I want that column to basically mirror the copy-protection of a game itself, and not the platform the game is downloaded through. To use a different explanation: if a game could be pirated simply by copy/pasting the folder to someone else then it is in effect DRM-free, and should be listed as such, regardless of how the game was first initially accessed and downloaded. The current way of treating the DRM column as a mirror of the Source column serves no purpose. Right now if the store is Origin we set DRM == Origin. If the store is Steam we set Steam as the DRM. If it's Twitch we set Twitch as the DRM. If it's GOG we set DRM-free instead (special treatment, woohoo!). And if it's publisher we set account-based instead. This is not helpful for anyone, as the Source column already suggests as much. Nobody cares what hops you have to go through to access the content that makes up the game. What everyone cares about is what restrictions/limitations that content have after you've gotten your hands on it.
  9. I was participating in an online discussion where I noticed that a random user linked to other online sources for a list of HDR enabled games, and not PCGW, which made me think about why; the result being this thread. Right now, linking to the "list of games with HDR support" page resulted in a massive "wall-of-link:" http://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Special:Ask&x=-3Cq-3E-5B-5BCategory%3AGames-5D-5D-20-5B-5BHigh-20dynamic-20range%3A%3Atrue-5D-5D-20OR-20-20-3Cq-3E-5B-5BHigh-20dynamic-20range%3A%3Ahackable-5D-5D-3C-2Fq-3E-20-3C-2Fq-3E%2F-3FDeveloped-20by%2F-3FPublished-20by%2F-3FRelease-20date%2F-3FAvailable-20on%2F-3FHigh-20dynamic-20range&format=template&limit=100&template=Feature%2Frow&introtemplate=Feature%2Fintro&outrotemplate=Feature%2Foutro&offset=&mainlabel= Instead of using this, could we transition the whole template (and all searchable features) over to using defined "list of games with XXXX support" pages instead? So each time a new feature is added, an appropriate "list of XXXX" page gets created as well with the semantic search query embedded, and the feature template hooked to link to that page? It would have these positive consequences: - easier-to-read links - encourages sharing (the current "wall-of-a-link" is not really shareable) - allow search engine robots to traverse them and make them findable on Google etc (more visitors, more ad clicks, more $$$$$, lol) - allow us to add basic information on top of the list, sorta like this test page of mine: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Aemony/List_of_games_with_HDR_support - in case of a very small list, the list could instead be listed in a section of another article, which then the feature template linked to. I do not know the full scope of the challenge nor how many pages it would affect, but I imagine it's quite a lot. But would it be worth pursuing? "The Lists of PCGW" as I'd like to call them are one of the largest resources PCGW have, and they're sadly currently being heavily underutilized due to various limitations and missed opportunities. This change would bring us a bit on the way to a "list-full" future where PCGW's lists are the links to share, and not outdated PC Gamer links or a similar list on Wikipedia.
  10. Aemony

    List of PCGW issues

    New issue... CODEBLOCK does not properly prevent the execution of certain code contents...
  11. Aemony

    List of PCGW issues

    Below is straight copy/paste from my common.css Top bar icons are fixed by using the below CSS. I went through all four icons and made them end up looking like #999. Two of them have an opacity layer above that partially hides them, therefor the SVGs use #FFF when coloring those as that will end up as #999: /* Fixes for the four SVG icons on the header, making them all #999 */ /* Icon 1 - Watchlist - Change fill color to #999, from #A1A1A0 */ #pt-watchlist a { background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3C%3Fxml version=%221.0%22 encoding=%22UTF-8%22%3F%3E%3Csvg xmlns=%22http://www.w3.org/2000/svg%22 viewBox=%220 0 96 96%22%3E%3Cpath fill=%22%23999%22 d=%22M48 17 57 36 78 39 63 53 66 73 48 64 30 73 33 53 18 39 39 36Z%22/%3E%3C/svg%3E"); } /* Icon 2 - My Talk - Change fill color to #999, from #A1A1A0 */ #pt-mytalk a { background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3C%3Fxml version=%221.0%22 encoding=%22UTF-8%22%3F%3E%3Csvg xmlns=%22http://www.w3.org/2000/svg%22 viewBox=%220 0 96 96%22%3E%3Cpath fill=%22%23999%22 d=%22m34 33 26 0 0-13-39 0 0 31-7 9 20 0zM75.1 37.1 75 67l8 9-40 0c-3.3 0-5-2.4-5-5l0-34 37 0%22/%3E%3C/svg%3E"); } /* Icon 3 - Notification Alert - Change fill color to white, from none. White becomes #999 due to some reason */ #pt-notifications-alert .mw-echo-notifications-badge::before { background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3C%3Fxml version=%221.0%22 encoding=%22utf-8%22%3F%3E%0A%3Csvg xmlns=%22http://www.w3.org/2000/svg%22 width=%2224%22 height=%2224%22 viewBox=%220 0 24 24%22%3E%0A %3Cpath fill=%22white%22 d=%22M17.5 14V9c0-3-2.3-5-5.5-5S6.5 6 6.5 9v5c0 2 0 3-2 3v1h15v-1c-2 0-2-1-2-3zM12 20H9c0 1 1.6 2 3 2s3-1 3-2h-3z%22/%3E%0A%3C/svg%3E%0A"); } /* Icon 4 - Notification Notice - Change fill color to white, from none. White becomes #999 due to some reason */ #pt-notifications-notice .mw-echo-notifications-badge::before { background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3C%3Fxml version=%221.0%22 encoding=%22utf-8%22%3F%3E%0A%3Csvg xmlns=%22http://www.w3.org/2000/svg%22 width=%2224%22 height=%2224%22 viewBox=%220 0 24 24%22%3E%0A %3Cpath fill=%22white%22 d=%22M3 13.35l1.8-7.2c.2-.996.81-1.8 1.8-1.8h10.8c.99 0 1.6.867 1.8 1.8l1.8 7.2v4.5c0 .99-.81 1.8-1.8 1.8H4.8c-.99 0-1.8-.81-1.8-1.8v-4.5zm6.96 1.8h4.08c-.49.557-1.212.9-2.04.9a2.68 2.68 0 0 1-2.04-.9h4.08c.414-.472.66-1.098.66-1.8h4.14l-1.44-7.2H6.6l-1.44 7.2H9.3c0 .702.246 1.328.66 1.8z%22/%3E%0A%3C/svg%3E%0A"); } /* White becomes #999 because of the 0.65 opacity on this CSS element: "pt-notifications-alert .mw-echo-notifications-badge.mw-echo-notifications-badge-all-read, #pt-notifications-notice .mw-echo-notifications-badge.mw-echo-notifications-badge-all-read" */ Also, here's two fixes to two other bugs I've noticed: /* Corrects hidden category on front page being offset -25px due to the padding on articles for #main-content being overwritten due to rule on .page-Home #main-content */ .page-Home #main-content div#body-content div#catlinks { margin-left: 0; } /* Fixes .project-intro from going off-screen on widths below 1000ish, but above 800ish */ /* Wrap it around a min width to not break mobile view */ @media only screen and (min-width : 801px) { .project-intro { max-width: 750px; width: auto; } } The below is sorta like a bug fix/design change in one. The current behavior is just weird... >_< /* ===== CHANGE : Allow left aligned tables ========================================================================================================================= * * This allows the use of style="text-align: center;" at the top of a table in an article to get all of its contents to align left. * */ /* This is currently set to Center, let's change that to Inherit */ table.wikitable > tr > th, table.wikitable > tr > td, table.wikitable > * > tr > th, table.wikitable > * > tr > td { text-align: inherit; } /* Let's set the default align to Center, to reproduce the current look */ table.wikitable { text-align: center; } Just to clarify: the above allows editors to easily align all text in a table (like the Kingdom Come console commands list) to something else than center. The current behavior requires manually adding a text-align override to every single cell in the table. That must be an oversight and unintended side effect of the current implementation. It prevents console commands and other lists better aligned differently from being easy to implement, with an insane amount of overhead attached to them. Here's a difference of the current overhead required to get the contents of a table left-aligned vs. what would be required with the above CSS fix/change.
  12. Aemony


    Posting here as well based on my comments on Discord. I've found great success with the various tweaks I'm using in my common.css. For this thread there's two main relevant sections: The first, to fix the spacing between <p>'s in the articles: /* ===== CHANGE : Some more spacing for paragraphs ================================================================================================================== */ p { margin: 0.5em 0; } /* ^- The above breaks margin on the P for the 'Editing guide', 'Support us on Patreon', 'What is PCGamingWiki?' buttons on the front page, so let's fix that */ div.subheader-button p { margin: 0; } Before: https://i.imgur.com/124cptI.png After: https://i.imgur.com/rGS9oIz.png The second, to convert the main content into a max-width design, to ease up on the insane width differences and spacing that occurs at wider resolutions, and overall bring the content closer together: /* ===== CHANGE : Center the content ================================================================================================================================ * * This caps the max width of the content and aligns it all to the center. max-width 1600px because that seems like a good middle-ground. * */ /* Center stuff - Beautiful! */ #masthead { width: auto; max-width: 1600px; } body { justify-content: center; width: 100%; } /* Fixes the slightly off-putting ~70% width items in the Editing Guide. Let's have two items per row! */ /* Wrap it around a min width to not break mobile view */ @media only screen and (min-width : 801px) { .editing-guide-list-item-wrapper { max-width: 50%; } } Before: https://i.imgur.com/lW3yZi9.png After: https://i.imgur.com/mln5YkX.png This will limit the width of the articles themselves to around ~1400px, which looks good on both 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 monitors. I am heavily against setting it lower to target a 800px width for the content/paragraphs as this have the opposite effect of making everything too cluttered. Yes, shorter paragraphs will look more condensed and debatable "nicer", but the caveat is that we either end up with unpleasant spacing, or situations where the content can barely breathe. Honestly the site ends up looking like it targets a device in portrait mode more than anything else. For comparisons sake, here's those two last examples using the above CSS (aka content have about ~1400px to stretch to): #1 - https://i.imgur.com/wkLlnL2.png #2 - https://i.imgur.com/HYgEA0f.png
  13. Version


    Description This is the "unofficial" fix released by Hothead to solve the "continue Game" crash fix in DeathSpank - Thongs of Virtue. The developers referred to it as "unofficial" since they had not published it to the public branch of the game on Steam when they released it on the game forum. Unfortunately they never got around to do so either. Official description from the developers Source Archive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlN7g8lbRD78kp1wWft1VEq4kBja5Q Official (Wayback Machine) fix thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20170522231024/http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1635792 Official (Wayback Machine) fix download: https://web.archive.org/web/20110525232830/http://www.hotheadgames.com:80/deathspank/GameData-000001000.gg
  14. Aemony

    Game changelog to general information

    I don't see an issue with it, albeit it can be useless if the place linked to don't actually mention all patches. For example, that changelog for Amnesia you linked do do not include the v1.3.11 update, meaning it doesn't cover all updates. Also, there's no reason to use the {{ii}} flag either, as the {{mm}} flag is more appropriate (changelogs are "more information", not regular "information"). I'd also move it below the official forums, since the changelog is a mere thread on the forum in question. I've implemented the changes to better illustrate my point, see https://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Amnesia%3A_The_Dark_Descent&type=revision&diff=381717&oldid=381415