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  1. Hi, the password is "PCGW" -- in uppercase (without the quotation marks). Can you try with that?
  2. Sorry for the delay -- the file has now been approved ๐Ÿ‘
  3. This page has now been fixed, though it only includes 10 games in total.
  4. I've added twitter.com to the whitelist. Please try again and see if you can make the post now.
  5. @snuxoll something you can check on?
  6. This is taking ages.... ๐Ÿ˜ I'll ping our sysadmin on Discord regarding possibility of speeding up the process.
  7. I don't expect us to provide the ability for regular users to hide/remove their previous edits as that sorta goes against the intention of a collaborate wiki that keeps track of everything. As SirYodaJedi mentioned we admins do have that ability but it's solely intended to hide/anonymize personally identifying data or in rare cases edits that contains illegal materials. The MediaWiki software, which the wiki is using, is the same wiki software that drives Wikipedia and it was never designed or developed to allow for easy hiding/changing/editing previous edits and the like. We actually nee
  8. Seems the list couldn't be moved over to Cargo because the relevant Cargo table required a full recreation because the current table didn't have the necessary Wrapper columns, and I assume Garrett didn't start the recreation due to waiting for the main data to finish being populated at first. I've started the recreation and once it's finished (it has ~46k rows) we'll be able to switch out the current table which will fix the list.
  9. This is by design since many articles already have that line mentioned already. So to fix it you just need to add the 64-bit bullet manually before your custom bullet.
  10. It's a known issue, though currently I assume it's awaiting other infrastructure upgrades that's bound to be implemented in the next couple of month(s).
  11. Hi, I changed your name on the wiki. You can change the name on the Community site and the base account name by signing in to https://sso.pcgamingwiki.com/auth/realms/PCGamingWiki/account, then clicking on Personal Info and changing the username there. Upon the next sign-in to the Community site, the new username will sync over and become your new display name.
  12. The user "Infoteddy" has been renamed to "InfoTeddy". Done ๐Ÿ‘ Sorry for the late reply btw -- I believe you mistakenly posted in the wrong forum. I've since renamed the "Support (concluded)" forum to "Articles and troubleshooting (concluded)" to prevent users from mistaking it for the actual support forum.
  13. I would recommend writing and adding more sections first to the existing page before we move it to its own dedicated page.
  14. Hi, modern day anti-malware suites work more and more on machine learning, which means it uses a dumb algorithm to determine whether a file is malicious or not based on how much similarity it has to actual malware. As far as I can tell this is what the "!ml" at the end means -- it's a match based on a machine learned algorithm that was trained on malicious and non-malicious files (but apparently without any modding related files in the data set it was trained on...). As a result, and as mentioned in the file description, basically any file that uses CheatEngine components to manipulate th
  15. @czarman, can you upload a password protected (using "pcgw") archive instead? This one has 17 detections on VirusTotal which is past the approx. baseline where we require password protected archives. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bfd3a44a882efb5a569f89506a11e6ab3925678a97a71cf917a98f4966926e30?nocache=1
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