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  1. In an attempt to minimize the chance of this happening, PCGW now recommends users who create archives containing such files to password-protect the archives using a standardized password. This should prevent browser-based automated filters from triggering on the archives as they will be unable to scan their contents. Post-download it is expected that regular AVs will scan and flag relevant files accordingly during or after the extraction of the archive. As part of this change, a relevant disclaimer about PCGW not guaranteeing the safety of any files hosted on the site have been added below the download button as well, to better reflect the proper community-contributed nature of files hosted here.
  2. The news section is mostly community-driven, with no direct guidelines on content other than what is required to get featured. While "should be more focused on what this Wiki is like fixing games, compatibility issues and that kind of stuff" is a nice idea to have, it doesn't mean much if the community contributors aren't aware of the subject matters you speak of. I am fine with the current way the news section is handled as it ensures PCGW's news contributors cover current ongoing events within the PC gaming space, which always gets a nice exposure on social media which further expands the reach of PCGW. While we shouldn't dismiss posts about fixes or compatibility issues, I don't think making it the sole subjects of news submissions on PCGW is healthy, as it wouldn't ensure a steady flow of news contributions and most of it wouldn't be very engaging to readers. I do think though that we could add a provision in the "required to get featured" guidelines to allow for some sort of preferential treatment to submissions about fixes or compatibility issues. This might result in more submissions of the sorts you speak of, and allow those submissions to be more easily featured on the front page of the wiki and whatnot.
  3. https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_anti-aliasing_compatibility_flags_for_Nvidia If you could confirm the direct link ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AnHpuYHx21sjdENRSHg1ZkhndWF5R05tQjhCbTFNUVE ) points to the same document, that'd be great πŸ™‚
  4. This should be possible nowadays. I am not at a computer atm but I can throw up a page for this in an hour or so.
  5. That Steam policy weren't exactly hidden, but is a consequence of Valve's years old policies regarding those keys: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/keys Valve doesn't see a cut from the sale of Steam keys at all, so allowing publishers and developers to give Kickstarter backers Steam keys for free while also having a one-year timed exclusive release on another platform means Valve is paying infrastructural costs etc for free for a year without getting paid for it. Color me surprised they didn't agree on doing that. It is part of why Valve actually gets less than 30% of Steam game sales, after all.
  6. Calling it plagiarizing is a bit too much. A tardigrade did feature in like 2-3 episodes of Destiny's first season but the story eventually replaced the creature with a human, and since then none have been featured again. While making for an interesting side story, it basically wasn't important enough in the long run for the way Destiny's instantaneous space-travel works. The tardigrade they found and made use of in a few episodes aided them in navigating the mycelial network, but wasn't critical to its continued use. I think this article goes through it best: Understanding the Star Trek: Discovery Plagiarism Allegations Similarities do seem to exist, and it's possible some inspiration was taken from that game, but then it could also equally be that the series and the game are each a result of their time more than anything else. Calling it plagiarizing, though, seems a bit too much.
  7. Aemony

    Proposal: Add Communities Sub Section

    To make a long story short, there's a ton of ongoing undercurrents that your proposal touches upon πŸ™‚ To give you a tiny glimpse into it, I'll just quote myself from another ongoing thread regarding the removal of unofficial wikis in the general information section: I think the idea of a separate communities section or community-based resources is overall good, and am glad that we have an official proposal thread for it to keep track of it. We just need to figure out how to fit it into what PCGW wants to be and balance it with the various factors involved. For the moment the "other information" section sounds the most appropriate due to its general "everything goes" nature. It is, of course, also possible we can find a solution to feature it higher up the page in an appropriate manner, e.g. collapsed by default to prevent even massive lists of community resources and sites from overtaking the rest of the page.
  8. Aemony

    Proposal: Add Communities Sub Section

    Adding a section just below the General Information section doesn't really solve any of the current issues, and will only result in even more wasted space at the top. In another thread and in previous discussions the removal of e.g. stuff like community-driven wikis have also been mentioned as possible changes. I can see a benefit in having a general "everything goes" community section at the bottom of articles in Other Information, as that have generally been considered the place for non-technical stuff like mods or info not applicable to any of the other sections, etc. It would also serve as a general acceptable place to list however or whatever community members would feel beneficial, and the lack of prominently being featured on the articles would also prevent edit wars. So in short: General information - Official game resources Other information -> Communities (or however it would be called) - "everything goes" community section filled with links and whatnot to unofficial resources and stuff. To bridge the two, we could add a link in the general information taking visitors down to the bottom (e.g. "See community-oriented links" or something similar).
  9. I haven't gotten around to implement this yet, sadly, and probably won't until at least Sunday evening at the earliest. @Garrett if you have free time and want to, could you throw something together based on the earlier replies?
  10. I'll take a look at it later this evening and see what I can come up with. We can technically add a separate parameter for user-created/official and have the output printed on its own line in the "Notes" column, as showcased in the multiplayer example above. That will still allow the state to be tracked separately in lists and whatnot. Usually on PCGW "true" is used for "official support" while "hackable" is used to indicate something is user-created or not official, but having a separate parameter to track it properly should be fine as well. So something like this isn't entirely out of the question, I think: |vorpx = true |vorpx modes = G3D, Z3D, 2D, DirectVR |vorpx support = official |vorpx notes = Test Text – Great 3D in all Modes – FULL VR with Headtracking – Cinema Mode is default setting – Profile available at the VorpX cloud - Link .... Almost certainly. I was under the impression they were already available for editing by regular users but perhaps it only requires some form of additional membership in a member group of sorts. I'm currently checking with the rest of the staff.
  11. Aemony

    What's the origin of your name?

    My username is basically the end product of some 30 minutes brainstorming session a decade or so ago when I was a teenager, where I wanted a new and unique username that could work as an actual "name" (as opposed to the regular "xXDarkShadow2005Xx" etc stuff of that time) as well as be a name I could permanently use and therefor needed to like a lot. AE-MON-Y "Ae" because I like how these two letters looks together in that order. It was a close call between "ae" and "ea", but I ended up liking the look of "ae" slightly more than "ea". "mon" because I also apparently really liked those letters in that specific order as well! Probably influenced by franchises like PokΓ©mon, Digimon, etc at the time. "y" because of a reason I won't mention here. I tend to also use anagrams of "Aemony" as well here and there. For example, one of my more frequent variations of "Aemony" is "Nomeya", another username I really like.
  12. Game streaming by itself will probably not be a major issue for data caps, however combined with Netflix they will be. The transfers seems approximately in line with Netflix's 4K option, for example, so people replacing Netflix with game streaming shouldn't notice a major difference in monthly traffic as long as they play and stream at the same quality level that they used to stream Netflix at.
  13. He is basically whining about how developers can't abuse Steam's platform and customers while also getting paid handsomely to "exclusively" release the title on another platform so it's only available for purchase on that platform, and not on Steam. Although going by recent reveals about the "exclusivity contracts" are all about timed "non-Steam exclusivity" (e.g. developers are free to release on other platforms as long as they don't release on Steam), there's even less weight in his words. Sweeney should be well aware right now that Steam does not take any cut at all from sales of Steam keys. They haven't done so for years, and this policy of not providing Steam keys to games unavailable for purchase on the Steam store is not new. The revenue generated from Steam keys goes 100% to the developers (and any possible offsite retailer that might be involved). Steam gets 0% of that money. This is why his whole "complaint" is baseless and misleading as hell. Of course Steam won't provide any Steam keys for games that don't intend to be available for purchase on the platform. Doing so would be a net loss for Steam. The only reason why Metro Exodus purchases on the Steam store was "honored" was because those customers had already bought the game on Steam and so Steam had received their 30% cut. Color me shocked that a digital distribution platform would deny requests for keys they wouldn't see any money from, as the alternative would see them provide operational costs etc for those users for free on their platform... Or maybe not...
  14. My router have built-in web filter with a category for advertisement. The sad thing though is that apparently enabling that also blocks Nvidia Gamestream from working, preventing me from signing in to my Nvidia Shield and streaming games etc from their data center or my PC... 😐 I imagine they'd screw with an actual adblocker in a similar fashion...
  15. Welcome to the forums, and yeah, you posted this in the proper channel πŸ™‚ Your proposal is sound, and I don't foresee many hindrances of implementing it. What I am interested in though is how, if you have an initial design, the row itself would be formatted in the VR table, and what parameters you're interested in tracking separately from one another (e.g. modes such as G3D/Z3D etc), if any. I've created an initial draft of the addition to the template here: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Aemony/Sandbox/VorpX When parameters are tracked separately it allows the users or visitors of PCGW to easily create a table of all tracked parameters to make for an easy comparison. For example, each column (except the game name) in the list of local multiplayer games is a separately tracked parameter. However the more these sorts of data are tracked separately, the more complicated the end result can become (see the editing guide for multiplayer table as an example).