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  1. I've added support for it for now. This remains a really good point though, and we probably need to define a "default" state in the PCGW editing guide etc so that it's clear that when we mean "Y-axis inversion" we mean inverting up==up (you move the analog stick up to look/aim up) to mean up==down (you move the analog stick up to look/aim down). So "default" is FPS-style. Inversed is flight stick style.
  2. Hi, I've removed your 2FA on the account. You should be able to sign in now and set it up anew. Cheers!
  3. It's because the "Localization" header is created automatically by a template, so it doesn't have an "edit" quick link. Click "edit" besides the "Audio" header instead to be able to edit the localization section.
  4. {{Audio |separate volume = |separate volume notes = |surround sound = |surround sound notes = |subtitles = |subtitles notes = |closed captions = |closed captions notes = |mute on focus lost = |mute on focus lost notes = |eax support = |eax support notes = |red book cd audio = |red book cd audio notes = |general midi audio = |general midi audio notes = }} General MIDI row/parameters has now been added to the Audio template.
  5. 😩 What muddies this whole situation is that the game is not easily accessible any longer and so cannot be easily confirmed either, and because it's from a time where games often had regional distributors it's entirely possible that one or more distributors across the world had compressed audio to keep the game unto a single disc instead of two (this is pure hypothetical here from me). And just because it is possible to connect an issue to a certain pirated release does not mean that release itself is the origin of that particular issue, and warrants a removal. Hence, mud everywh
  6. Use an frame rate limiter. Without a frame rate limiter some older games will run unrestricted on the graphics card upwards of hundreds if not thousands of frames per seconds (FPS). This results in the fans on the card spinning up to keep the temperature down, and it can also result in what is known as "coil whine", where the components of the card "whines." Coil whine differs between various models of cards, but it's not generally seen as something that indicates a broken card -- just one not manufactured with the best components. Anyway, set a Max Frame Rate limit in Nv
  7. I went ahead and changed your DisplayName here on the community to TeknoChaos to match the wiki as well after we changed that to TeknoChaos 👍
  8. Well... Searching a bit more and I found what seems to be a proper Japanese localization that translates a ton of things (all the things maybe?) to Japanese. Sadly the original website has been terminated following Yahoo's termination of Geocities, but Wayback Machine to the rescue: https://web.archive.org/web/20190330182018/http://www.geocities.jp/meisaku_asobu/KanjiMorrowind.html
  9. Seems to only be in early stages. Going to what I assume is TObject's official website has the expansion packs at 0.03 and 0.05 completion atm... http://tobject.web.fc2.com/ From the looks of things the Morrowind Code Patch mod basically allows the use of 2-bytes fonts/characters in dialogues and was meant to allow for proper fan-made Japanese localization... One which apparently never got finalized if I understand what I've found correctly.
  10. Hi, Sorry for the delay. It's normal -- it can sometimes take a couple of days if our moderators/editors are busy elsewhere. I saw that you have uploaded three different files: Call of Duty traducción oficial Call of Duty United Offensive traducción oficial Call of Duty & United Offensive Spanish translation As I understand it the third file it basically just the two other files combined into one, so I am going to approve that one and removed the other two. The other two also suffer from a misnamed file: LEEME!!!.txt. The backend CDN we're using can
  11. GOG's store page does mention the following at the bottom of it: Is this not correct? Does the game actually include the 32-bit executables as well? Also, what form of DRM are we talking about here? Various Crysis entries have been found to include the anti-tamper component of SecuROM still active and enabled, but with the DRM functionalities disabled. Typically speaking PCGamingWiki doesn't per se treat the anti-tamper component of SecuROM as DRM, as it only rears its head when attempting to do stuff like inject third-party DLL files, and otherwise don't enforce any form of copy
  12. In terms of leveraging PCGW, a couple of questions comes to mind: How would this sort of game-specific information be covered? In the game articles themselves or on a separate page? How would we ensure that users are aware that things might've changed after an update and these sorts of arguably more volatile changes might break their game? What would the benefit be of leveraging PCGW's backend? Even if we were to cover this through the web API query endpoint, something have to be run locally to actually perform said queries. If it was decided to leverage PCGW's backen
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