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Obscure widescreen & multimonitor FOV fix 1.0.0

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    • By Rose
      Unpack the applicable archive and use the tool to patch the exe in \MoonMan\Binaries\Win64\ within the main folder.
      This will adjust FOV to match the vertical of 16:9.
      The tool also aims to remove all pillarboxing except from pre-rendered cutscenes but this may come at the cost of reduced FOV in the starting cutscene. Some further cutscenes are confirmed as having more horizontal FOV but there is no way to guarantee every cutscene will display correctly without playing through the game.
      Tested briefly with the latest GOG version at 2560x1080 and 5760x1080.
      You can buy me a coffee here.
    • By killer-m
      For the script (FWS file):
      Install Flawless Widescreen Unpack the archive included here and copy the folders to the main Flawless Widescreen folder in Program Files Launch Flawless Widescreen and make sure the fix is enabled, which should adjust the AR for hor+ scaling  
    • By WSGF
      Archive password is PCGW
      Black Bars FIX:
      Depending on aspect ratio replace AC4BFSP.exe and AC4BFMP.exe in the game folder
      Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues Black Bars FIX:
      Depending on aspect ratio replace AC4BFSP.exe and AC4BFMP.exe in the game folder
      Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues Forced triple wide version:
      Replace AC4BFSP.exe in the game folder
    • By killer-m
      Unpack the archive
      Copy all files to the game folder, binkw32.dll should be replaced
      In the Settings.ini file, you can change the following settings 
      Limit = 60
      FPS limiter value
      Unlock = 0
      Value - 1 disables FPS limiter
      To achieve better performance at high FPS, it is better to disable the internal FPS limiter of the game.
      Use Vsync or external FPS limiter to limit FPS.
      This game is designed to work at a constant speed, so you must have a stable FPS, otherwise you will notice a slowdown or acceleration of the game speed.
      Example for 120 FPS with Vsync or external FPS limiter [FPS] Limit = 120 Unlock = 1 Example for 144 FPS with Vsync or external FPS limiter [FPS] Limit = 144 Unlock = 1
      Width = 0
      Height = 0
      This setting can override game's horizontal and vertical resolution
      Example for 1920x1080 resolution [RESOLUTION] Width = 1920 Height = 1080
      ColorCorrection = 1
      Value - 0 disables color correction
      Use this setting to get more natural colors
      ShadowMapSize = 1024
      Increase this value to get better shadows quality
      256 - min value
      8192 - max value
      Lighting = 384
      Increase this value to avoid artifacts in some cases
      256 - the min value
      8192 - the max value
    • By WSGF
      7zip password: PCGW
      Replace STGame.exe in the game folder with this fix.  Works for widescreen, ultrawide and mult-monitor.
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