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  1. OK guys, I did some more digging and these are my findings. I think the issue is related to the game's DRM: - original .exe shows the error mentioned above; - so does a file called "Ultimate unlocker" - it's essentially a crack which also unlocks the Limited Edition cars and challenge series events; its size is 11,622 kB - when I use a different cracked .exe (37,146 kB) the game launches fine even with VMP enabled, but the Limited Edition content is locked. And just to clarify - I have the original copy (boxed, registered on Origin), I only used cracks for the diagnost
  2. citybuilders - thanks, I will use this workaround if I can't find a proper solution 🙂 emptyend6893 - it shows as running in System Information App, but the interesting thing is that Memory Integrity is disabled. I also tried the registry editor trick as well as the Group Policy Editor (I have Win11 Pro) and still VBS seems to be enabled. Is that a Windows 11 bug or am I missing something?
  3. I've got a problem with NFS The Run after I upgraded to Windows 11. Whenever I try to start it, the game shows an error "Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine". I see that this problem is not exclusive to this particular game; others report similar issues with different programs and games. The solution is usually to disable Hyper-V and other related Windows features. For me, disabling Virtual Machine Platform solves the issue, however this also disables WSL2 which I use from time to time (I'm also planning to use WSA when it's released). Is there any way to "hide
  4. Thank you, I will try the DevCon command! I guess the most sensible solution would be to have Xbox One controller always active, and enable the other two automatically when an N64 or Wii emulator is running. I did some research and apparently NFS World uses dinput8.dll (the exe calls to that file several times - I checked it in a hex editor). So, are you aware of any way to make the game think my XOne controller is an X360 controller? BTW, I've found a list of officially supported controllers; it might be helpful: http://nfsworld.wikia.com/wiki/Game_Controls
  5. Hello guys. I've recently encountered two problems with my game controllers, hopefully someone here will give me a solution! 1. Need for Speed World does not recognize my Xbox One controller (plugged with a cable). This is weird, since it works with Xbox 360 controller just fine. I tried using x360ce with various settings, hoping that it will somehow make the game think I'm using Xbox 360 gamepad, but without success. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Maybe there's a certain setting in x360ce that I've missed? 2. Currently I own three controllers: the above mentioned Xbo
  6. The problem is solved. As you said, there was something wrong with my account; I created a new one on my computer and there the program worked flawlessly. So I copied my stuff to the new account and deleted the old one.
  7. I've got a problem running the server emulator for NFS World. This thing requires .NET Framework in order to work. It used to work just fine on my laptop, but it stopped after I reinstalled Windows. When I try to run the emulator, it displays a generic error message which says "The program has stopped working". I checked the system event log and I've found this entry (sorry it's in Polish): Pakiet błędów 129130068170, typ 5 Nazwa zdarzenia: CLR20r3 Odpowiedź: Niedostępny Identyfikator pliku Cab: 0 Sygnatura problemu: P1: offlineserver.exe P2: P3: 56673faf P4: mscorlib P
  8. I've got a question about the Age of Mythology page on PCGW. It mentions that the game doesn't work on Windows 10, because the system doesn't support SafeDisc protection. That's only partially true, because when you install a no cd crack, the game works flawlessly - I tested it myself. I once edited the page so that it actually mentioned this, but then my revision was removed for unclear reasons. I thought cracking a legally owned game wasn't a crime, according to American law, if there was no other way to run it. Couldn't PCGW just mention that a No CD crack is required to run AoM
  9. Build 10586 is the latest one available to everyone, 14257 is an Insider Preview.
  10. I've just tried build 14257. The problem is still there...
  11. I've tried many different versions, the oldest one was 353.62. Looking at Nvidiahelp reddit, a lot of people have various problems after upgrading to TH2. I'll just do what I said - wait for a new driver and then check again. Anyway, thanks again, guys :) I'm staying with build 10240 for now.
  12. I did everything described in the link you gave me (I've figured it out myself before), but after I did all this, the freeze still occured. Unless I was doing something wrong, but I don't think so... I may try it again when I have some spare time though.
  13. Oh, don't worry, it'll come to you. Not everyone has received this update yet. I'm on Home version so I have no control over what updates I want to install. There is however an option to return to a previous compilation, fortunately. Once Nvidia updates their drivers, I'll try 1511 again.
  14. OK, I've installed 10240. Works perfectly. I wonder when MS decides to force TH2 down our throats. I hope by that time they'll fix this shitload of f**k. Anyway, big thanks for your help and patience, guys. Case closed, gonna go play some Need for Speed now. EDIT: The November Update just installed itself again. And the error is back. Great.
  15. I can... By reinstalling the system :/ and it seems that's what I'll have to do. I wish I could go back to Windows 8.1, but it's long past the one month MS gave us to make up our minds.
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