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  1. Man this sucks. Bethesda and Rockstar have the monopoly on games with mod support, but Rockstar will do anything to prevent people from modding them. At least their games are good enough without depending on mods, unlike Bethesda.
  2. That makes plenty of sense actually, thanks for clearing that up.
  3. So wait, games cannot be released on EGS and Steam at the same time? This sounds like something Yamauchi's Nintendo would've demanded; either their games are exclusive or they don't come over.
  4. Let's not forget the entirety of 6th gen which was awkward as hell. Multiplats released on everything, even the N-Gage, but not PC? PC gets a game that has the same name as the console game, but it's an entirely different game? I thought the 2000s were the home computer boom, why was PC gaming so gimped then? Was the PS2 really that mighty?
  5. Microsoft is only really into it because they remembered they own Windows, the OS that most PC games run on. Kind of a bird brained move of them to abandon Windows as soon as they released the Xbox, considering it wasn't even their competitor.
  6. Considering Death Stranding left the PS4 exclusive page but Spiderman is still there, it's unlikely it will ever set foot on another platform.
  7. I remember theorizing that Marvel's Spiderman would eventually leave the PS4, strictly due to Marvel owning the character after all and they have final judgment, though the recent news about Spiderman leaving Marvel has changed my mind.
  8. NIS America has posted a video trailer showcasing a localization of the formerly Japan exclusive game, and in it they mention PC as one of the platforms it's coming to. The release date is a simple "Early 2020". However, given NISA's track record with PC ports, not to mention NIS Japan games entirely avoiding the platform as of recently, caution should be exercised.
  9. Luigi master89

    Death Stranding possibly coming to PC

    The Decima engine seems like a pretty flimsy excuse for exclusivity; Sony also developed the PhyreEngine and many games that use it are multiformat. That being said, the fact news like this makes the rounds goes to show that Sony undoubtedly has the games people want and care about.
  10. Well that was odd, for a split moment I thought it was gonna be a console exclusive.
  11. I really doubt Activision gives a hoot about the PC platform, why invest in optimization when all your money comes from consoles? If anything this seems like a desperate clutch to make the PC versions more lively, PC CoD has dismal player numbers and this is just one bandaid to the solution. If Activision cared about PC, they wouldn't arbitrarily withhold crash/spyro games to resell them a year later, PC is just some place where they bait as much money as possible from.
  12. They're doing it because PC gamers will grovel at the feet of any corporation and will buy the expansion to "show support". Exploiting the mindset of "PC isn't as profitable as consoles" has gone a long way to ensure ports of old games no one would've wanted are still successful, not to mention the myriad "buyer beware" ports with community fixes.
  13. Wow, one month after the console release, that's impressive. Shame about the upcoming 7even game being a PS4 exclusive, looks like the Sony money is extremely tantalizing. Apparently the series producer will leave because of Sony's strict content policies, which conflicts with his own artistic visions, but hey, I guess throwing your flagship to the guillotine for some quick cash was worth it!
  14. Hot take: EGS is a ploy funded by the console manufacturers (at least a certain Japanese one who donated 6 games) in an attempt to kill the PC platform, now that it's at an upswing, and for the first time matching console revenue. What better way to divide the userbase, piss of paying customers to justify piracy, and giving developers second thoughts about PC when they can just make games only for consoles?
  15. GTX 750 Ti for a Tetris game? Thank you Enhance (under the supervision of Sony), very cool!