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  1. It took me until "nvm fixed it" to realize it was a joke. I was gonna be pissed that some of my extensive contributions would just vanish.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, this seems to not be an issue only I experienced though.
  3. Earlier I was trying to post a reply to Rare/Obscure PC versions, and when I clicked the "Submit Reply" button it would try to send the message, and then just return to "Submit Reply" without sending the reply. Doesn't seem to be doing it now, but I've noticed this occasionally in the past, though I chalked it up to wordfilters.
  4. Regardless of box or plastic packaging, the media should have at least survived. Seems to me that many of these games sold poorly because they weren't available in many stores. I think the size wars of the 90's hurt retailers, they had more space occupied by a small number of games, and after seeing how much more profitable console games were, they were increasingly unlikely to buy large PC games that didn't sell as well. If there was little demand for the product, there was also little demand for the game. This made piracy sometimes the only way to acquire games, which further convinced a large number of publishers to eschew PC versions of their games, especially from formerly PC-centric publishers like LucasArts (Gladius, Mercenaries), Interplay (Dark Alliance series, Fallout Brotherhood of Steel), and Electronic Arts (Burnout series, Black).
  5. It's getting to the point where I cannot post any messages as replies, no matter how much I reword them.
  6. winmm, is that at all similar to _inmm.dll used to fix some games? Can it help to play music from games that normally require a CD?
  7. I was actually talking about the localization of Symbiont, which was titled as MorphX, getting a PC release in addition to 360. I posted two links in the OP that implied MorphX existing for PC, but besides that only Symbiont exists for PC. I even created the entire article for Symbiont. Sure enough, I tried installing the demo for MorphX, and indeed it was titled MorphX, and even featured the multilingual support from the 360 localization, but couldn't actually play it due to the TAGES DRM it uses. I am most interested in MorphX, because it seems like it's effectively a piece of lost media, while Symbiont is known to exist. I should message 505 and see what's up with MorphX PC, and why they decided to skip steam in favor of some other store.
  8. Space Circus reminds me of the fact that Jersey Devil also got a PC version in addition to the PS1 version, but aside from downloads, it's as if this version never existed, I can't even find a box scan of it. A bit weird that Space Circus doesn't include the widescreen mode from the N64 version, I wonder if someone, preferably thirteenag, could make a widescreen hack of it, it seems like the PC version is leaps and bounds better than the console version. Speaking of widescreen, South Park Rally seems to be one of the earliest PC games to support it natively, without any weird stretching or cropping quirks. Go on YouTube and see for yourself. However it seems like the PC version is locked to 30FPS while the Dreamcast version runs at 60FPS.
  9. I was always under the impression that Sonic Adventure was one of the quintessential PC ports. I guess with how uncommon some of these games appear to be, it's no surprise why such a large number of 6th generation games never got PC versions. The distribution model was absolutely abysmal. By contrast, the lesser known Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg PC version has numerous listings, albeit Europe only as the game was Europe-only. From the UK to Russia and everywhere in between, Billy Hatcher's PC distribution was much better. I wonder if the lackluster American PC market was in part influenced by the thunderous success of the PlayStation 2, or Microsoft wanting to shift focus to the Xbox, or maybe both.
  10. I looked up Dark Void GFWL and I got a few results, one from an Xbox/Microsoft news outlet and a few from Steam; apparently the steam version also used GFWL. On the same note, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game by Konami, based on the 2003 reboot, seems to be a hard to find game, in no part thanks to it simply being titled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", with no subtitle like Battle Nexus or Mutant Melee. Ubisoft's TMNT game at least has the distinction of just being called "TMNT", which works greatly in favor of finding it.
  11. By this topic, I am referring to games that got PC versions/ports, but very little information about these games seem to exist. One example is a game called MorphX, which is a localization of a Russian game called "Symbiont". Any information you find for "MorphX" will bring up the Xbox 360 release, while there are subtle hints of it getting a PC release also. A forum (I forget which, sorry) uncovered that it was indeed sold digitally, but has been since taken down. The same forum also hosts a demo of MorphX, but it requires a cracked executable as the TAGES DRM requires a serial code that cannot be cheated, it also requires online activation. This proves that MorphX was indeed localized for PC, but proof of it actually existing is very limited. Two other games confirmed to exist but left no traces of release are Frogger Beyond and Mashed:  Fully Loaded. You can't find Frogger Beyond on eBay while Mashed: Fully Loaded has precisely one (Italian) listing, but there are videos of their PC versions on YouTube (Frogger, Mashed). While their PC versions aren't entirely unknown, Wikipedia claims that Metal Gear Solid 2's PC version was also released in the United States, but all results for it on ebay are European, and likewise Wikipedia seems to believe that Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run was only released on consoles. Are there any other games with PC versions that the internet doesn't seem to know (or care) existed, or perhaps versions that claim to exist but actually don't?
  12. Ah sorry for the late reply. I looked carefully at the boxart of Metal Slug X and I noticed the text "REPROGRAMMED MEGA ENTERPRISE 2001". Mega Enterprise refers to the Korean publisher of the Metal Slug games, and who later bought out SNK when they went bankrupt. "Reprogrammed" is interesting because I've seen that used in the Genesis ports of Ghouls N Ghosts, Strider, and Truxton, which meant that Sega ported the game themselves. So perhaps Metal Slug X is an actual port of the game and not an emulation?
  13. When I was searching for Rockman X7 Korean PC version on eBay, I noticed the seller also sold Korean versions of Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 4, and a compilation of 3, 4, and 5. I also came across a Japanese version of Metal Slug 5 for PC. I can't seem to find anything about a Metal Slug 1 or 2 PC versions, but I did find another Korean Metal Slug 3 game, though this looks a bit dodgy compared to the others. Now my question here is, for those of you who own these games, are they different enough from the Steam re-releases of the past decade? Or are these all emulated versions? Are they worth documenting on the Wiki? Not even Korean Wikipedia seems to have any info about these PC versions. The Wikipedia Article for 5 seems to imply that it was released worldwide for PC in 2004, but I only found a Japanese copy.
  14. Considering it forces the game to read the music tracks from a different location than the CD. I wonder if it's possible to hack the games to instead look for the music from the PC. I know you can edit a registry key to make Final Fantasy VII read FMVs from the PC instead of the CDs, perhaps other games have something similar.
  15. I've seen a few games (a lot of Puzzle Bobble games) suggest the use of _inmm.dll and ripping the game's music, but I've had no luck when I tried it with Earthworm Jim Special Edition (no audio; music or SFX) or South Park 1999 (game hangs at the warning screen). Perhaps this could help, for someone who knows how exactly to do it?
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