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  1. Sorry for the bump but here is another interesting case; a PC port of Mission: Impossible (seemingly the N64 version) handled by Indian developer Dhruva Interactive. This YouTube video is the only purported proof of the game receiving a PC version, but searching for it online only yields results for the N64 and PS1 versions. I wonder if it existed at all.
  2. Even so, 2001 wouldn't have very powerful PCs to handle a PS1 emulator reliably, unless it's a customized version of Bleem. I'll ask two Korean friends of mine if they have any info; since the game was released physically, it has a non-zero chance of being found.
  3. That's unbelievable, that frogger game has been found? Interesting that someone still had the data lying around!
  4. I can't seem to find it anymore, but I remember there being news of a China and Korea only PC version of Trails of Cold Steel 4, and was announced months before the worldwide PC version. I wonder if they will also be two separate games or if they are the same.
  5. There was a China-only PC version of Ys - Memories of Celceta, which was released back in 2015. According to XSEED, the 2018 worldwide PC release has little in common with the Chinese original, anyone know what they could be?
  6. Livewire is such a delightfully 90's looking game, I love it. Thank you for sharing it.
  7. The game has been out in Japan since last year, and it was just recently localized for the PS4. Yakuza is arguably a much larger franchise, so it's no surprise that they want to release it on more platforms, meanwhile Sakura Wars looks like one of those panty quest games that people kept mocking the Playstation line of consoles of having. Also, here is something quite interesting: A Korea-only PC demo of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Gold Rescue Team, which had to be downloaded from the Korean Pokemon website and required an internet connection to play, which is no longer supported. I wond
  8. Interesting timing, especially since Sega released a new Sakura Wars game a few months ago, though unlike the prior games it appears to have no PC version. The game seemed to just have flied under the radar, so perhaps it will be a Valkyria Revolution situation where the game is released to little fanfare and never gets a PC version, despite prior games getting PC versions. Then again this is Sega, who has a knack for porting either really old games years past their relevancy or porting games most people didn't even ask for. This game will likely fall into one of the two categories, conside
  9. Why oh why do companies still use pre-rendered cutscenes? I thought the whole reason console hardware kept improving was to render everything in real time, have developers become THIS lazy that they can't make an arbitrary scene run on console hardware, so they cheat it and create a bloated FMV?
  10. Hello Talos, thanks for the interesting tidbits! I wonder what other games had PC ports that were left behind in Asia. I heard of a few reports of a purported Russian/Eastern European exclusive PC port of the original Yakuza, but since the remake is now available searching will be harder.
  11. Ah, the demo for this game dropped? So nice to finally be able to play the game, I never had the opportunity in the past since THQ wisely decided against GameCube or PC versions of this game.
  12. Interesting, it seems like CE Anniversary is somehow *worse* than the 2003 PC original, while 2 Anniversary is much better. The games being split into separate pages is a nice touch, I wonder if this will also hold true for the inevitable PC versions of Yakuza 3-4-5 remastered, as they may be quite diverse as well.
  13. The takeaway I get from this is that UE5 can look amazing and perform well in carefully crafted, demoscene-like scenarios, but the glut of developers will make games that look and run no better than previous generation tech.
  14. In theory, targeting consoles means they would need to optimize their methods so that they can provide a reasonable speed on a limited system, but in practice just winds up being dumbing down the system so that it just works. Let's take for example Broforce, a rather simple looking game with a robust destruction model. Since it was made for PC first, and then ported to consoles later, PCs had no time handling the destruction while it struggled quite dearly on consoles. Had it been designed with consoles in mind and then ported to PC, the destruction model would be dumbed down or maybe remov
  15. That's the problem; hobbyists can make stunning visuals using the technology, but triple AAA developers are contractually obligated to keep some parity with the console versions, so it comes as to no surprise that the average AAA game only looks marginally better (shadows. SHADOWS.) with RTX enabled. If Crytek had the same mindset they had in 2007, Crysis remastered would be a PC exclusive and as such the game would have the most breathtaking visual fidelity allowed, but because it's the current year and consoles are targetted, raytracing would merely cripple the performance for uh, some dar
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