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Unpack the archive
Copy all files to the game folder, binkw32.dll should be replaced

In the Settings.ini file, you can change the following settingsĀ 

Limit = 60

FPS limiter value

Unlock = 0
Value - 1 disables FPS limiter

To achieve better performance at high FPS, it is better to disable the internal FPS limiter of the game.
Use Vsync or external FPS limiter to limit FPS.
This game is designed to work at a constant speed, so you must have a stable FPS, otherwise you will notice a slowdown or acceleration of the game speed.

  • Example for 120 FPS with Vsync or external FPS limiter
Limit = 120
Unlock = 1
  • Example for 144 FPS with Vsync or external FPS limiter
Limit = 144
Unlock = 1

Width = 0
Height = 0

This setting can override game's horizontal and vertical resolution

  • Example for 1920x1080 resolution
Width = 1920
Height = 1080

ColorCorrection = 1

Value - 0 disables color correction
Use this setting to get more natural colors

ShadowMapSize = 1024

Increase this value to get better shadows quality
256 - min value
8192 - max value

Lighting = 384
Increase this value to avoid artifacts in some cases
256 - the min value
8192 - the max value

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    • By Rose
      Unpack the archive with software like PeaZip or 7zip, use the password pcgw
      For Control, use the included tool to patch coregame_rmdwin7_f.dll (for DirectX 11) and/or coregame_rmdwin10_f.dll (DirectX 12) within the main game folder.
      Edit renderer.ini in the game folder to set m_iOutputResolutionX, m_iOutputResolutionY, m_iRenderResolutionX and m_iRenderResolutionY to the desired width and height values.
      For Quantum Break, use this guide and the patcher downloaded from here.
      Control was tested with the latest EGS version at 3840x1080 and 5760x1080.
      Quantum Break was tested with the latest Steam version at 3840x1080 and 5760x1080.
      You can buy me a coffee here.
    • By Rose
      The patcher unlocks 21:9 and any other resolutions unavailable in the game, however the UI will be too cropped to navigate every settings menu at anything wider.

      Played the latest Steam demo at 2560x1080 for about 30 minutes and very briefly at 3840x1080 to test the solution.
      Please leave a comment to let me know how it works in the full Epic version.

      You can buy me a coffee here.
    • By Rose
      The tool removes black bars from the game in real time at 32:9 and wider resolutions.
      Compared to the great existing WSGF solution by Helifax, it is compatible with the Game Pass / Microsoft Store version of the game, automatically sets its resolution based on that of the desktop and has no aspect ratio limitations.
      Unpack the archive with software like 7zip - the password is pcgw Run the game, followed by the tool Press the Enable key as shown Set the in-game resolution to any of the available options All tools based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software.
      Tested the latest Game Pass version at 5120x1440 and 11520x1080.
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