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  1. Crysis (64bit) - Unhandlead point inexact result exception fix

    This a small fix for "Unhandled point inexact result exception" that may happen on some configurations.
    Replace the dll <game directory>\Bin64 with the downloaded one. (DO NOT REPLACE 32bit one!)




  2. NFS Undeground 1 AutoSave Off

    Sometimes, game has not able to write autosave and after pressing "Continute" button game crashes. This file fix this by disabling autosave function at all.
    NFS Undeground 1 OFF Autosave.7z




  3. Lord of the Rings Game Engine

    The last pre-compiled Windows binary of the open source Lord of the Rings Game Engine created by Michal Beneš for J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Vol. 1.

    Originally compiled by Tramb and acquired from https://web.archive.org/web/20180103140939/http://download.wonderland.cz/lotr.7z using the web archive as the site no longer exists.

    Supports both the original disk version of the game and the enhanced CD-ROM edition. Simply extract the archive and copy the game files into the 'lord' folder. Run the lotr executable in the main directory in order to play. All other original documentation from the creator is in the 'doc' directory.

    This engine is Free/Libre/OpenSource Software released under LPGL 2.1 or higher.




  4. WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship intro skip

    Blank intro video files for WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship.
    Extract to WIN32\Movies\ in the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing files when prompted.




  5. Prism: Guard Shield - Sui's Tool

    A basic tool developed by SuicideMachine for correcting the game's aspect ratio and modifying game's FOV.




  6. Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE

    Official installation files for Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE. This package contains the last version of the Marketplace client ( and the last version of the Redistributable (
    Uninstall the Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace client and the Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable (if either is installed), then extract all files and run gfwlivesetup.exe.
    This package contains the following official downloads packaged together for convenience:
    xliveredist.msi (renamed from XLiveUpdate.msi to xliveredist.msi to enable detection by gfwlivesetup.exe)
    wllogin_32.msi and wllogin_64.msi (this installation step is skipped automatically on Windows 8 and later)




  7. BStone - Linux (Precompiled)

    This is a source port for two Blake Stone games called BStone, compiled by me since in the GitHub page the creator did not include the precompiled one cept for Windows one.
    It is based on the 1.1.9 source code, than the development version so it is generally stable.
    All you need to do is just put the binary file into the main game folder and you're ready to go. It supports Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike
    BStone was made by Boris I. Bendovsky
    Compiled by KayX291
    Dependencies required to run:
    SDL v.2.0.1 (Also known as SDL2) or newer
    Main page (with instructions) and the source code can be found in this link:




  8. UT Native Linux (451 Patched)

    This is a bundle created for the sake of playing Unreal Tournament on Linux system.
    It is based on Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack, but implemented the unofficial 451 Patch.
    Be sure to read the README-KayX291.txt first!
    The only thing you are required are the game assets which can be found by buying the game from Steam, GOG.com, Retail etc.
    NOTE: If you encounter any issue regarding connecting to servers that rely on UTPG's patch (Such as Multiplay ones), you have no choice but to use the Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack.
    Non-Steam users can just copy and paste the content of his pack into main game folder, but if you wish to use some of the content I've made for this patch, I have uploaded the Extras for that.




  9. The Evil Within 2 Intro Skip

    Copy tango_logo.bk2 to \base\bink and replace the file.




  10. Vanquish Damage Fix

    What is this?
    This experimental fix attempts to mitigate the frame rate dependent problems of Vanquish.


    Although the PC version of Vanquish is overall pretty good, some aspects of the game play are tied to the frame rate the game is played on. Most notably, the player effectively receives more damage than usual.
    The reason for this is that some enemy weapon types trigger invincibility frames, which prevent the player from taking any more damage for a certain amount of time. They seem to only occur with rapid-fire weapons, which leads to the assumption that they are probably there to prevent the player from dying too quickly, when being hit by a barrage of shots. Because this mechanic is frame-based, this means that on high FPS the player is vulnerable again way more quickly, which may lead to the character sometimes being killed almost instantly by a barrage of incoming fire.
    Additionally, this does not seem to be the only mechanic that is tied to the frame rate. For example, the time it takes you to regenerate your health does also directly scale with the frame rate, which means that you regenerate over four times more quickly when playing at 144 FPS compared to 30 FPS. So although playing the game at high FPS may be harder in certain situations when facing many enemies at once, it can also be easier in other situations.
    Note: In a previous version it was stated that the boost recharge is also in some way coupled to the frame rate. Although this is true, it is actually the other way around. On higher frame rates, the game uses the correct value of six seconds for a full recharge. However, with very low FPS (< 35) recharging takes slightly longer. So unless you are playing on a very weak system, the boost should work as intended, even without the fix.
    Important: This is an experimental fix. I only did some rudimentary testing. There might be unexpected issues that require further updates. Additionally, this fix should be no replacement for a proper patch and should only be seen as a band-aid until the game is updated.

    Scales the number of invulnerability frames and the regeneration time according to the frame rate


    Supported Versions
    Important: This fix relies on the latest, fully patched executable of the game on Steam. Older versions or ones that otherwise have been tempered with probably will not. If the game is updated, it is likely that it will break the fix.

    Note: The fix does not make any permanent changes to the game or the system and can easily be removed (see below).
    Extract the file dinput8.dll to your main game folder. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Vanquish\"
    Start the game like you would normally, for example directly through Steam

    Remove or rename the dinput8.dll from the folder of the game.

    How To Use
    After the installation the fix does not require any additional treatment. Just launch and configure the game as usual.

    Additional Information

    What You Should Know
    This fix is essentially a hack and relies on the layout of the specific executable. There may be crashes or unexpected issues. Feel free to provide feedback so that the problems can get fixed.
    Since the fix consists of an executable DLL-File, I could have put any harmful shenanigans in there. You just have to trust me that the file is clean.
    If you don't -- and why should you -- feel free to use a meta online virus scanner like VirusTotal to verify the file. Be aware however, that because the fix uses "hacking techniques" such as injection and hooking, it could trigger anti-virus software without being harmful.

    Known Issues
    There are currently no known issues with the fix.

    Contact And Support
    If you like this fix and want to support the development or show your appreciation, you can find more information on my website. There you can also find out more about other fixes that I have done and means to contact me if you have a question, want to provide feedback, bug reports or suggestions.




  11. Dark Souls Input Customizer

    What is this?
    Have you ever wanted to open the gesture menu by Left Trigger + Spacebar + Mouse Wheel Down? Now you can! The Dark Souls Input Customizer is the successor to the Dark Souls Mouse Fix and allows you to bind any action to arbitrary combinations of keys or buttons on the controller, the mouse or the keyboard via a simple GUI. In addition to a complete fix of the mouse controls, the mod also provides advanced options, such as separate sensitivities for bow aiming or the usage of of non-standard actions like Kick, the creation of input profiles, as well as dedicated support for the Steam Controller.


    The Dark Souls Input Customizer (DSIC) offers full customization of the controls of Dark Souls. It uses a flexible input system that allows the rebinding of every action to arbitrary combinations of keys or buttons on the controller, the mouse or the keyboard. Although this can in part also be achieved with existing tools, DSIC is much more flexible and wraps it all up in an easy to use package, along with additional functionality that is specially tailored to Dark Souls.
    DSIC also fully includes the Dark Souls Mouse Fix, which does not have to be installed separately.

    Bind any action to an arbitrary combination of keys or buttons on the controller, mouse or keyboard
    Flexible options such as individual sensitivities for camera movement and bow aiming
    Non-standard bindings such as Roll-Only, Kick or Leap Attack
    Complete fix of the mouse controls with UI cursor support and no additional smoothing or acceleration
    Includes a GUI for easy configuration
    Steam Controller support
    Compatible with DSFix


    Supported Versions
    This mod is designed for the latest, fully patched Steam version and might not work when used with an older or otherwise modified executable.

    The mod does not make any permanent changes to the game or to Windows and can easily be removed.
    Install Durante's DSFix if you have not already
    Extract the contents of the DarkSoulsInputCustomizer.zip to the same folder. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA"
    Look for the dinput8dllWrapper line in DSFix.ini and set it to dinput8dllWrapper DarkSoulsInputCustomizer.dll. No additional configuration of DSFix is necessary
    Start DarkSoulsInputCustomizerGUI.exe to set bindings and other settings as desired
    Start the game normally, for example directly through Steam. If you want to change the settings while in the game, see the Configuration section below on how to do that

    A few additional notes on the installation:
    See Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors for information on how to solve conflicts with other mods that also use a DirectInput wrapper DLL
    You should hear a DSIC loaded message on game launch when the fix is installed correctly. This sound can be turned of in the config
    If you currently have the Dark Souls Mouse Fix installed, make sure to replace the line with dinput8dllWrapper DarkSoulsInputCustomizer.dll instead of just adding another one

    Set the dinput8dllWrapper setting in DSFix.ini to none and delete the files of the fix

    Although the configuration using the GUI should be easy and straight-forward, there are some things to note:
    The GUI provides tooltips with additional information about a setting
    You can change settings while in the game by using the Reload Config binding. Just change the settings in the GUI as necessary, press save and then use the binding to reload the config in-game. You should hear a DSIC Reloaded sound message when the reloading was successful
    You may also want to enable borderlessFullscreen in DSFix for easier switching between the GUI and the game
    It is not necessary to unbind a key or button in the in-game settings to use it with the fix

    Movement And Camera Control
    The Movement/Camera Control setting determines how the camera and the basic movement of the character are controlled:
    Keyboard and Mouse: Enables raw mouse input for camera control and uses bindings for movement. Deactivates analog sticks and vibrations
    Gamepad: Standard controller behavior. Uses the left and right analog stick for movement and camera control. Disables raw mouse camera
    Steam Controller: Enables raw mouse input for camera control and uses the left analog stick for movement. This requires that the mouse is mapped to the right control pad in the Steam Controller software

    Note that this setting has no effect on any other bindings. It is entirely possible to use keyboard or mouse bindings in Gamepad mode an vice versa. This mod is all about customization and the input system is purposefully designed to be as flexible as possible. This should hopefully also help people who are using unusual controllers or are otherwise not able to play the game in the regular way.

    Non-Standard Bindings
    Non-standard bindings execute actions that usually have to be performed by using a context-sensitive key or a combination of keys. DSIC currently offers bindings for:
    Kick and Leap Attack
    Roll Only and Dash Only
    Auto Run

    Although they do not allow anything that cannot also be done manually, there has been some debate in the past over whether automation like this could be considered cheating. I am still not convinced by that and am currently of the opinion that the listed actions are primarily a matter of the controls and not the player's skill; especially since similar effects can already be achieved with external tools, such as AutoHotkey or severals different types of gaming software.

    Known Issues
    The Auto Cursor currently briefly activates the cursor when opening certain doors with keys. This is not easily fixable but should only be a minor issue, due to the short duration and small number of situations where this problem occurs.
    The dialog that pops up when summoning a co-op partner can currently not be controlled with the mouse cursor.
    All keybindings are currently disabled in the main menu. This is on purpose to prevent issues when navigating the menu and when entering a character name.

    Additional Information

    Antivirus Software
    Since this mod consists of an executable DLL file that uses "hacking techniques" such as injection and hooking, it could be classified as malicious by antivirus software. In that case, it might be necessary to add an exception rule to the scanner.
    If you lack the trust in random people on the internet -- and I would not blame you -- feel free to use a meta online virus scanner like VirusTotal to verify the file.

    GUI Requirements
    The GUI requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 to work; which should already be installed on most systems. If you are having problems starting the program, you can download the required version either through a recommended Windows update (Windows 7 and later) or at Microsoft here.

    Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors
    To increase the compatibility with other mods or injectors that are using a wrapper DLL, this fix offers two methods for remote loading of additional files. Note that there might still be compatibility issues between the different fixes, mods or injectors that have nothing to do with the loading process.
    File method:
    The mod will load another dinput8.dll automatically if it has the name dinput8_Remote.dll. Just rename the DLL you want to load accordingly. Using this method will lead to an error if the renamed DLL is not itself a dinput8.dll.
    Folder method:
    The mod will also automatically load all DLLs regardless of their names in a dinput8_Remote sub-directory. Just create a corresponding folder in the install directory of the mod. This is the only way to load multiple (conflicting) files.

    Input Bindings
    The GUI allows the binding of an action to an arbitrary combination of keys and buttons on the keyboard, the mouse or an XInput compatible controller. The system purposefully does not restrict conflicts, so multiple actions can be bound to the same key.
    Key Names:
    In case of the keyboard there might be a discrepancy between the key that was pressed and the one that is displayed. This is because the names are automatically translated based on the keyboard layout by using a Windows function. However, the mod always uses the physical keys as they were used during the creation of the binding, independent of the name that is displayed.
    Modifier bindings can be created by just using the corresponding key combinations. If you bind one action to Space and another another to LCTRL + Space and a third one to LALT + LCTRL + Space, only one of them will be triggered when Space is down, depending on the state of LCTRL and LALT. The system is not restricted to the usual modifier keys ALT, CTRL or SHIFT. Any key or button pressed before another acts as a modifier for the next one. Note that the order of the keys or buttons is only relevant during the binding process to distinguish bindings with the same modifiers. In the above example, Space could be held down and the other actions triggered by pressing LCTRL or LALT afterwards.

    I would like to thank Kaibz for his extensive testing, detailed feedback and valuable suggestions during the development of the alpha versions of the mod. Without him, creating the mod would have taken even longer than it already did.
    Additionally, I would also like to give a shout-out to the author of the original DSMFix for Dark Souls, which allowed me to enjoy several playthroughs of the game over the years.
    Finally, I would like to thank Durante, author of DSFix, who made the game playable in the first place. Without his work, everything I have done would not be worth much.

    Contact And Support
    If you like this mod and want to support the development or show your appreciation with a donation, you can find more information on my website. There you can also find out more about other mods that I have done and means to contact me if you have a question, want to provide feedback, bug reports and suggestions.


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  12. Sui's Rogue Squadron Wrapper

    It's a basic DLL wrapper to fix the aspect ratio, terrain rendering and HUD on widescreen resolutions.




  13. Omikron: The Nomad Soul ATI z-buffer fix

    Courtesy of Old-Games.RU
    Article: Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime




  14. Painkiller Mega Patch

    A compilation of mods by Randomguy7, verbatim:
    Hey guys!
    I'm Randomguy7
    I recently put together a sort of "Unofficial Patch" with fixes I merged!
    I used:
    *Indirect Sound (EAX Re-Enabler)
    *PK++ (Fix and Multiplayer Fix Mod)
    *Dual Core Fix (Comes with PK++)
    *Automatic 16:9 and 16:10 FOV/HUD Configuration (Just use the RUN ME ONCE.BAT file!)
    *Hud Correction mod by Lemmers
    *Precache disabler
    *Infinite Draw Distance fix (found by me)
    Features of this "patch":
    -slowdown/speedup fix
    -hud fix
    -no fog/infintie draw distance
    -eax effects are now working
    -pretty much the best modpack for fixes out there atm.
    For: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Painkiller
    Source: http://www.moddb.com/mods/randomguy7s-fix-compilation




  15. Sonic & Knuckles Collection SMPS Player

    This mod replaces Sonic & Knuckles Collection's MIDI-based music system with one that emulates the SMPS sound driver from the Megadrive version.
    Author: MainMemory and ValleyBell
    Source available on GitHub: https://github.com/sonicretro/SKC-SMPSOUT




  16. Sonic Generations Quickstep fix

    The sound effect of Modern Sonic's quick step is bugged and doesn't play. This fixes that.
    Authors: Skyth, xan1242, Kagenoki and Mario Tainaka.




  17. TOCA Race Driver 3 intro skip

    Blank intro videos for TOCA Race Driver 3 (released as DTM Race Driver 3 in Germany and V8 Supercars 3 in Australia).
    Extract to gamedata\video in the installation folder, replacing the existing files when prompted.




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