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    Test - Far Cry 5

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    Cowboy game in the early 90's

    You'll have more luck posting here: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/
  4. PCGamingWiki was founded back in 2012 with the aim of fixing PC gaming. We now serve over 8 million pageviews per year and growing. We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented server administrator to help maintain our website, including: MediaWiki - which powers the main wiki where 90% of traffic comes IP Board - which runs our forum, blog and files download system Job specifications: Update and maintain MediaWiki and IP Board Maintain installed MediaWiki extensions such as Cargo/SMW Maintenance of regular automated backup Maintenance of other aspects including the dev site, Matomo (analytics) and ‘sidewikis’ Other bug fixes and requests when required Keeping documentation up to date Provide basic training for a backup secondary administrator Essential technical requirements: Basic Linux knowledge LAMP stack Some MediaWiki experience Desirable technical traits: Experience of hosting other similar projects will be an advantage. To see examples of problems that the server admin might need to address in the future, see our Trello board. Tech stack: “high availability” Ubuntu mySQL/MariaDB Apache PHP Varnish (caching) HAProxy Hetzner (cloud hosting) - the new server admin will inherit a load balancing multi server cloud setup MediaWiki IP Board Person specifications: Have an interest in PC gaming Availability to fix emergency downtime in a timely manner Good problem solving ability Good communication skills Available via email, Discord and Trello Must follow our code of conduct and be professional, courteous and discreet Follow strict best practice for password security Speak or write English well Further details: This role that will begin December 2018/January 2019, with fully completed documentation and a handover from the previous system administrator. This is a part-time contractor role which mostly involves light maintenance of existing systems, with most of the work being concentrated on major updates of MediaWiki and IP Board once a year. We are paying for at a negotiable monthly rate (in the low hundreds of USD per month) depending on experience, please get in touch for more details. Please send either a resume/CV and/or email to andytizer@pcgamingwiki.com Interviews will begin from December 17th onwards. If you have a specific question or would like to discuss further it will most likely be fastest to contact Andytizer on Discord via private message.
  5. Andytizer

    Sound and Windows 10

    I think the rewrite that Aemony wrote will be sufficient. I also believe that there's several issues with the Sound page, it perhaps needs to be subdivided into different OS in the future as the page rather misses the point (who is it for, what problems does it solve, etc.)
  6. I totally agree with these sentiments - our lists are a very powerful resource that are being underutilised. This seems silly as lists can be some of our most visited resources - e.g. the list of local multiplayer games is always in the top3 visited pages every day. If we template them correctly they can also be cached better too. I think we need to do a few things: - Make the template easier to read - is it possible to improve the table for readibility? - Is it possible to have filters within the list - e.g. once the page is loaded can we filter or sort between say, Mac/Windows? Make a list of lists - what kind of lists do we need? - Do we make 1 list per setting? Or do we have 2 lists (1 for Positive/Hackable, 1 for False)? - Do we make lists that will make changes to our template - for example we could make a list of Denuvo DRM games (this would involve editing our template) - We can also link them directly from the settings page e.g. in the Invert Y setting we could make a list there Food for thought!
  7. Can you show me examples of ads on PCGW that run malware? If this has been run through our advertising partner then I will bring it up with them. Also, ads are disabled for logged-in users. Affiliate links generate very little income. We also have additional costs which you might not be aware of: Licensing IP Board Development of the IP Board/MediaWiki bridge (which will need to be contracted out again so that it'll work with current IPB4/MW versions) - our current quote for this is $850+ Server admin contractor costs (new development) Rental of secondary server for IP Board/assignments system/other projects Additional server for off-site backups Load balancing and spinup of additional servers during high load Other previous costs such as the professional animation we used for the advertisement and Patreon videos, as well as payment for the VO artist to narrate both videos Purchase of a large number of games for contributors to write PC Reports/wiki articles Purchase of a large amounts of gift cards for contributors (in previous anniversaries) We rely on volunteers to keep article pages up to date, however PCGamingWiki has never stated that it's a non-profit organisation. Advertisements are my compensation as founder of the website and for the substantial investment of time. This was especially true at the time of founding where I spent thousands of hours building, marketing and developing features for the site to get to the critical mass where it is now.
  8. Andytizer

    PCGamingWiki Issues Trello Board

    To keep track of all of PCGamingWiki's issues we will be using this Trello board here: https://trello.com/b/Ye88oSRq/pcgamingwiki It is now public so anyone can make comments on cards. If you would need to be added please contact the Development channel on Discord.
  9. Andytizer


    Thanks for the feedback. This comes back to debatge for the site to be full-width vs fixed-width. There's a lot of outspoken community members who advocate full-width website. Part of the reason I made the 'fixbox' was to make it the text shorter width and make it more readable. Can you help to suggest the explicit CSS I will experiment and see what works. There also need to be some general improvement in the Glossary pages as they are fairly inconsistent and hard to read.
  10. Andytizer

    Green Man Gaming feeds

    I've been given some Green Man Gaming XML feeds - these contain fields. Can we use a bot to insert these into missing pages to fill out all the GMG availability fields. Feeds: USD: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gmg-epilive/US%20Dollar.xml GBP: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gmg-epilive/Sterling.xml EUR: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gmg-epilive/Euro.xml
  11. Andytizer

    Partnership with StrategyWiki

    We are in discussion with Prod from StrategyWiki about doing a link exchange with their site. This would be similar to the exchange we currently do with SteamDB in our Infobox template. Our sites are very complementary with no real overlap, and it'll be beneficial for us to link to each other. Implementation should be fairly simple - http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Torchlight -> http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Torchlight On StrategyWiki's end, they could link to us in the same way that they currently link their articles to Neoseeker (e.g. Neoseeker Related Pages). We are also thinking about making our own reciprocal links a bit more prominent, as in its current form they are very easy to miss. Please comment if you have any thoughts.
  12. Wow blast from the past, 1998-era stuff. I love this guy's tone and reaction to have an unsolicited desktop icon added to his computer, he'd have a heart attack if he bought a new Acer or Asus laptop with all the bundled crapware on it. Anyway a Sierra advertising shortcut sounds about right as Hellfire was published by them and not Blizzard.
  13. Andytizer

    PCGamingWiki Gaming Events

    It's occurred to me that PCGamingWiki has never really had a social gaming event, even though we have a solid bunch of core contributors that spend hours hanging out on IRC and on these here forums. I'd like to propose the idea of having a PCGamingWiki Gaming Event that is hosted semi-regularly, starting with this holiday season sometime between Christmas/New Year. We need to: - pick a multiplayer game (accessible, multiplayer, drop-in and out) - pick a rough time period - set it up and publicise! My thoughts: - I believe an EU timezone makes sense, e.g. 3pm or 4pm GMT is early morning for west coast USA and late evening for Australasia - I think Team Fortress 2 makes the ideal game - we can rent out own password protected server, it's free, it's cross-platform, virtually unlimited players, it's easy to drop in and out, there is also MvM co-op mode - other games I think might work - Rocket League (6 players), Left 4 Dead (4 players), Killing Floor 2 (6 players) - we have our own Mumble server setup as well Please provide feedback and suggestions - I will open up a poll once a few suggestions have come through and we can come to a decision.
  14. Did you know that PCGamingWiki's most popular page nearly every day for the past 2 years has been this list which Nicereddy created - List of Local Multiplayer Games - http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Local_Multiplayer_Games There is a big demand for these kinds of lists and we are sitting on a huge amount of data which I believe we're not taking full advantage of. Gamers use lists to find specific kinds of games, e.g. to find games with DRM, to find co-op and local multiplayer games, to sort and explore new types of games (and to check whether there are problems and fixes for them). Thanks to contributor efforts, particularly Soeb and Garrett's work on templates and Semantic MediaWiki, it's never been easier to create lists of games based on any nearly any criteria. Lists like the List of Local Multiplayer Games have gone from being painstakingly handmade into being automatically generated using SMW. PCGamingWiki has several Projects which basically boil down into Lists of some kind. Here's the current list of lists: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Local_Multiplayer_Games http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Soeb/Multiplayer_list http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:GOG.com_Enhancement_Project http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Big_List_of_3rd_Party_DRM_on_Steam http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Games_for_Windows_-_LIVE_games http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:List_of_Games_Without_Native_60_FPS_Support http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_Low_End_Games As you can see above, each list is fairly inconsistent - naming, styling, goals, aims, etc. are all approached differently. I propose we do the following: a) Decide on an ideal list of lists and ditch ones which don't work and fix the naming - propose we add new lists like LAN Party Games, Portable Games, Steam games that give Origin keys, etc., Games with DualShock icons (just some ideas!) - fix up or remove others, e.g. GOG Enhancement Project, List of Low End Games - decide on whether a namespace is required or not required, agree on a consistent naming convention b) Streamline look and feel of actual pages to support its goals - easy to ready, explore, filter Examples: - left-align the game title to make it easier to scan - condense the dates (e.g. only list year rather than the full d/month/year) - align OS columns so it's easier to scan - make tables mobile friendly - move project information below the main table - I'm open to other ideas c) Metacritic score I know Metacritic isn't a favoured scoring system amongst the PCGamingWiki community but: - it's a good general indicator of quality of a game - it's the most widely used scoring system - used by Steam, Wikipedia, etc. d) Genres - previously I was against this when setting up PCGamingWiki, but miss this feature more and more when looking for games - this will help to find specific types of games - e.g. First-person shooter games that don't run at 60FPS - generally helpful when 'exploring' and looking for new types of games - we can draw these initially from Wikipedia or Steam and even build our own taxonomy Anyway I'm open to feedback on this going forward, this is hereby open to discussion to the community.
  15. PCGamingWiki won't officially condone pirating games for other users. If you are looking for a specific games that would benefit PCGW then we can allocate funds to purchase under our Assignments system.