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  1. This was due to an unexpected behaviour change with how the Cargo query was working; I have updated how the Warnings are generated to avoid this happening in the future--when the data is missing those pages will now correctly omit the warning (some affected pages may need to be purged but this should carry over to most pages).
  2. Sure, I have added these steps to MDK's Issues fixed section now. Feel free to make any corrections or improvements to the steps on the wiki page, or you can suggest them here (whichever works for you).
  3. Installation is failing because the actual SETUP.EXE used to install the game is 16-bit (which won't work on a 64-bit version of Windows). Make a copy of the complete CD contents somewhere, and extract the InstallShield 3 32-bit Generic Installer into the SETUP\ENGLISH folder there. Run setup32.exe and follow the steps. You should be able to install the game normally. This sort of workaround will also work for other games using a 16-bit version of InstallShield, but you might need a different version of the replacement installer (InstallShield 2, InstallShield 3, InstallShield 5). Yo
  4. There wasn't really a strict distinction of what sort of platforms would and wouldn't be covered back when the wiki was started. Windows/OS X/Linux were there, of course, and the inclusion of classic Macintosh and DOS/PC booter games came about naturally, in part because those are part of the modern system lineage to some degree (you can't necessarily run them on the newest systems today, but there is or was support for running that legacy software on the modern successor OS at some point along the way). I've tried to distinguish classic Mac OS from OS X where possible while editing (this
  5. It would probably make more sense to tag this on just the file rather than the past, e.g.: {{file|config.cfg|binary}} This would mean the result would be other other way around out of necessity: This would also make it possible to tag files when mentioned individually, e.g. for games where there is a breakdown below the table for what each file does.
  6. I drafted an accessibility template a while back which included a save system section, but at the time I hadn't considered handling permadeath, respawning, etc. One option would be to have fields that support keywords, similar to the infobox taxonomy, so that multiple options can be specified to accommodate games where multiple possibilities apply (e.g. Minecraft optionally supports permadeath). Death/failure: What happens when the character dies or you trigger a failure state in a mandatory task required to progress the story (the enemies destroy the base, a critical NPC gets kill
  7. When you combine existing OS drives like that, your system will start with whichever drive is set to boot first in the UEFI/BIOS settings. You'll then see the other OS drive and you can move over whatever files you want (you'll need to "take ownership" to get to files inside your old user profile).
  8. Install folder is not particularly useful. If it's a retail or DRM-free game you most likely got a choice of where to install/extract it to, and if it's a digital game there is an easy UI option in that store's client for jumping right to the install folder. The install path also varies greatly between stores. As for your captures, if you really can't find that you could use Everything (or the Windows search in a pinch) to track down wherever it got saved to.
  9. I have now updated the Audio template to support the new row. As always, let me know if there are any problems with this.
  10. Games referred to this as "Red Book" quite a lot back in the day, often using both terms interchangeably (some like Descent II actually call it Red Book most of the time). The template text has both terms, so even if a reader has never heard of Red Book its meaning can be easily inferred (and is then confirmed by the tooltip). Putting this term in the template will hopefully also reduce situations where this is set incorrectly (e.g. for games that stream audio files from the CD rather than playing actual tracks). Based on a few test searches, internet search engines do not appear to
  11. Going by the documentation, $wgPageImagesLeadSectionOnly should be enabled to ensure only images above the first section (in this case Availability) will be considered. It might also be necessary to change the resolution values to ensure any valid image will qualify (the extension page is a bit vague regarding the non-Wikimedia default values). A ParserFunction-style way of tagging the exact image to use would still be preferable to trusting any sort of algorithm, but with a bit of tinkering this should work reliably for at least game pages and probably the company and engine pages as wel
  12. I have renamed Video, Input, and Audio and updated the documentation etc. where applicable. Existing links to the old section names within and between pages will continue working normally. I have not changed VR support at this time; it is probably due for an overhaul anyway to clear up/split stereoscopic 3D vs actual VR headsets (but that's a separate topic). Note that I have not renamed the Cargo tables at this time because there are some other things to change or finalise there as well such as the CD audio row. Cargo table naming doesn't have to match the actual template name and i
  13. 1 download

    Shareware version of Karkoth's Keep. Run using DOSBox (or similar) on modern systems.
  14. There was a previous discussion about removing "settings" from the headings. Some of the templates already have information which is a feature rather than an actual setting (e.g. input settings has "Steam Input API support"), so a row for CD audio would not be the first case like that. Listing it under API would lead to implementation problems and some vague/incorrect data. There is no such thing as an API for this under DOS, for instance, and even under Windows some games might have chosen to read the data with some built-in method for whatever reason rather than relying on the OS. There
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