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  1. Sigh, I wish this had existed when I spent a week trying to salvage this game 7 years ago.
  2. Feature creep of the infobox is absolutely a thing though imo. From mobygames (there would be a point for that on wikipedia if any) to the official website (which really did nothing wrong on general information). I think this is more a problem of the style the editing guidelines are written in, then really "the background stuff". I had told ThatOneReaper he was being overly "solemn" while writing them, but to no avail I guess. You shouldn't really feel obliged to complete every field, if you cannot be bothered.
  3. I agree having fixes for stopping and skipping cutscenes is important, but aren't we inflating too much the amount of things we track? Like, what's the point of looking at a game starting from that information? We should have fixes.. but we aren't trying to build some knowledge engine. And I don't really think tracking skip videos is worth a dime. I understood that, but I'm failing to see in which situation the alternatives would be worth anything, if they don't deserve as much attention as the supposedly main one.
  4. I wasn't saying that it clashes with the title, but actually with the mood of all others option. They are all of a somewhat "artistic choice" kind. You can rename it as you want, but it shouldn't be a bin where you throw everything and the kitchen sink. And indeed, Steam input API should absolutely go in the API table. Then I guess like you might be right, that just using winmm is not enough for CD-DA support (even though I wonder why just about all the fixes I have seen relied on a patched _inmm.dll). Wait. But that's actually what you care for? That's what's broken in new win
  5. Or maybe dx9 and dx10 performance was different enough for whoever came up with this idea, that it could magically do it. Anyway.. I don't know, I would exhort you to try harder to disable "gpu stuff". You don't seem to be the first person to report such kind of problems that are known to be fixed with a simple toggle.. Except these days it just doesn't work.
  6. This is a pretty good list. But it should be a property of savegames (or something along that) then, rather than platform-specific. Otherwise it's pretty stupid to repeat everywhere that for example mass effect has in-game achievements (and hell, I wonder if some games couldn't have both in-game and platform-specific).
  7. Video/audio/input "and nothing" seems just so anonymous. I don't even mind "settings" to stick then to be honest, but at least if you have to remove it have something like "features" in its place. Putting even aside that I don't think stuff like AO, bloom and illumination should go in video settings... or at least not without some unholy revamp.
  8. Mhh.. I like this automatism, but for some reason having it in the audio settings doesn't really "check" in my mind. Yes, of course it is audio-related, but it so much out of tune with the "semantic area" of the other rows. ... Perhaps, is there the possibility this could be pegged to the use of a specific API?
  9. Yes it is. If then morons put "look, we retextured fishes inside an aquarium", that's a whole different story. See also my recent edit about the widescreen fix in GTA:SA, for a more nuanced example of what can be considered as such. I mean.. If we even offer multiple alternatives to begin with there must be a reason. And I really struggle to see how you could have one that still justifies a mention, but at the same time have it just relegated on the bottom of the page.
  10. Uhm? I thought graphical glitches in dx10 were due to AlphaToCoverage? Also.. Yeah, directx breaking phones is pretty stupid fix to be honest (as also discussed by our resident Silent in the comments of the "reference").
  11. I agree that the benefit/bother ratio is quite abysmal. Though, you can see how and why, if it isn't us to be able to offer queries for "games that can be hacked with local coop with a 3rd person perspective", nobody else could. Of course there should be some thought behind, and not "let's just put in everything and the kitchen sink"... Lol, that has actually already landed in some pages.
  12. I don't really have a hard opinion, but last time I checked this was the thing most people were more happily commenting about. Also, arguably, for many many games it's the only actual fix we offer. If any I have always been a supporter of "not having dozens of useless alternatives". For example, a command line parameter is definitively better than deleting videos, if not any at least for steam cache verification purposes. Then I would say you get in order ini editing, file deleting and file replacing (and of course then you have outliers like GTA:SA, but I digress).
  13. So, as I have been pointed out, more than "this platform does or doesn't support achievements", there's also the hidden premise of "this store now does, but when this game originally released they didn't". Meaning that indeed, it's nontrivial to know whether the game updated or not. *Still*, even though I suppose we could properly introduce all kinds of flags and proprieties in the availability table (which could in turn hook cloud saving), I'm wondering if just stating it out in the notes couldn't already be enough.
  14. Are there really games that, once they have achievements on a platform, don't replicate those on the others (as long as they support themselves the feature to begin with)? Or better yet, is this such a common thing that you couldn't just casually mention it in the availability notes?
  15. Mirh

    Creative Alchemy

    I already have that here? Or better.. I had missed the comments telling me there is an updated version, but still.
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