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  1. Version 1.0.0


    The installer of a Polish release of Test Drive Unlimited does not launch properly on Windows Vista and newer, aborting the installation immediately instead. This package contains an InstallShield Transformation file fixing that, and a script allowing the user to conveniently automate the process of applying said transform. Launch 'setup.bat'. Insert the Test Drive Unlimited DVD. Press any key and browse for 'Test Drive Unlimited.msi' on the game disc. Install the game as usual. Based off Test Drive Unlimited Vista Patch.
  2. Those sources have been corrected since: Aspect ratio is equally broken in Steam and in RGL versions - Vadim just forgot to move SilentPatch out of his Steam directory (which fixes aspect ratio). It doesn't have any more music cuts than the Steam version - that was just poor wording. This release is nearly identical to a Steam version, but Rockstar attempted to fix game's inherent mouse issues - the key word is attempted, as their fix is partial at best and if they spent more than 5 minutes playtesting this release, they likely would have noticed.
  3. 275 downloads

    This fix is already shipped in a Steam version - you only need it if you use a non-Steam version of the game! This package contains fixed shaders for CRC2005. Original shaders started showing severe artifacts on more modern graphics cards, and an existing fix involved modifying EXE. Moreover, this fix resulted in drastic performance drops. Fixed shaders correct the issue without any performance drops or visual compromises.
  4. Because the controller is more pricy than X360/XBone/DualShock 3/4 yet feels so much cheaper compared to these? :P
  5. What's the convention on showing this option? Most articles have it hidden if the mode is not present, but SOME ARTICLES explicitly mark it as not present. Should such cases be corrected?
  6. Avast flags half of my programs as viruses... so no. Defender/Security Essentials + common sense seem to work well enough. Plus an occasional, but regular MBam scan.
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