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Found 5 results

  1. Version 2.1


    This icon is a replacement for the original 4-bit icon for Unreal Gold and Unreal 227. It uses the 24-bit Unreal Emblem.jpg from the GOG version's bonus avatars. Comparison: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/gallery/album/138-unreal-gold-icon-comparison/ Scroll to zoom Note that the original file was a 150x150 jpeg, so there will be aliasing when viewed in "Extra Large Icons" mode.
  2. Version 1.1


    This is a bundle created for the sake of playing Unreal Tournament on Linux system. It is based on Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack, but implemented the unofficial 451 Patch. Be sure to read the README-KayX291.txt first! The only thing you are required are the game assets which can be found by buying the game from Steam, GOG.com, Retail etc. NOTE: If you encounter any issue regarding connecting to servers that rely on UTPG's patch (Such as Multiplay ones), you have no choice but to use the Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack. Non-Steam users can just copy and paste the content of his pack into main game folder, but if you wish to use some of the content I've made for this patch, I have uploaded the Extras for that.
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a pack of goodies that were used for my UT Native Linux 451 Patched. It basically contains all the content from the Goodies such as: * Chris Donhal's OpenGLDrv * Loki Compatibility Libs * Server Creation Wiki page in text form * NPLoader files It also includes the "ut-fps" script and the Troubleshooting text file in case if you encounter any issues. This was made due to the fact that there is an issue regarding difficulties to connecting server which use 451 version from UTPG's. However, the mentioned version is backwards compatible with 436, which Flibitijibibo's back was made on.
  4. 1,508 downloads

    Original file: http://www.gamefront.com/files/1540908/ This is the Unreal Fusion Map Pack. It is the only official map pack for the game and it is free to download. To install the maps, copy/paste the contents of download into the game installation folder. Here are the list of maps added: DM-Cybrosis DM-Twilight DM-Mojo DM-Letting DM-Shrapnel DM-Loxi
  5. Those who has >60hz monitors want information does game support their display. One thing that has been bothering me is that many Unreal games like to use bSmoothFrameRate with value of 62 which gives best quality with regular 60hz monitor but caps the fps. Problem is that all the games that use it has fix in article but they are all said in differend ways and on differend sections! Here's only few examples: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Mass_Effect#120Hz http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Sanctum_2#Essential_improvements http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Batman:_Arkham_City#120Hz I was thinking as they all seem to be solutions to exact same problem with exact same engine should we just make generig fix to 120hz page and just link to it instead of re-writing solution differendly again as it's games config directory, Xengine.ini with X replaced with games ID and same values.
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