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  1. So, is the color change official or not? If yes then Editing guide/Screenshots should be modified accordingly and news posted. Until then I'm following the current guide.
  2. Done. I don't remember exact upload rules for new users though.
  3. Mastan

    Creative Alchemy

    Latest version available directly is Creative Alchemy v1.45.19 https://support.creative.com/downloads/DriverDetails.aspx?driverID=100239 Judging by changelog, 1.45.20 is integrated into Sound Blaster AE-7 and Sound Blaster AE-9 driver packages. P.S. I've just installed their driver packages AECMDMasterInstaller_3.4.72.00.exe and surely C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\ALchemy folder appeared and dsound.dll there has version, like that changelog above says. P.P.S. If that link https://support.creative.com/downloads/DriverDetails.aspx?driverID=100239 doesn't work for you and shows error page instead, switch country on that page to United Kingdom in low right corner and click link again, it should work then.
  4. Quake 2 RTX doesn't look wet. In fact it's quite opposite to earlier implementations, eg q2pt: In Q2RTX stone surfaces are completely non-glossy, metal is shiny, I don't see exaggeration there. Q2RTX also features global illumination, you can check it on the first map in the secret area with silencer - no light directly shines there, but it's not completely dark in daylight.
  5. They can release e.g. separate "UHD texture pack DLC" for PC version which will require 16 GB of VRAM. 😄
  6. Everyone around me knew about +mlook (sans 1) and autoexec.cfg. It was the first thing to do after installing Quake. I really saw no person who played Quake without mouse. Ok, better example: TFW whey you play Quake using only one hand and keyboard.
  7. Or introduce new level of graphics that no videocard could handle on maxed out settings. IIRC with Crysys was something like this: Devs: — We made game so that it will be actual for future years, set Normal for current top hardware. Gamers: — We set Ultra, your game has performance problems, wtf.
  8. What? I've never seen person who played Quake that way.
  9. I prefer original controls. New features break game design, eg Icon of Sin with mouselook is beatable instantly.
  10. I found that this game is still available officially, no need to use Internet Archive(yet): http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/prehistoric_life/games/dinosaur_world/ (click "Open" under the picture to open actual download page) I have no problem with the sky running it on laptop with Win10 and Intel videocard. Game uses old DirectX version, sometimes dgVoodoo 2 helps with some problems of old APIs on modern systems.
  11. "SteamVR headsets" also supports WMR through Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. I don't know if it's true for all games, but I've seen games that are not marked with WMR support, but still work. E.g. Batman: Arkham VR. Controllers in-game have non-native look, but that's minor. Some games(e.g. Obduction before official WMR support patch) use not very comfortable tracked controller bindings, but otherwise work. WMR also supports OpenVR, I played one standalone game by choosing OpenVR in settings. So, in my(not very big) experience it's more about APIs than headsets.
  12. And if you already own "Wasteland 2 Director's Cut", then you can get Wasteland 1 for free. Open your account page https://www.gog.com/account in web browser, click on "Wasteland 2 Director's Cut". Open dropdown menu "More", select "Serial Keys". There should be Wasteland 1 gift code.
  13. I wonder if Half-Life intro train ride can be considered as long unskippable cutscene.
  14. Moscow and its suburbs: 3 internet providers I have assess to all block it. https://community.pcgamingwiki.com works though, it uses another IP.
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