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  1. Taxonomy gives a wealth of detail in very few words. The theme, controls, and stuff, matter a lot whether I'll enjoy a game. Simple notes go a long way. For instance I appreciate knowing when extras (soundtracks, wallpapers, etc) are included that aren't already clarified in the usual places like the game's store page or boxart.
  2. What's the difference between the (delisted) Windows 10 version and the Steam version? I'm aware the game (obviously) had touch controls on mobile. Was that available for desktop PCs sporting a touch monitor? It would also appear more languages were included. The Microsoft Store mentions Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean, none of which are on Steam. Except I can't confirm their presence with the game gone. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/ducktales-remastered/9nblgggxwkcv?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  3. Alright. Adding notes to the games' articles works for me.
  4. In 2013, a separate Japanese PC version of FF7 was released. It appears to be the 2012 version besides language and the activation system (it's not a Steam game). Has anything else been changed we should know about? I'd rather ask before trying to explain this in an article based on info in a language I don't read. https://store.jp.square-enix.com/category/DL01/SEDL_1010.html Edit: I also found non-Steam downloadable FF8. http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ffviii-pc-jp/
  5. Impressive effort. The edges of the title screen look strange, since you're seeing out of bounds. The PC version has a few quirks from what I've heard. Like Pac-Man's metal transformation effect is different. FYI the Japanese localization was only for PS2.
  6. I'm trying to sort out the language support in Raiden 5. Both Steam and GOG claim Chinese text is included, except I don't see an option to enable it. Browsing through the game files, it's also plainly obvious Japanese text/audio remains (there's literally a "jpn" voice folder). This discussion topic suggests the setting ini was removed, and you may have to resort to measures such as hex editing. https://steamcommunity.com/app/570050/discussions/0/1473096694442760121/?ctp=2
  7. Version 1.1


    This official patch from Koei UK updates Samurai Warriors 2 to version 1.1. The description states "Improved implementation of the frame-skipping feature in order to increase frame rate and graphical performance."
  8. Character movement is more important than people give credit. Mid air control was a major contributing factor in the likes of Mario or Castlevania mechanically evolving into different franchises entirely. Donkey Kong 94 pokes fun at this. You get to play the arcade levels with Mario's new jumps and flips, and they're beatable in seconds!
  9. I suppose it's a positive side effect that the unofficial patches make the freeware version work again.
  10. The Suffering was made available ad-supported in 2008, but the servers are now defunct. I've noticed the unofficial patches (either one) skip the check and the game will start. How should this gray area be approached? According to the article, removing the copy protection is already necessary in order to play any retail release on Windows 10 (the game uses old SafeDisc / StarForce versions).
  11. Packaging quality appears to be a common factor. American releases of a number of PC ports (Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, TMNT 2003, Metal Gear Solid 2, etc) were in cardboard boxes more likely to get lost or destroyed, compared to European DVD cases. Speaking of regions, I noticed we don't yet cover the Japanese version of Gurumin.
  12. This reminds me of how the 2004 PC version of Sonic Adventure DX is rare in the United States.
  13. It's kinda funny the big box has Windows 95 plastered all over. But the game itself could be DOS. https://item.mercari.com/jp/m65611008037/ If you missed it, the previous link has some footage. https://www.youtube.com/embed/RnR7Zo97RZA
  14. I've stumbled upon something curious. Indications are that the DOS version of Mega Man X was localized for Windows in Japan. Is this an actual port or just using a compatibility mode/wrapper? https://7mc.org/2019/09/01/rockman_x_pc_gamebank.html
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Patch for the Korean version of Mega Man X6.
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