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The archive contains the 3 official add-ons of Ricochet Xtreme (Reactive Music, HD Art, Extra levels) as well the add-on for Ricochet Infinity for skipping the intro, it also includes the new libcurl.dll for manual fixing of the level catalog for Ricochet Infinity.

To apply the add-ons, select the 3 .red files inside the archive, copy/cut it then paste it to the folder of Ricochet Xtreme where the game executable is located

The same step applies to Ricochet Infinity, however only 1 .red file (Skip intro video) can be used.

Reuploaded with the permission from Ricochet Players.

Ricochet Xtreme.png

What's New in Version 02/21/2022 04:01 PM


Now includes the official installers for 3 Ricochet Xtreme add-ons, the .red files are also provided if the user wishes to skip using the installer.
To use the add-on installer, put the installer on the game directory where the game executable is located, run the installer and let it complete, if the add-on file is not added into the game folder, it is either on C:\Program Files (x86)\Ricochet or if the game is located on a folder in C:\Users\{yourusername}\Desktop, for example on C:\Users\{yourusername}\Desktop\Ricochet Series\Ricochet Xtreme, a new folder on the root Desktop (C:\Users\{yourusername})\Desktop) location will be created with the name "Ricochet Xtreme", inside it should be the add-on file, if this proves too difficult or inconvenient to do, feel free to use the .red files instead.

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