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Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/157351/150000/fileinfo/No-One-Lives-Forever---1-MP-Super-Map-Pack-Final


This is the No One Lives Forever Super Map Pack. It is the latest version available.


The map pack (created by Sauron) contains almost every single map created by the community up to the point of release (19/10/2005). All maps included are at least stable and fairly bug-free.


To install the map pack, place the extracted REZ file in the "Custom" folder (located at the game installation folder). If the folder does not exist, create it.

Afterwards, make sure the map pack is enabled in the game launcher.

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This is a rather outdated version of the JAG/Parallel Universe/Nolfgirl mappack. It was updated several times after this.

Here is a recent update of it from January 2019:




The pack comes with a NCIS installer that will automatically find the game, no uninstall, to delete the NOLF_JAN_19.REZ from you CUSTOM folder to remove it. (191 deathmatch and 122 assault maps)

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      2. Unzip the patch
      3. Read file Nolf_PACK.txt
      How to play
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      To return to the original graphic interface, run the patch mode "Reset to Default"
      Known BUGS & SOLUTIONS
      Unzip and read file Nolf_PACK.txt
      Original here
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