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About This File

Original files: http://www.fileplanet.com/141238/140000/fileinfo/UT2004-Community-Bonus-Pack-2:-Volume-2


This is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack 2: Volume 1. It is the second half of an unofficial bonus pack for the game.

To install the pack, copy/paste the contents of download into the game installation folder.


Here are the list of additions:



  • 20 new maps, 4 new characters, and 2 mutators


  • Bale by Jerome "Loric" Diard
  • Enki by Jerome "Loric" Diard
  • Neil by Jerome "Loric" Diard
  • Tyler by Jerome "Loric" Diard


  • Angel Item Physics by Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone
  • Target Practice Physics by Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone


  • BR-Bahera by Ed Duke-Cox
  • CTF-Bahera by Ed Duke-Cox
  • CTF-Botanic by Dave Kostiuk
  • CTF-Pistola by Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger
  • DM-Buliwyf by Nathillien Thilsa
  • DM-Drakonis by VorLoN
  • DM-Kerosene by Paul 'TAZ' Mader
  • DM-KillbillyBarn by Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan
  • DM-Koma by Warbeast
  • DM-KroujKran by Desperado#2 & Hourences
  • DM-Meitak by Nick 'neoduck' Donaldson
  • DM-Niflheim by Nathillien Thilsa
  • DM-Tempest by Dave Kostiuk, Rogelio Olguin, Ed Duke-Cox, Rachel Cordone
  • DM-TensileSteel by Lruce Bee
  • DM-Torkenstein by Emanuel 'Krolizard' Da Roit
  • DM-Tydal by Rich Black
  • DOM-Gerroid by Anthony 'Radeon' Vogt
  • ONS-Brassed by Emanuel 'Krolizard' Da Roit
  • ONS-Pasargadae by Ed Duke-Cox
  • ONS-Yorda by Warbeast

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