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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl unofficial patch 1.0008 1.0008b

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About This File

Original source here.


Confirmed mods working with this patch:

  • Zone Reclaimation Project (ZRP)
  • Autumn Aurora 2 (AA2)
  • DDM:AE


Confirmed not working with this patch:

  • ZoA
  • AMK

What's New in Version 1.0008b   See changelog


  • CHANGES IN 1.0008b:
  • added menu_fps_cap cvar, default value 60, 0 to disable fps cap (pls let me know how it goes)
  • some initial groundwork for R3, change your user.ltx file to use "renderer renderer_r3" to see a nice error box because the R3 dll isn't ready yet :^)
  • CHANGES IN 1.0008a:
  • expose hud_adjust_mode and hud_adjust_value cvars
  • allow using numkeys for conversation replies
  • enable using sprint_toggle key to open trade window
  • CHANGES IN 1.0008:
  • exposed fov and hud_fov commands to change fov ingame
  • updated r__detail_density to allow increased grass density
  • added r__detail_radius variable to change grass distance
  • added non-toggle sprint (add bind sprint kLSHIFT in user.ltx, sprint_toggle still works fine too)
  • added take all hotkey in inventories (same button as sprint_toggle, default X)
  • update r__detail_density and r__detail_radius to take effect without needing engine restart
  • updated r*_tf_mipbias and r__geometry_lod to allow for more values
  • increased stack/heap size (less chance of crashes)
  • increased DVB/DIB size (graphics buffers) and exposed rs_vb_size/rs_ib_size commands to allow changing them
  • fixed splash screen to remove that gray border shit
  • allow network support with 1.0006 game servers