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  1. mrpenguinb

    Creative ALchemy

    What version of ALchemy are you using? If you can't add a game, it might be because you have selected Registry Path instead of Game Path. By the way, I've uploaded all of the publicly available versions of Creative ALchemy I could find: https://archive.org/details/creative-alchemy-all-versions infograms' generic patcher seems to only work with 1.45.xx versions.
  2. Glad to see you got the game working now! That's some good troubleshooting. Some older games can't handle multiple monitors, like Spider-man: The Movie I think (the game of the movie). It's best to install any old games outside of Program Files if you can, it makes things simpler in terms of isolating potential problems/issues.
  3. Try using the Windows Classic theme, even though it really shouldn't matter.
  4. Those are normal messages in Process Monitor, don't worry. Check to see the language settings on a computer where the game works and see if there are any language/region differences with your main computer. If you want to, you can do a Process Monitor log/capture on the computer that has the issues and take another log/capture on a different computer where the game works, you can then compare the captures. To compare the captures, export both of the captures to .CSV files and use WinMerge to compare the captures.
  5. If you know how to use Process Monitor, you could monitor what files are missing or causing issues (add Fable.exe to the filter) Other than that, I'm stumped.
  6. What language was it before? Maybe because the language has changed, the game can't handle switching. Either way the whole situation is really weird.
  7. What version of dgVoodoo are you using, the latest? Make sure that you only have your monitor(s) plugged into your NVIDIA GPU, not your motherboard's on-board display outputs (Intel graphics). You should try installing the game to another drive, or else just C:\ (don't install to Program Files). When installing the game, make sure to select Maximum installation.
  8. Try changing the language used by the game. Check to see what Window's language is selected in Windows.
  9. What GPU and CPU do you have now? The game runs fine for me without any patches on Windows 10 (latest version of Windows, 20H2). I am running a Intel i5-10600k with a NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti
  10. On the website, there is a useful .inf file for resolving vibration not working in games. It clears DirectInput and OEM properties in the registry. The file in question: xi.etc.zip Maybe this will fix some issues that people are having, or else it could mess everything up even more. Does not vibrate when installed Try deleting the device information of DirectInput under "DirectInput & OEM Property Delete inf File" in Download (Other) (right-click
  11. I'm all for it. Newer games are catching up with UI scaling, there are still some edge cases though. Older games can benefit massively from this. However, hacking resolution scaling can make things glitchy than they would be normally. For example: duplicate mouse cursors, mouse region issues and possibly VRAM limitations with wrapping depending on the resolution forced. I think it's an important feature for maintaining the UX experience in-game along with the graphical fidelity. It would be convenient to refer to PCGW if this capability/feature was documented.
  12. Here's a list of archived setup files for 3D Instructor and City Car Driving, which is where I have obtained most of the setup files from: Source: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.multisoft-sale.ru/setup/* 3D Instructor_2.2.0_Home_106.exe 3D Instructor_2.2.10_Home_123.exe 3D Instructor_2.2.7_Home_123.exe
  13. I've located 3D Instructor 1.23 and 1.06 (corrupted) and 2.2.4 (if that's of any use). 1.23 runs on Windows 10 without any tweaks/fixed. 3D Instructor 1.23 and 1.06: https://archive.org/details/3d-driving-instructor-123 3D Instructor 2.2.4: https://archive.org/details/3-d-instructor-2.2.4-home Version 1.23 that I found seems to be 1.4 however. This is all quite confusing..... the version numbers are confusing and gets even more complicated since the game goes under two names which both have completely different versioning.
  14. 1. Go to "Display" settings in the Windows 10 Settings app, scroll-down and go to "Graphics settings". 2. Under "Choose an app to set preference", select "Desktop app" and click "Browse". 3. Browse to where Mega Man Legends is located, select the "MEGAMAN.EXE" exectuable and click "Add". 4. The game will have been added to the list in the Windows 10 Settings app. 5. Click "Options". Make sure to select "High performance GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX". 6. Run the game. Let me know if you have any issues and if it works.
  15. What are your laptops specifications? Such as CPU, Graphics Cards/Chips, RAM. The issue with being unable to run the game on your laptop is probably being caused by the alien GPU's that it has, as Mega Man Legends wasn't designed to run on laptops. That isn't even considering how many slight differences in laptop hardware and specification there are compared to a desktop. dgVoodoo2 should fix the graphical issues on your laptop, as it reinterprets everything that the game will try to do, acting as a blanket/buffer.
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