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  1. I believe the Creation Engine is based upon the Gamebryo engine, which was used back when they made Morrowind. Extending an old engine without creating a new one will result in bugs, unless they rewrite the old parts. Don't quote me on this, though.
  2. This works for me, and I've not tried this fix on any other systems. It may not work for you. Opening Fallout4Prefs.ini and changing iPresentInterval to 0, thus unlocking the framerate, fixed the issue for me. I limit my framerate to my monitor's frequency via MSI Afterburner. The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool can also be used to unlock the framerate.
  3. Version 1055.0


    Notes: results may vary. These files are from the Windows 10 version of the AMD drivers which focuses on DirectX 12, but they may offer a performance boost in games based on DirectX 11. These driver libraries off-loads calls from the CPU to the GPU, improving performance (especially if you have a lower-end CPU). Installation: Find the location of your game's exectuable1. Extract the archive's files into the same directory. Start the game. 1. The actual game's exectuable, not the launcher's (if the game has got one). The right directory can be found by starting the game, opening
  4. Version 1


    Contains: bin/ xpadder/ readne.txt Extract the content from bin/ to <game path>/bin/ Extract xpadder/ anywhere Start xpadder/Xpadder.exe (in Windows Vista compatibility mode) and load the .xpaddercontroller file Load the .xpadderprofile Start game source: http://mgsforums.com/topic/7540369/1/
  5. Version 1


    Original source here. Improves game performance, especially in script-heavy mods. Additional info.
  6. Version 1.0008b


    Original source here. Confirmed mods working with this patch: Zone Reclaimation Project (ZRP) Autumn Aurora 2 (AA2) DDM:AE Confirmed not working with this patch: ZoA AMK
  7. With clients not disappearing from the market it's great news with one from GOG. On paper it already beats the current ones. I'm looking forward to try it out, of course with combination with The Witcher 3.
  8. Tmplt

    Mass Effect 2

    Comparison images for Mass Effect 2
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