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  1. Hi Rose! Sorry again for asking, but any plans for FFVII Remake PC Ultrawide?

    Not sure if you are interested in the game. It only has some half ass Ultrawide, but not fully.


    1. Rose


      Hi, I do not own the game but you could try doing this.

  2. Hello Rose! How are you?

    I just want to ask if possible if you could make Ultrawide Fix for Fatal Frame Maiden of the Black Water?


    Would really appreciate this being able to play in Ultrawide

    21:9 (3440×1440 or 2560×1080)

    32:9 (3840×1080, 3840×1200 and 5120×1440)

    Thanks for the ultrawide fixes for games all these years!! Detroit Become Human, Kena and many more!

    1. Rose


      Hi and thank you!

      Sadly, it is not a game I own, and I know nothing of the engine to predict the likelihood of a fix if I did. However, there are WSGF comments containing some workarounds.

    2. veraxora


      Hey! Thanks for fast reply!

      I could gift the game code for you to use or give you personal source for you to get it free.

      I also check that comment and it varies and not tested for other resolutions.

      But if, it's okay! I guess I'll stick to that previous solution for sure.

    3. Rose
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