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Original thread by SuiKaze Raider

What's New in Version


  • TRAOD Patch v52, but I replaced the Portuguese, Japanese and Korean languages files by their final versions.
  • Patch for play with the sunglasses in-game by sasho648.
  • Include all the European (v39, v42, v49 and v52), Polish, Japanese, Korean and Russian versions, with and without sunglasses patch.
  • ENB Series Mod by Luke Dion (DirectX 11 Mod)
  • Updated 32Bits and 64Bits libraries *.dll.
  • Revised language files by me: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian. Now the English, Polish and Russian versions have the "Cough, cough!" text in the level "Galleries Under Siege".
  • Revised Launcher by me. Included Translated version to Portuguese by me. And it's included the GOG.com version too!
  • Readme files in all the languages (Excepting Portuguese) for the launcher. In GOG.com version this files is missing.
  • You can replace the English language file by the language used in the updater. Perfect for play in other languages with its menu texts and subtitles using the English version (FMV and audios are kept in English, of course)
  • DirectX 9.0c Web Installer. It requires connection to Internet for be installed.

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