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Unreal Tournament 2004 Ultimate Ultimate Community Map Pack (Vol. 1-4)

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About This File

Original files: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/unrealtournament2004/map/12160.html


This is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Ultimate Ultimate Community Map Pack. It contains all the map packs (Volume 1-4) from the Ultimate Community Map Pack series.


To install the pack, copy/paste the contents of download into the game installation folder.


For individual map downloads or further details on the map pack series, go to the official site.


Here are the list of additions:



  • 44 new maps (2 AS, 1 BR, 12 CTF, 23 DM, 3 DOM, 1 ONS, 1 VCTF) and a new weapon. One map (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus) has 3 weapons and a vehicle exclusive to it.


  • The AGGL by Guesscui, Bellasadda, and LordSimeon (Volume 1)
  • Mathek (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)
  • Quiritatio (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)
  • Demon Spawn (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)

Vehicles (AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus only)

  • Demon Spawn


  • CTF-UCMP-Aithanarid by SaKa (Volume 1)
  • CTF-UCMP-Aquatica by Sjosz (Volume 1)
  • CTF-UCMP-DecaneCaldera by BIOS (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-1on1-Derelict by Barballs (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-Bloodrun by Moonflyer (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-Contrast by cAm (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-ImMortalis by MichaelM (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-ThePits by Bellasadda (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-PleasantValley by JuggaloKyle, Stormblade, and ArcadiaVincennes (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-RancidMetal by IronMonkeyUK (Volume 1)
  • DM-UCMP-Xanadu by ArcadiaVincennes (Volume 1)
  • DOM-UCMP-Cerebral by AaronM (Volume 1)
  • ONS-UCMP-ABC by LordSimeon & Postpunk (Volume 1)
  • ONS-UCMP-ABC-ECE by LordSimeon & Postpunk (Volume 1)
  • AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus by LordSimeon (Volume 2)
  • BR-UCMP2-Sublimity by cAm & Mattdude (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-Campgrounds by Slainchild (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-Enlightenment by AaronM (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-Orcus by .:ZIO:. (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-RottenCity by Guesscui (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-Sublimity by cAm & Mattdude (Volume 2)
  • CTF-UCMP2-Vadamerca by SaKa (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Adamantium by BIOS (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Churn by Luv_Studd (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Dynarak by Slainchild (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Hieron by Moonflyer (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Saiko Slainchild & Soma (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Taron by BIOS & Sjosz (Volume 2)
  • DM-UCMP2-Thebes by Luv_Studd (Volume 2)
  • DOM-UCMP2-1on1-Smelter by Bellasadda (Volume 2)
  • DOM-UCMP2-Meskhenet by Morpheus (Volume 2)
  • VCTF-UCMP2-RiverCanyon2 by MeanyMortal (Volume 2)
  • AS-UCMP3-IslandStrike by LordSimeon (Volume 3)
  • CTF-UCMP3-Tidal by Sjosz (Volume 3)
  • DM-UCMP3-Altitude by Moonflyer (Volume 3)
  • DM-UCMP3-Gantham by BIOS (Volume 3)
  • DM-UCMP3-Glorian by Slainchild (Volume 3)
  • DM-UCMP3-Sympathy by Luv_Studd (Volume 3)
  • CTF-UCMP4-Talya by Hazel.H (Volume 4)
  • CTF-UCMP4-Virility by Sjosz & Slainchild (Volume 4)
  • DM-UCMP4-Elucidation by Axeman & BIOS (Volume 4)
  • DM-UCMP4-Mania by Moonflyer (Volume 4)
  • DM-UCMP4-Propaganda by Luv_Studd (Volume 4)
  • DM-UCMP4-Speos by .:ZiO:. (Volume 4)

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