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Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack 1 (Re-release)

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About This File

Original files: http://www.gamefront.com/files/3671610/Community_Bonus_Pack_1___UT2004_Re_Release


This is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack 1 Re-release. It is an unofficial bonus pack for the game.


This pack is the Community Bonus Pack '03 from Unreal Tournament 2003 converted and modified to fully support Unreal Tournament 2004. Also, a bonus map, DM-Neandertalus, has been added in.


To install the pack, copy/paste the contents of download into the game installation folder.


Here is the list of maps added (19 total):

  • BR-CBP1-Breaklimit2004 by David Spalinski
  • CTF-CBP1-Betrayal by Magnus Olin ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • CTF-CBP1-Concentrate by Jan "Luggage"
  • CTF-CBP1-Ferris by Ed Duke-Cox and Jay Harrison ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • CTF-CBP1-TechDream by Spoondog
  • DM-CBP1-Arkanos by Vorlon
  • DM-CBP1-AugustNoon by Nick Donaldson
  • DM-CBP1-BlackJackal by Jim Russell ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DM-CBP1-Downgrave by Clawfist
  • DM-CBP1-Elegance by Ed Duke-Cox and Jay Harrison ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DM-CBP1-Emperor by Julien, Gui, Jay, Ed and Gko ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DM-CBP1-Finale by Gui
  • DM-CBP1-GoldenDawn by MarkusW ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DM-CBP1-Neandertalus by Nathillien Thilsa
  • DM-CBP1-Ougaldwin by Gko ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DM-CBP1-Shifter by Clawfist ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DOM-CBP1-Aphrodite by Tynan ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DOM-CBP1-Hathor by Andrew Beeken and Ed Duke-Cox ( Converted by Desperado#2)
  • DOM-CBP1-Verde by David Spalinski ( Converted by MozI)

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