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About This File

v1.02 patch for FreeSpace 2. Not needed for digital distribution versions.


This file was originally downloaded from FilePlanet.

What's New in Version v1.02


  • -Glide texture stretching fix
  • -Standalone server CD checking fix
  • -Jump Node placement in Fred2
  • -Pilot's score added to multiplayer debriefing
  • -Technical database does not show duplicates of each weapon
  • -Intro movie no longer shows up twice in cutscene player after campaign
  • -Objectives in Templar campaign assigned points
  • -Wingmen now receive a score bonus when large ships are destroyed
  • -Mission 3-4 conversation added
  • -Templar 3 mission objective text altered
  • -M-02 debriefing /Return to base issues fixed
  • -Mission 3-7 messages changed to accurately reflect mission occurrences
  • -Loop 2-1 directives issue resolved
  • -Mission 1-4 failure debriefing added
  • -Loop 1-2 message timing optimized
  • -Loop 2-2 directives cleaned up
  • -Agrippa persona fixed in mission 3-5
  • -Loop 1-3 mission outcome for blowing up civilians fixed
  • -Loop 1-3 in mission messaging fixed
  • -Mission 1-8 briefing icons fixed
  • -Mission 1-9 debriefing typos fixed
  • -Mission 1-5 Discovery/Trinity personas fixed
  • -Training 5 directives cleared up
  • -Mission 3-1 message timing optimized
  • -Mission 3-6 directives corrected
  • -Mission 3-8 briefing icons corrected
  • -Mission 3-9 alternate names removed from ships
  • -Mission 3-9 weapons loadout fixed
  • -Cyclops bomb names fixed-Mission 2-7 directives fixed

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