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Original sources: FilePlanet (EN, FR, DE, ES), The Patches Scrolls (IT)


This is the No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way v1.3 patch. It is the latest version available.


The patch is available in the following languages:

  • English (EN)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Spanish (ES)

Each file is ~28 MB in size.

Here are the list of fixes:


New Features:

  • Added Team Deathmatch and Doomsday MP modes. Please see the section of this labeled "Multiplayer Modes" for more information.
  • Added ability for hosts to specify score values for tags, frags and other mode-specific actions.
  • Added FX to weapon respawn locations.
  • Added the Server name and IP to system menu when connected to a remote host.
  • Added the server name to client score screens.
  • Added the ability for hosts to restrict any weapon, ammo type or gear item from the game.
  • Added functionality to select custom mods and resources from the launcher.

Gameplay Tweaks:

  • Added a 30 second countdown timer for multiplayer games with a time limit set.
  • Increased multiplayer headshot damage somewhat.
  • Increased the max deathmatch score limit to 100.
  • Increased the max deathmatch time limit to 60.
  • Lowered the splash damage radius of micromissiles somewhat.
  • Increased the damage and accuracy of the Gordon SMG.
  • Removed snowmobile radar icons from deathmatch to reduce radar clutter.
  • Fire bolts have been improved! They now cause mild splash damage and leave behind a residual flame that will burn anyone who walks through it.
  • Player bodies in co-op mode now fade to searchable backpacks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when launching standalone server from within the game.
  • Fixed several memory leaks and crashes that were causing instability in dedicated servers and problems with load times in singleplayer.
  • Improved singleplayer quickload times by 33-50% (Depending on level).
  • Fixed the bug that was preventing the player from automatically un-holstering their weapon after dismounting a snowmobile.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing minimum spec machines from performing well as dedicated servers. Bandwidth limitations still apply.
  • Fixed problems with camera rotation after slipping on a banana.
  • Coop: Players should no longer automatically fire their weapon after being revived if they were firing when they died.
  • Coop/Team modes: Added the ability to remove your revivable body (but the respawn timer remains)
  • Hats and other player model attachments should no longer appear before the player is actually in the game.
  • Electrical darts now properly display their FX when they hit a surface.
  • The T3 and custom bandwidth options for Internet servers now work correctly. Please see the updated serverreadme.txt in your main Nolf2 installation folder for details on setting custom bandwidth.
  • Fixed the bug where bananas would "detonate" on bodies and backpacks.
  • Players already affected by non-lethal damage cannot be tagged again until 2 seconds after the effect wears off.
  • Characters should no longer have weird pitch angles when they slip on a banana or are sleeping.
  • Players under the influence of poison, fire and glue damage will animate normally if they fire a weapon.
  • Co-op: Players on snowmobiles when a game is saved will be standing next to them in loaded games. This fixes problems with unusable snowmobiles if some players don't rejoin.
  • Fixed a bug where zooming out after targeting a player sometimes left the player's name onscreen.
  • Fixed a bug preventing joysticks from being disabled.

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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