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Official 1.28 patches for a German, French and English version of Car Tycoon, reuploaded from The Patches Scrolls.

Password: pcgw

What's New in Version 1.28


 Full patch readme, machine translated from German:


This is the second patch for Car Tycoon. This fixes the following bugs:

  1. Fixed loading and saving issues.
  2. The model names are no longer assigned automatically. You can now enter the names in the factory menu yourself.
  3. Advertising agency names are now displayed again. Since there are several advertising agencies per city, they are now called e.g. "Advertising Agency 6 Little Rock" etc.
  4. With the "stock market crash" sabotage action, only the shares that the player does not own fall. All other sabotage actions now work perfectly and can be seen in the game (e.g. the "Construction site in front of a branch" action shows a construction site block and the competitor can no longer sell cars as long as this is visible).
  5. Auction Menu. The price is formatted on the player cards, but is not preceded by a dollar sign. As a result, no number appears outside the map.
  6. Annual balance sheet. Fixed wrong number of cars sold.
  7. Wrong menus. E.g.: In the "Load game" menu you can no longer access the evaluation of the previous game.
  8. In the endless game, the competition can no longer win.
  9. Service costs in the workshop. These values change monthly. The requirement here is a calculation of how much damage has occurred to certain cars. If the quality is worse, the errors and thus the price of the service increase. The calculation takes place monthly and can therefore change significantly. If no damage has occurred in the last month, the costs are reduced, etc. So you pay according to the frequency of damage in the last month. The damage frequency is also used to scrap cars. Cars with more errors are more likely to be scrapped.
  10. The model image of the car in the junkyard is now correct.
  11. Traffic jams clear faster. If a lot of traffic jams form, more cars will be scrapped and the cars will calculate their way around the traffic jam as much as possible. As a result, branches in congested areas can also be supplied better.
  12. Also made minor changes suggested on the Car Tycoon forum.

I hope that with this patch CarTycoon will run smoothly for everyone and I wish everyone a lot of fun playing.

The Fishtank team wishes you lots of fun playing!

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