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About This File

original url - http://www.d3scene.com/forum/warcraft-3-hacks-bots-tools/78163-advanced-camera-control-1-1-a.html


How to use :


Press Enter in game and enter following commands in it :


  • /distance value
  • /aoa value
  • /farz value
  • /fov value
  • /roll value
  • /rotation value
  • /zoffset value
  • /default
  • /smooth on
  • /smooth off


Explanation :




/distance changes Camera Distance (Default : 1650)

/aoa changes Angle of Attack (Default : 300)

/farz changes Far Z (Default : 5000)

/fov changes Field of View (Default : 70)

/roll changes Camera Roll (Default : 0)

/rotation changes Camera Rotation (Default : 90)

/zoffset changes Camera Z Offset (Default : 0)

/default Change all to their default value

/smooth on Camera moves more smoothly

/smooth off Set default camera smooth factor


Other Commands :


/command char changes just a single command to it's default value

For example /aoa Sosha changes Angle of Attack to 300


Installation :


Copy ACC.mix to your warcraft3 folder


Credits :


YourName for hooking chat function paperclip.png

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