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After the End crash workaround (Access violation)

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About This File

The zip file contains files that serves as a workaround and a bypass for the Access violation error that happens in After the End when trying to complete Mission 42 and other bugged missions mentioned in its page in PCGamingWiki, method 1 involves playing the broken level and finishing it as is, which is intended for players who want to use their own save, this is done by installing an older trial version of the game and opening the save on a broken level the player has in it, the dll included within the method1 folder is a dgVoodoo D3D8 wrapper which can be used if in case the mission still can't be played, while method 2 involves skipping the broken missions altogether, which is for players who don't mind using an another save, method 3 is a newly discovered method which is used along with method 1, it fixes the black floor bug which one will get when playing on the older version of After the End which involves swapping the resource.tdf file.


What's New in Version 1.4.2


-Method 3 folder is now added

-Method 2 folder has new save files which are situated in different levels, including broken ones

-Now includes IndirectSound for audio fix

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The file will be updated anytime soon due to other missions starting from Mission 42 suffering from the same issue, but so far only 4 have been confirmed to be making the game crash, the last is Mission 52

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As of now, 6 Missions/Levels are confirmed to be broken, zip file will be updated soon with save files situated across different levels including broken ones both for any testing needed and error bypassing

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