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Fez debuts its Mac and Linux ports in Humble Indie Bundle 9


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Flibitijibibo - aka Ethan Lee, friend of PCGamingWiki, previous curator of The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam and Mac and Linux porter extraordinaire, has debuted his work on porting Fez to Mac and Linux in the latest Humble Indie Bundle 9.

Since Humble Bundle's release, Flibit has been communicating with Tweeters and furious squashing bugs. Follow him @Flibitijibibo.

Flibit is one of the few developers that actively maintains pages for their games on PCGamingWiki, and we hope that other developers follow suit.

We recommend that you 'beat the average' ($4.58 at the time of writing) to receive Fez as well as the following games:

Mac and Linux ports of Fez are just icing on the cake of what is certainly one of the best bundles released so far.

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