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About This File

Notes: results may vary.


These files are from the Windows 10 version of the AMD drivers which focuses on DirectX 12, but they may offer a performance boost in games based on DirectX 11.

These driver libraries off-loads calls from the CPU to the GPU, improving performance (especially if you have a lower-end CPU).



  1. Find the location of your game's exectuable1.
  2. Extract the archive's files into the same directory.
  3. Start the game.

1. The actual game's exectuable, not the launcher's (if the game has got one). The right directory can be found by starting the game, opening Windows' task manager, going to the processes tab, and then right-clicking on the game's executable (often named after the game, or the game's engine. Usually, a DirectX 11 game will take up more memory than all your other programs) and clicking "Open File Location".



Simply remove the four .dll files from the game's exectuable's directory.


Is Something Wrong?

No performance difference:

  • The game you want to use these libraries with may not utilize these files.
  • Your GPU may be outdated and may not support these libraries.
  • The game itself may not be optimized and thus may not benefit from these libraries.
  • Your GPU doesn't support the most recent driver libraries. Try a previous version.


Game doesn't start any more:

Your GPU doesn't support these libraries. Remove the four .dll files.


Original source, repo.

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Isn't it dedicated for Windows versions which doesn't support DX12 since Windows 10 should already have these files or even newer?

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