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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of using the Store feature template as like how it is currently used to denote a game being part of Xbox game pass/play anywhere and be put inside the availability notes table. Not that I disagree with the idea of putting it in it's own table as it would also give more merit as it would solve both proposals, but I happened to come across an old proposal form 2019 for the inclusion of a property for Xbox game pass/play anywhere, and it too had an idea for its own table made by @Aemony, that I assume was never used. Due to the similarities between the two (or three) ideas I would call into question the need for a seperate table, though maybe it could also be seen as an opportunity to finally use it? I've also discussed on Discord how there is the potential for this to be automated using a bot, as SteamDB has the game property "exfgls" to denote if a game is excluded from family game library sharing or not. Though it would still need to be decided how to display this first.
  2. Thanks for the update! I've gone ahead and added the page to the list category as looking at other similar pages that seems to be how the wiki is structured. ALso while doing so I did notice how most of the list pages are auto generated however, so regardless of whatever the choice ends up being I'm hoping that it can be done in a similar way where the data entered on the game's page would get automatically populate the list page as it won't be sustainable in its current form.
  3. Fair enough, figured time was the most likely reason, something that we never have enough of. Good to know it's on the list of things to be worked on though as it will make for a much needed convenience.
  4. This is follow on from my post on the Special K Steam Discussions, but expanded to include other third party tools such as Re:shade. Link to Steam Discussion thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1157970/discussions/0/2650881941771332222/ Reply from: @Aemony
  5. Currently the option to Remember Me when logging in only has it so you don't have to visit the login screen and type in your account details, but it doesn't seem to keep you logged in the next time you visit the wiki when you close the window or browser, making it somewhat annoying and easy to forget when editing a page that you weren't logged in. This doesn't affect the forums however and only the wiki itself it would seem, and I have tested it across multiple browsers (including the age old Internet Explorer) that I highly doubt it is just me. Is it a purposeful design decision, something that simply hasn't been implemented yet or is it really just a bug on my end?
  6. Ah there you go, glad to see the functionality still exists even if it is a bit simplistic to what you would ideally like it to do. I'm sure you could have it do more by writing a custom script but at that point but at that point I wonder if it's really worth all that effort. 😅 Anyway glad to help even if it is just a minor thing!
  7. Ah sorry I missed that, though that is different (though admittedly more useful) to what I was referring to which was this section on a user's profile itself. My original suggestion was being able to click the name which would act as a URL in the same way, though as I admitted it wouldn't be as useful as it's much more likely that someone would come across a user by a post they have made, over directly visiting their profile through some other method.
  8. I noticed a field to enter some optional contact info on your forum profile, mainly the Steam however it's just a plain text entry field that offers little to no use or functionality. A better and reasonably simple way to improve this would be to edit the field to automatically add the Steam community URL to before whatever it typed in the field, so say a user has created a custom URL, they could simply enter that into the field and the forum software would automatically add "https://steamcommunity.com/id/" and make it so on a user's profile page, the name would be clickable and take you directly to their Steam profile, instead of someone having to manually search for the listed name. Depending on the forum software I know some allow and have it built in to add a URL prefix to a profile contact field, and I want to say IP Boards is one of them but it's been a long time where I can't remember for certain or have any idea what they might have changed in the meantime.
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