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  1. Deton24

    Creative Alchemy

    Yes. It was one year ago. Good timing.
  2. Version 1.45.20


  3. Isn't it dedicated for Windows versions which doesn't support DX12 since Windows 10 should already have these files or even newer?
  4. In case of problem with installation, open installer, don't close it, and open the path: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\{996A19C1-8A2A-4E91-9332-45B553181336}\{0826016F-17DB-4503-90E7-FA69277D612B}\ to find there there Bonus Dead Man Walking Chapters.mp2m to copy to your game folder.
  5. My goodness. It was taking me ages every single time. Thank you so much...
  6. When I try to change Creative forum's link into archive.org (because whole forum is taken down permanently), it shows reCAPTCHA all the time when I click save button. Here is an example: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Sound_card#Creative Additionally, I had similar issue before, without archive.org, but with many links posted in discussion page. I needed to write the whole response on Google Docs, then short the link, and delete https and spread the link to avoid it being detected (though blocking goo.gl seems to be a good thing, though docs.google.com lin
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