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About This File

What's New in Version 1.2


  • -Defaulted Bloom to off when starting a new game.
  • -Adjusted mouse movement to eliminate feeling of "lagginess".
  • -Adjusted the HUD so that it is pushed toward the edges of the screen.
  • -Added option for turning all shadows off. This can massively improve performance, especially at higher resolutions.
  • -Shrunk all text sizes.
  • -Reworked mouse-based UI control within the inventory and biomod screens:
  • -Right-clicking will now swap items in the inventory and toolbelt screen.
  • -Added buttons for installing weapon mods and biomods.
  • -The biomod/inventory/datavault hotkeys are now toggles (the same buttons will now both open and close these subscreens).
  • -Added quicksave/quickload keys. (F10/F12)
  • -Non-hostile AI's will now go hostile much sooner if shot.
  • -Eliminated monitor resyncing during level transition and savegame loads.
  • -Increased the headshot damage multiplier for the pistol.
  • -Increased the damage of the stun prod.
  • -Additional optimizations that will improve performance on most systems
  • -Fixed graphical errors for those using NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 cards with Deus Ex: Invisible War
  • -Fixed the fuzzy appearance of the bloom, sniper scope, vision biomod, and other full-screen effects

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