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About This File

Retail patch for Wizardry 8. Retail releases that state version 1.2.4 on the CDs do not need this patch.


This file was originally downloaded from FilePlanet.

What's New in Version 1.2.4 (12/23/01)


  • This patch includes all of the changes which appeared in the 12_12 patch.
  • -- Corrected duration and poison damage done by Toxic Cloud spells -- effects are no longer permanent!
  • -- Corrected bug which reported a bad monster ID assertion on line 203.
  • -- Drink type items now deplete upon use (fixes Ales, Brew)
  • -- Autosaving will not occur unless this option is ON.
  • Outstanding items:
  • TARGET_TYPE invalid assertions in Magic.cpp - While we know generally what causes this, without a reproducible
  • "recipe" we are unable to correct this. If you can determine how to reproduce it, we can fix it... just send
  • your info to bugs@sir-tech.com.
  • NEW Known bugs (we will fix these in subsequent patches)
  • -- Can't get mirror armor from Ferro if his inventory is full (workaround: buy some ammo, camp 4x (24 hours)
  • -- If you have an all female party, with a male RPC travelling with you, Al-Sedexus won't let you offer
  • up a female and the RPC can't be picked either. (Workaround -- dismiss the male RPC, then choose party member)
  • -- Shoplifting successfully with item in hand while inventory is full will crash

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