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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough - Ammo and Health Drops

About This File

Original description:

"This simple *.pk3 file edits out the frustrating drop rate limiter from the orginal script files. Enemies now drop ammo and health pickups as frequent as in the base game, making Breakthrough much more enjoyable.

For some reason ammo drop rates on mission 1-3 don't seem to increase. For that reason you now spawn with an additional Thompson in your arsenal. Health flasks do drop more frequently though.

You now also begin mission 3-3 with a scoped rifle which makes way more sense for a big chunk of the map layout."

How to use:
Simply put the 'ZZZ_more_ammo_health.pk3' file into your 'maintt' folder and you're good to go. The changes should take effect when starting a mission from the beginning."

Original source: Mod DB

I'm uploading here an updated version of this mod, that reverts weapon change in third segment of the first mission and fixes ammo drops in the same level, while also fixing crashes at the end of first segment of the second mission and reducing file size quite a bit (mod author forgot to delete unmodified .scr files from the archive).

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