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Fps Unlocker for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 1.0.0

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About This File

Unlocks the fps cap in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.



You'll need .NET Framework 4.8 to work: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework/net48

  1. Extract File and move to Game folder
  2. Launch the game and After skipping the first menu press "ALT TAB" on the keyboard
  3. Launch the exe called "IW Frame Unlocker.exe" and a return to the game.
  4. Done

Sadly you'll have to do it every time you enter the game but still. better that nothing


(works with Multiplayer and Zombies)

Disclaimer: I didn't make this mod, just reuploaded. 😉

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1 hour ago, xcrysizz said:

I played for hours with it online... It's safe 

Works perfectly, thanks!

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I have used it, but it has no effect, the frame rate still does not exceed the upper limit

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did you install  .NET Framework 4.8? its necessary for it to work...

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image.thumb.png.107f07a7ff0239e078f4f5d49f98da50.pngOnly works for MP and Zombies. The original creator lists it as such themselves. Does not fix the 125fps cap.

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    • By killer-m
      Unpack the archive Copy all files to the game folder, binkw32.dll should be replaced Set your screen resolution in Settings.ini In the Settings.ini file, you can change the following settings
      Limit = 300
      FPS limiter value
      Unlock = 0
      0 - disable FPS limiter
      1 - enable FPS limiter
      Width = 0
      Height = 0
      forces the screen resolution
      Centered = 1
      0 - stretched HUD
      1 - centered HUD
      Aspect = 1.777777
      HUD aspect ratio value
      LOD = 1.000
      multiplier for the distance between LOD levels
      Objects = 1.000
      multiplier for objects visibility distance
      use values no greater than 3.0 to avoid glitches at very high aspect ratios
      4.0 - max value
      Shadows = 1.000
      multiplier for shadows visibility distance
      Fog = 1.000
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      ColorCorrection = 0
      0 - disable yellowish tint
      1 - enable yellowish tint
      DOF = 0
      0 - disable "Depth Of Field" effect
      1 - enable "Depth Of Field" effect
      ShadowMapSize = 1024
      increase this value to get better shadows quality
      256 - min value
      15360 - max value
    • By AlphaYellow
      Comes with a RAR file (made by Dege), which includes Donald.exe binaries for 5:4, 16:9, 16:10 and 21:9 aspect ratios, and a DLL file (GliDX6vf.dll) to fix the intermittent FPS loss (jumps between 30 and 60 FPS during gameplay), so it always runs at the full framerate (60 FPS).
      - Extract the executable that corresponds to the aspect ratio you want to use and the "DLL" folder, both to the root game folder, replacing any original files.
      - Use dgVoodoo to force a resolution that matches the aspect ratio you chose from the fix (Changing resolution from the config file ubi.ini in "C:\Windows\UbiSoft" makes the game crash)

      Credits go to: AuToMaNiAk005 (creator of widescreen fix), Dege (creator of dgVoodoo)
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      This is the official translation for Call of Duty and its expansion United Offensive
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      Instrucciones Español
      Esta es la traducción oficial para Call of Duty y su expansión United Offensive.
      NOTA: United Offensive requiere los archivos de traducción de Call of Duty para funcionar.
      Instrucciones: Simplemente arrastrar "localized_spanish_pak0.pk3" y "localized_spanish_pak1.pk3" dentro de la carpeta "main" ubicada en el folder instalación.
      Para United Offensive arrastrar "localized_spanish_pakuo00.pk3" dentro de la carpeta "uo" ubicada en el folder de instalación.
      Para cambiar el lenguaje dentro del juego ir a opciones graficas.
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