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Thief 2 spanish translation

 English installation instructions:

  1. Download and install Tfix2 making sure to uncheck the "english subtitles" option, given that it would conflict with the spanish subtitles.
  2. Edit the file "darkinst.cfg" located in the game's installation folder, in the line where it says "language" make sure to change "english" to "spanish+english".
  3. Install angel loader and create a backup folder as well as an FM folder where you please, inside the FM folder you must put the downloaded Thief_2_spanish.zip file.
  4. Launch the game through angel loader with the selected translation as an FM.


For SPANISH installation instructions check inside the downloaded .zip file, they're exactly the same as the english ones, only difference is they're in spanish.


This is the spanish translation created by ClanDlan, uploaded to pcgamingwiki for preservation purposes.



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