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Add VR HMD Support, Play-space, and Inputs

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Steam just implemented these for the store pages themselves. Only about 30 currently say they support any of them, but the feature is only a few days old. It may be worth looking into implementing these for PCGamingWiki.


For example Windlands uses a few of them. You can search for games that support the HTC Vive explicitly, or the Oculus Rift explicitly, or Seated/Room-Scale/Standing. Tracked motion controllers is also a new one we don't currently support (AFAIK).


See here:




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I have added HTC Vive support to the VR template.


Tracked motion controllers seems straightforward, but I'm not sure what presentation would work best for the play area types. Some games specify recommended dimensions etc., so having notes for each might be required.

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Does "tracked motion controllers" refer to a generic API (like DirectInput for traditional controllers), or does it only work with the official controller for that headset brand?

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See User:Garrett/VR support/sandbox for an initial overhaul. The new rows reflect the types of VR data listed on the Steam store. The associated input types are displayed when set to false.


The VR template is now far too long when editing, taking up 39 lines (Video settings is currently the longest at 33 lines), so I'm in favour of retiring the uncommon devices to keep things manageable (some would fall under tracked input devices).


The new data types will propagate an automated VR game list--see User:Garrett/VR for an initial version.


Feel free to post any thoughts or suggestions regarding the wording, layout, feature support, or whatever else.


Sportsfriends has playstation move support, wouldn't surprise me to see some native support for that controller when time goes on as that controller is more accurate than wii motion plus is.


Unusual cases like the PlayStation Move would go under tracked input devices with a note about the specific controllers. EDIT: similarly, Razer Hydra is merged into tracked motion controllers.

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I will be making some further tweaks to this pending update over the next few days in preparation for the Oculus Rift's release on March 28. Feel free to suggest any other improvements or changes.

User:Garrett/VR has been expanded with the project box introduction and is now showing tracked motion controller data from the current Razer Hydra row. Live page name would be PCGamingWiki:List of VR games, or similar.
VR support (sandbox) changes and functionality include the following:

  • Headsets section: both headset rows are shown when either is specified (all states are displayed)
  • Tracked motion controllers: replaces Razer Hydra row (true/hackable/false states are displayed)
  • Keyboard/mouse: shown only when a headset is specified (all states are displayed)
  • Play area section: shown only when a headset is specified (only true/hackable states are displayed)

Creative Senz3D and Leap Motion Controller have been removed due to low usage on the wiki.

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