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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Edited intro video files for Halo: Spartan Strike. Extract into Data\Movies in the installation folder, replacing the existing file when prompted. This file was originally downloaded from Steam Community :: Guide :: How To Disable Intro Movies, then ported to work with Spartan Strike.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! A program with a nice GUI would be better for sure - the way you describe it reminds me of the new-ish ReShade installer actually. I know ReShade itself is open source, idk about the launcher but maybe that could help. With that said I would assume writing such a program would take more time and effort than a modular batch (correct me if I'm wrong) and this is likely something way too complicated for me with my current (and very limited) programming experience. I'm very interested in any ressource that could help me learn more and do it myself though. Interest
  3. Today more than ever, (fast) storage space is expensive. One thing that always makes me mad is the insane amount of unused Localizations, game modes (often dead/closed multiplayer modes) that are installed by default - this is literally dead content. Wasted storage. Wasted money. Now back in ye old days, it used to be a gigabyte at best. Not the end of the world, and not exactly worth the time investment. But old habits die hard, and I'm still doing it today. With games becoming larger and larger, storage has become an issue that can thankfully be alleviated. I'm going to list a few
  4. I'm going to try to stay as respectful and constructive as I can, but I am really against this kind of thing. More specifically, the idea of selling this program. Let me elaborate. I've been a contributor here for a while, and a modder for decades. One of my most recent project is for the Arkham games, a full overhaul. We made a custom launcher to replace the vanilla one, which basically does what your tool does (and more) but only for Arkham Asylum. Mind you, I am not saying any code was stolen, or that the standard UE3 tweaks we (the Arkham team) suggested are ours - it is standard UE
  5. @Mirh Okay so I've gathered more information about that bug. I'll detail all infos I could gather so far and will edit this post as needed so that if users google it up, they'll at least find something. Mirh, I tagged you to know if you think it should be added to unresolved issues. Regardless I will trim down the fat on FC2's entry soon. First off, here's a video I actually recorded a year ago while working with Hunter on his Redux mod. At the time, I suspected it was a Near clip plane issue due to editing the FOV. Please watch it at 720p60, or you'll miss it: https://youtu.be/PAlhZzm
  6. Fallout New Vegas has both in-game and Steam achievements, labeled as "challenges" and it unlocks various perks in the game. I think having achievements supports is a good idea - I'm a sucker for those when they add replay value and I'm far from being alone. So personally I consider achievements as a feature.
  7. Something wonky in the Nv drivers it seems. However, fellow modders did not have the same issue. I ended up shooting in the dark, enabling/disabling everything I could think of that could cause such an issue and of course, it had to be the least likely, most sneaky option I would've never even thought about. Bloom. In DX10 on my rig, with a complete vanilla install, bloom has to be turned off or I get those black squares. Btw, I managed to capture a screenshot of the problem by mashing my screenshot key: Rather intrusive to say the least. If anyone has the same issue please let me
  8. I know that AlphaToCoverage is a well known culprit indeed. I know for a fact that it's set to 0 on my end (both the defaultrenderconfig.xml that's located in the patch.dat file and in the gamerprofile.xml config file). I also forgot to mention that I disabled HBAO through NvInspector to see if it changes something (it has an official DX10 flag and is set to Enabled by default), tried messing with shadercache on/off and different values for ASYNC10_ENABLE, none of which had any significant effect on rendering, because I remember having to setting it to off for Just Cause 2 which is DX10 only.
  9. Hello everyone, first post here (but been a contributor for a while) 🙂 I'm currently modding FC2 and I've found a bug that is still present in the vanilla Steam release, when using DX10. Some of the tweaks suggested on FC2's PCGW entry are wrong (Switching to DX9 does not fix the "silent phone call" bug for instance). It seems that many people think that switching to DX9 fixes everything, but it's not a solution for most of the common issues encountered. I'm thinking about editing the entry, but I need some feedback first. I'm a 3D artist (modeling/texturing) and have experience with HLSL,
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