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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! A program with a nice GUI would be better for sure - the way you describe it reminds me of the new-ish ReShade installer actually. I know ReShade itself is open source, idk about the launcher but maybe that could help. With that said I would assume writing such a program would take more time and effort than a modular batch (correct me if I'm wrong) and this is likely something way too complicated for me with my current (and very limited) programming experience. I'm very interested in any ressource that could help me learn more and do it myself though. Interestingly, Microsoft released a PowerShell tool called DiskUsage, which can delete stuff based on the extension, file size... This is somewhat similar to what I had in mind (and it might come in handy now that I think of it!) As for building a database, that is something I could do relatively quickly since I already know what can be removed for a couple dozen of games. That would probably help to showcase how much "savings" you can expect as well, it could drum up some interest. In your opinion, what would be the ideal format for such a database? I could make a Google Doc, but that's going to get messy pretty fast. For instance, for most UE3 games it's simpler to just look for any files with the "_LOC_RUS." suffix. These would take too much time to retrieve the filepath of each file, at least with Win Explorer. Perhaps you happen to have a better workflow/program? I would need something that can copy the full name and filepath of multiple files. Pretty sure Windows has some built-in tools for that.
  2. Today more than ever, (fast) storage space is expensive. One thing that always makes me mad is the insane amount of unused Localizations, game modes (often dead/closed multiplayer modes) that are installed by default - this is literally dead content. Wasted storage. Wasted money. Now back in ye old days, it used to be a gigabyte at best. Not the end of the world, and not exactly worth the time investment. But old habits die hard, and I'm still doing it today. With games becoming larger and larger, storage has become an issue that can thankfully be alleviated. I'm going to list a few interesting examples, then propose a solution and finally suggest a way to integrate it to PCGW's structure. I'll also list a couple of issues with my proposal, potential flaws and uses cases etc. If you have a better idea or any suggestion to make this a thing, you're more than welcome. Please note that all the numbers given are taken from Steam, but GoG, Uplay, EGS & Origin are guilty of the very same thing. Uplay's even worse, as always. Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated - I never suggested a feature before, but this one has been on the back of my mind for at least a year. I feel like it could be very useful to many folks out there. So, let's get to it. Those are easy ones to "clean-up" (more on that later): Batman Arkham Origins. Had a multiplayer mode, servers are down. Delete one folder and the install size goes from 27.06Gb to 18.1Gb. 9Gb (33%) saved Final Fantasy XIII. Well documented, check the PCGW entry for it, you can remove ~20Gb if you don't want the Japanese audio. 57.6Gb to 37.7Gb. 19.9Gb (52%) saved (!!!) Doom 2016. Do you really play the MP or Snapmap modes? That's ~15Gb (11Gb if you only delete the MP) saved. From 69.68Gb to 54.68Gb. 15Gb (21.5%) saved Here's the problem. I can manually delete all localizations, "deluxe edition content", Readme/Support and redists safely from most MT_Framework, UE3 and Ubi games just fine because they use the same naming conventions. All I have to do is search in the root folder for any file with the _ita. suffix for instance and delete it - but that's because I know what I'm doing and I'm willing to take the time to locate and delete those files. Listing that would massively bloat any page of course, and not many users would do it anyways. The best way I can think of to implement a reliable and simple method to delete files that we're absolutely sure are safe to delete goes something like this: Add a "debloatable" boolean to the Other Information infobox, If True, how much can be shaved-off at best. Users like myself could build a database of games we know we can "shave" (much like SK/ReShade compat, with a dedicated page) The end user would download a batch file, hosted here and verified by members based on a template which would include one option for each localization, and a "clean-up" option (remove Readme, Deluxe content, redists if safe) So for instance, I can flag all the localization for Resident Evil 6 and write them down in the dedicated page. I don't have any experience making modular batch files like that however, so someone else would have to make a template. I can then edit that batch to point it to all the files we want to delete. The end user launches the batch file, delete all locales but the one he's/she's using and boom. That's money saved right there. I know there are programs that are much better than Win Explorer's Search feature - if we can feed such a program with a config file it should do the trick too. We'd still need to build a database though. I do realize that I make it sound much easier than it may be, or that it may sound overkill if we're talking about a Gb at best. But for extreme cases like Doom 2016, Far Cry 3/4, FF XIII, the Arkham series, The Evil Within - huge games basically, it would be very helpful and hey, I'm already doing it anyways so might as well share it. There's also games like Battlefront 2 (2005) where you can cut the install size in half. It's about 5Gb (vanilla) if memory serves, about 2-3Gb when cleaned. With that said, if anything I hope that this thread at least brings more attention to this issue. Last but not least, to everyone: Happy holidays! I hope you're all doing well, and ready for more PCGW grunt work for this year to come. "Keep on keeping on".
  3. I'm going to try to stay as respectful and constructive as I can, but I am really against this kind of thing. More specifically, the idea of selling this program. Let me elaborate. I've been a contributor here for a while, and a modder for decades. One of my most recent project is for the Arkham games, a full overhaul. We made a custom launcher to replace the vanilla one, which basically does what your tool does (and more) but only for Arkham Asylum. Mind you, I am not saying any code was stolen, or that the standard UE3 tweaks we (the Arkham team) suggested are ours - it is standard UE3 stuff after all. Public knowledge. But here's the problem. I understand there is a lot of work being done to make this tool compatible with a lot of different engines. However what that also means is that you can basically lift every PCGW page's content and roll it into a program... That is closed source, and that you're selling. In modding circles I'm involved with, it is seen as leeching on a never-before-seen level to put it mildly. I've heard some very, very harsh criticism of this project in said circles. I am not saying that you are indeed just lifting wholesale PCGW's pages, but there's no way to prove it or disprove it and thus, it will always remain a concern. If the program was free, I would applaud the effort and if it was open source, I'm sure a lot of people would give you a hand (i.e experienced modders with this or that engine etc.). Myself included. The lack of credits is also an issue many people have, and that I stand with. I understand you do have your own exclusive tweaks, but how about the more common ones? Repackaging them and selling it, without credits on top of that, makes a lot of people I've talked to reject the idea immediately. I felt like expressing those concerns as politely as I can, I have no ill-will towards the tool's author but I cannot approve the project as it is now. With that said, there is no denying that such a tool could improve PC gaming as a whole, and that's the sad part. The price itself isn't a problem IMO, it's the fact of selling it itself. Even as a Patreon reward it wouldn't fly - just look at what's happening with Marty's RTGI Reshade shader for a good example: a lot of people are distributing it freely as a way of showing disapproval. This is most likely what's going to happen if it keeps being sold. To be clear, I do not approve this kind of behavior either, but it is the most likely outcome. I would suggest having a donation prompt instead, and having it open source; that would negate the crediting concerns and as always, if people like what you're doing, they will throw you some money. This is exactly what happened with the Arkham & Nier: Automata projects I'm involved with and I can assure you people will donate. On the other hand, asking for an "entry fee" in modding circles is never a good idea - Skyrim's paid mod & Creation Club are a good example too. This is most likely why this project doesn't get - and IMO will not get - much traction, sadly. With all of that said, I'd like to emphasis that I am not for starting a crusade against this project or its author. And if you're reading this and agree with my thoughts, please don't do that. Ultimately I sincerely hope some kind of middle ground can be found, as a tool like that would be a great benefit to everyone.
  4. @Mirh Okay so I've gathered more information about that bug. I'll detail all infos I could gather so far and will edit this post as needed so that if users google it up, they'll at least find something. Mirh, I tagged you to know if you think it should be added to unresolved issues. Regardless I will trim down the fat on FC2's entry soon. First off, here's a video I actually recorded a year ago while working with Hunter on his Redux mod. At the time, I suspected it was a Near clip plane issue due to editing the FOV. Please watch it at 720p60, or you'll miss it: https://youtu.be/PAlhZzm0ocs?t=55 Second, I'll break down everything we know and possible leads below, and upload a savefile with instructions if anyone wants to replicate it. Here's what we know/have tried: 1. The issue occur in DX10 mode, by combining HDR and Bloom. HDR is enabled by default on DX10 and can only be disabled in GamerProfile.xml and set it to read-only - of course, the game looks vastly different that way. Modded Patch.fat/dat or Dunia.dll do not change anything, it'll occur anyway. 2. Multiple experienced modders confirmed, by replicating it using a provided savefile or just by stumbling upon my research on the Far Cry modding Discord that this bug is years old and can easily be replicated. The bug is not contained in said savefile however, I tried a new game, all vanilla, same deal. 2. I can confirm that it is CPU and GPU vendor agnostic. The issue occured on a i7 7700k/GTX1080ti rig as well as on a R9 290x rig. My own PC is a R5 1600x/GTX1060 6GB. All those tests were done to replicate the issue on purpose, and were conducted on Windows 10. 3. The usual suspect have been ruled out: turning off "game mode", clean boot & reinstall, run as admin, with and without Reshade, using "disable fullscreen optimization", disabling color correction in the Nvidia control panel and leaving it to the application, cleaning related entries in the registry, installing on the C:\ drive, enabling/disabling each and every settings, even reverting my overclock and downcore my R5 1600x to two cores. 4. We suspected that it may come from WDDM. I tried installing the game on a AM2 Athlon 64 X2 4400+ & GT430, Win 7 rig. Same thing as on Win 10. We did not try on Vista/XP or on AMD APUs & Intel iGPUs. 5. We were not able to pinpoint the issue for sure. Special K, 3DMigoto and RenderDoc do not work with DX10, so I cannot take a look at what's happening. However, black squares appear when ADS when looking all the way down on road that have parallax, sprint through grass, or look at water. In those cases, it seems that the Adaptive Bloom, which correct the exposure of the screen, "misses" a part of the screen - so, mostly things that use alpha blending. 6. The Steam and GoG versions are affected, both being version 1.03 (last to date). 7. We can unpack shaders, and get compiled .pso & .vso. I do not know how to edit compiled shaders apart from Hex editing, which isn't my strong suit. All of this pretty much narrow the issue down to Windows past 7 and up, or Ubisoft broke something when they introduced the Widescreen patch (1.01 I believe). Of course there's few chances that it'll ever be fixed, but for archive purpose it's there. Attached to this post is a savefile if you want to help out. It takes about a minute. Launch the game in DX10 mode, set everything to ultra and enable Vsync (the squares are smaller the higher the framerate is, this is because the frame buffer is cleared every frame). Make sure Bloom is ticked. From where you spawn, go to your left and follow the road where the jeep is. That road has parallax. Go near the end of it by sprinting heads down, you might see those squares already. At the end of that small path, still on that parallax'd road, ADS with the AK, look all the way down and turn around on yourself. You should see black squares covering the back of the AK. 445512936171.sav
  5. Fallout New Vegas has both in-game and Steam achievements, labeled as "challenges" and it unlocks various perks in the game. I think having achievements supports is a good idea - I'm a sucker for those when they add replay value and I'm far from being alone. So personally I consider achievements as a feature.
  6. Something wonky in the Nv drivers it seems. However, fellow modders did not have the same issue. I ended up shooting in the dark, enabling/disabling everything I could think of that could cause such an issue and of course, it had to be the least likely, most sneaky option I would've never even thought about. Bloom. In DX10 on my rig, with a complete vanilla install, bloom has to be turned off or I get those black squares. Btw, I managed to capture a screenshot of the problem by mashing my screenshot key: Rather intrusive to say the least. If anyone has the same issue please let me know your specs, drivers and OS. I'm still working on trying to fix that thing, so any feedback would be extremely useful.
  7. I know that AlphaToCoverage is a well known culprit indeed. I know for a fact that it's set to 0 on my end (both the defaultrenderconfig.xml that's located in the patch.dat file and in the gamerprofile.xml config file). I also forgot to mention that I disabled HBAO through NvInspector to see if it changes something (it has an official DX10 flag and is set to Enabled by default), tried messing with shadercache on/off and different values for ASYNC10_ENABLE, none of which had any significant effect on rendering, because I remember having to setting it to off for Just Cause 2 which is DX10 only. As for the phone bug I think it's a tick issue because it was present on X360 as well. It's definitely not a renderer issue, but given that you have to restart the game to switch renderers which also fixes the silent call, I can see where people come from with this one.
  8. Hello everyone, first post here (but been a contributor for a while) 🙂 I'm currently modding FC2 and I've found a bug that is still present in the vanilla Steam release, when using DX10. Some of the tweaks suggested on FC2's PCGW entry are wrong (Switching to DX9 does not fix the "silent phone call" bug for instance). It seems that many people think that switching to DX9 fixes everything, but it's not a solution for most of the common issues encountered. I'm thinking about editing the entry, but I need some feedback first. I'm a 3D artist (modeling/texturing) and have experience with HLSL, so I think I know what's going on. Okay so here's the deal. Far Cry 2's depth buffer, regardless of the renderer used, is cleared every frame. However, DX10 has a better depth pass. The problem I encounter is that when advanced depth/alpha blending occurs (refraction, distorsion...), like shooting in the water (or sometimes just looking at it), black squares flashes for one frame. It also happens if you take an AK, look all the way down and sprint in the grass. Sometimes it happens when aiming down sights when looking at the floor or at any water. I'm running the game on a R5 1600x @ 3.95Ghz on all cores, 2x8gb 3400Mhz C14 FlareX RAM, a KFA2 GTX1060 EXOC 6gb with the latest drivers at the time of writing, Win 10 Pro 1909. The game is installed on a Samsung EVO 840 512gb. The whole system is fully stable, drives are clean, did a fresh install of Win 10 when 1909 came out. My best guess is that Nvidia or MS broke some legacy stuff, which introduces this bug. I'd like to know if other users with similar and different rigs also suffer from this bug, and if someone has any suggestion for a fix. Thanks in advance, have a nice day 🙂
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