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Dying Light settings no stutter


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Test on intel I7 4770k ,16gb  ram , Nvidia gtx 970 4g gaming  , driver 353.62 , samsung ssd 240 evo 240gb , Windows 10 64bit

Dying Light Steam version


This game stutter on full screen . Play the game in window mode . Use "WindowedBorderlessGaming" to play window full screen mode.


My settings: 1920x1080 60hz , Quality High ( shadow in ultra cause some frame drop) Nvidia gameworks on, distance 100%  . Run 60fps

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is the game

Yes, we all realize it's the game that stutters, and not windows update or steam.


What I was asking you is: what's the problematic component when that happens?

It's not like you have a problem, just because.

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