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  1. This game on windows 10 i can't change the graphics option. Settings: full hd 60hz max quality Shadow buffer: 2048. Page frame vr texturing: 16 , subsurface scattering : OFF. Vram usage 2133 mb (graphic cards) ram usage 2212 mb , cpu 36%
  2. settings 1920x1080 60hz vsync on , max quality . gpu usage on msi afterburner 30% max . On windows 10
  3. try this game. Is bad optimized. Graphics like a xbox360
  4. is the game . because the problem is same on amd\nvidia cards
  5. the vsync , subsurface scattering , shadow buffer,page frame, at max settings cause stuttering and fps drop . I'm sure. Whats your configuration?
  6. 1) Test on intel I7 4770k 16gb ram Nvidia gtx 970 4g gaming driver 353.62 Windows 10 64bit 2)Test on intel I7 4770k 16gb ram Amd r9 290x driver 15.7 windows 7 64bit Gta v steam version Settings : 1920x1080 60hz. Quality: Max. Advanced graphic option: off. I try to set all graphics option , the grass in ultra cause frame drop to 40fps!! For play on 60fps stable i set grass on high. anybody has this problem? is graphic option broken?
  7. Test on intel I7 4770k ,16gb ram , Nvidia gtx 970 4g gaming , driver 353.62 , samsung ssd 240 evo 240gb , Windows 10 64bit Dying Light Steam version This game stutter on full screen . Play the game in window mode . Use "WindowedBorderlessGaming" to play window full screen mode. My settings: 1920x1080 60hz , Quality High ( shadow in ultra cause some frame drop) Nvidia gameworks on, distance 100% . Run 60fps
  8. Test on i7 4770k 16gb ram Nvidia gtx 970 driver 353.62 Duke Nukem Forever steam version To reduce or eliminate the stutter try this : Option Graphics: Shadow Only world If this don't work disable vsync I hope to help
  9. Test on Intel i7 4770k 16gb Nvidia GTX 970 driver 353.62 Windows 7 pro 64bit Wolfenstein The Old Blood Steam version To fix stuttering try this settings: Vsync: off (It's broken in game ,force on AMD\NVIDIA control panel) Force triple buffer on AMD\NVIDIA control panel Shadow buffer: 2048. Page frame max vr texturing: 16 subsurface scattering : OFF Run on max detail , aliansing 2x 1920x1080p 60fps . I hope to help
  10. I hate stuttering\lag in game!!!!

  11. Mig fixer

    I'm New!

    Hi! i'm Mig fixer ! This site is great!! I'm here to help and report perfomance issues . My spec are: Intel i7 4770k 16bg ram GTX 970 Driver 353.62 . I hope to help us.
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