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PCGamingWiki turns 3 today


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Another year has passed and now PCGamingWiki has entered its 3rd year. It's amazing that we've been able to create such a fantastic resource that thousands of PC gamers rely on and trust.


In terms of site health, we've seen phenomenal progress with nearly 50% growth in traffic compared to our 2nd year. The impressive visitor statistics, seen below, speak for themselves:



We've also managed to consolidate our donations and launch a successful Patreon campaign with, at the time of writing, $118 dollars being donated by 47 patrons. Our thanks to everyone who has chosen to donate through the campaign or directly via PayPal - you are helping to support us and to keep the lights on.


There's also some exciting news about the PCGamingWiki Browser Extension we'll be publicising and launching this week, as well as work on a new wiki skin which will be announced in the future. Many thanks to Soeb and Nicereddy for their work on this.

As a way of showing appreciation to our fantastic contributors, I'd like to carry on the tradition of providing Steam Gift Cards for those who have helped us out the most. These rewards will go to:


£50 Steam Gift Card - Garrett, LDK, Nicereddy, Pridit, Soeb

£20 Steam Gift Card - Mirh, Ratchet302, Suicide_machine, ThatOneReaper


I'd also particularly like to thank Soeb who has taken on the enormous responsibility of server administration, as well as contributing to articles, PR and research and development work.


Many thanks for the help from everyone else - the PC Report writers, the moderators, the editors, the anonymous contributors and everyone who tweets and writes and direct people to the site - thank you.


Every day new games are being released in a buggy and incomplete state - and older games have issues working on newly released operating systems. My hope is that that PCGamingWiki continues to be the essential resource for the PC gaming community well into the future. Let's fix PC gaming.


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Wow I can't believe it has been three years already! Many thanks to every contributor and a major thanks to Andytizer for providing such a great platform for us!!

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I didn't realise it has been three years already.


2015 is going to see many big-name releases. I'm expecting more ports with poor performance and/or an absence of expected PC features. Remember all the problems with Assassin's Creed Unity last year? There are three Assassin's Creed games due on the PC for 2015. Bethesda has just announced their first-ever E3 presentation so we'll probably be seeing Doom 4 and maybe even the next Fallout or The Elder Scrolls title for late 2015 or early 2016.


We'll also be seeing the release of the first DirectX 12 games this year, and possibly even some glNext titles, so there might be some fun growing pains there.


On the plus side, during this site's lifetime we've already seen several of the more exotic PC features become standard like borderless fullscreen mode (which was previously very rare), and more developers are testing their games at 4K resolutions (if only for bragging purposes).

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I forgot all about this. My existing hoard hasn't run out yet. :D


It looks like I've received mine already, but since Steam is adding New Zealand Dollar support on March 24 I might as well redeem it after that happens to avoid a double conversion.

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