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  1. My old username is MOJ. I'd like to change it to Markie, or Markie98, or 98Markie (preference being in the order presented).
  2. I've been trying to change my username lately, and although i've managed to change my "signature" (on the wiki), the "display name" (on the forums) and the "username" (in the PCGW SSO account management page), nothing seems to have affected my actual username on the wiki itself (the name on the top right corner of the website and also on my edit history, etc, is still the same as before). Is this the way it works? Can i not change that? Or is it some kind of problem?
  3. I did it and it still wouldn't load, that's why i created this thread.
  4. it gives me an internal error when trying to open it either from google or through the franchise links in other game pages.
  5. Dark Void and The Matrix: Path of Neo needs a wiki page.
  6. What, if i edit a lot i can't create pages?
  7. Cold Fear needs a wiki page, can someone create it? I'm just saying it here because i don't know how to create a game page.
  8. Why only 4 person got the £20 Steam Gift Card while 5 got the £50? :( The fifth to get the 20 one could be me D:
  9. Sorry for my bad german. Here it is: "ULTRA" SSAO setting stands for HDAO, wich is AMD's form of ambient occlusion and causes a big performance loss on Nvidia cards. But even with an AMD card you should NOT set this game's graphics to its maximum settings, you should set "SSAO" setting to "NORMAL", because "ULTRA" stands for HDAO, and "NORMAL" stands for SSAO, that makes a bigger difference, does have bigger shadow casts and more objects seems to be affected, even causing a smaller performance loss. http://wiki.gametrailers.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1347403&start=40 http://www.hardocp.com/article/2013/03/20/tomb_raider_video_card_performance_iq_review/8#.U9mBmrHQr2o And set "HIGH PRECISION" option off, because it does not make any (i (and some people on the internet) did a screenshot comparison and i saw no difference) noticeable graphical difference, even causing a HUGE performance loss.
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