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PCGamingWiki turns 2 today


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Back in 2012 when PCGamingWiki was founded, I could never have imagined that our website would become such a big success. Not only that, I'm proud of the community that we've built, the friendly culture we've instilled and all of our accomplishments over the last two years.The site has changed a great deal: visually there is the introduction of IP Board community features and the tweaking of the main Wiki skin to accommodate this, which has brought forums and articles to the forefront.


We have also done a fantastic job on keeping up to date with new releases, succeeding in one of the main goals I set out for us in 2013. I'd like to thank Pridit for making this possible by taking on many new responsibilities in my absence, including managing notable releases, PR and review codes.


We have also introduced the blog which has gone through a few iterations until it reached its current form. I'd like to thank all of our contributors and LDK in particular for his fantastic detailed work on creating a record number of 'PC Report' articles. I still have big plans for the blog, which I hope to update on a much more frequent basis.


This was also the year of big project pages, like the migration of The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam, as well as the continued success of the GOG.com Enhancement Project and the List of Local Multiplayer Games. I'd like to thank Nicereddy and Garrett for managing and developing these project pages.


However I believe that the biggest improvements to the site has come through the overhaul of the back-end of pages and the development of Semantic MediaWiki by Soeb, most likely consisting of hundreds of hours of work behind the scenes. In short, PCGamingWiki is being transformed from a set of static pages into a fully interactive database, the wonderful possibilities of which we hope to fully explore in 2014.


Traffic levels have also been fantastic. I would never have imagined it was possible for a site like this to reach these levels, but it's now a regular occurence for us to receive 10,000 unique visitors a day, visiting organically with no big push on forums or social media. It's a testament to how the quality of our content has improved over the last year, and how important our place is in the PC gaming community.


I regularly see PCGamingWiki regularly mentioned on YouTube videos, blog articles and forums. Thank you to all those who have ever helped to spread the word. The more visitors we receive, the higher the chance we gain new community members and potential editors to help keep the site up to date.


I'd also like to thank JRWR for all his work on the server back-end, the maintenance of the dedicated server and the many times he has pulled all-nighters to restore lost data at critical moments. The server magic he's pulled has given us fantastic speed that has made the very most out of our limited server capacity.


I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who made this website such a success, especially our moderators, blog writers, project leaders and major contributors. To show my appreciation for everyone's work I have decided to award Steam Wallet vouchers to the following contributors:











Hungry eyes

Masked Turk







People who are rewarded are free to claim the Steam Wallet code from me or an equivalent value gift from Steam or Green Man Gaming. To claim your reward please PM me, and I'll be arranging delivery codes to delivered by the end of the week.


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I'm really impressed with how the content of the site has improved, even just in the year I've been working on the site. The design with the wiki skin and IP Board forums looks absolutely fantastic for a site run on donations and ad revenue, the content navigation has improved a great deal, and thanks mostly to hungry_eyes, Soeb, and Garrett we have a unified design across our templates and project pages. I look forward to contributing to the site more in the future, hopefully expanding to be the central hub for things like emulation as well as the game fixes we already provide.


God speed everyone :D

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It's amazing how far we've come in two years. With Andy's great idea, JRWR's mad admin skills and a massive group of volunteers we've made this site into something quite cool and helpful.



Go Team!

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Since I found this site, I ditched my freaking text files containing fixes (that I was inexplicably collecting for some games) and decided one day to contribute. It's been incredibly helpful and I hope this reaches out to more people and becomes more successful. This site is just so freaking great.


Happy birthday. And best of luck towards the future.

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Nice to see PCGamingWiki turning two! Would just like to thank Andy for recognising the contribution that people such as JRWR, Garrett, Soeb, Nicereddy, Newmansan, Pridit etc have made to the site.


Thank you also for the personal recognition!

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Apologies for delay on getting the cards out - I was planning to head to GAME but now I'm getting physical Steam Wallet cards delivered via Currys and should be distributed by next week. Many thanks for all your help and contributions.

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