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  1. Mars icecream

    Unreal Engine 3 frame rate unlocking template

    ===[[Glossary:Frame rate (FPS)|High frame rate]]=== {{Fixbox|description=Change frame rate smoothing|fix= # Go to the [[#Game data|configuration file(s) location]]. # Open <code>configuration file</code>. # Search and change <code>bSmoothFrameRate</code> to <code>false</code> '''or''' raise <code>MaxSmoothedFrameRate</code> value. # Save changes. {{ii}} For more information, see the [[Engine:Unreal Engine 3#Smoothed frame rate|Unreal Engine 3 page]]. }}
  2. Can you provide a general article template for unlocking frame rate in Unreal Engine 3 games, similar to the sample article? I have seen something along the lines of [...]"please refer to the Unreal Engine 3 page for additional information" in UE3 game articles, may be official to a certain degree.
  3. Mars icecream

    image host

    Image host to be used with images I share on PC Gaming Wiki forums. Created to avoid third-party services.
  4. Mars icecream

    FlatOut - missing car texture fix (GOG)



    In the GOG version of FlatOut one of the car textures in the gold cup races (and some bonus events) is missing and the vehicle appears in black. The other versions of the game shouldn't be affected. Extract the archive to your game folder and overwrite the existing files. source (I've renamed the archive and added the correct file path)
  5. Mars icecream

    NoCD Patches

    SecuROM appears to work on Windows 10 (I've played at least two legitimate games with SecuROM on my system) despite contradicting reports (also confirmed on the forums), but Safedisc and older builds of Starforce never do as far as I know.
  6. Mars icecream

    Form-based editing test

    Source editor should certainly always be accessible. I find it easier and simpler to use when doing minor changes. Visual editor has been the default setting on Wikipedia since 2015 and editing in text "will always be an option":
  7. Version


    Installation: Extract archive content to the game folder. Hotkeys (by default all effects are disabled): source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304240/discussions/0/350540973999781985/ screenshots: default no noise, no color, no fog
  8. Mars icecream

    RE1 real time graphics mod

  9. Mars icecream

    The Void - motion sickness mod



    Mod to increase FOV and remove (or reduce) head bobbing in Ice-Pick Lodge's The Void. I've confirmed that the mod also works with the GOG version. http://steamcommunity.com/app/37000/discussions/0/133255603283043191/#c133261124638710346 1. Choose your selected setting from the following: wide wide, noHbobbing wide, weakHbobbing xTRAwide xTRAwide, noHbobbing xTRAwide, weakHbobbing 2. Extract "player.bin" to "\data\Scripts" in the game folder. .
  10. Mars icecream

    Game changelog to general information

    I'm aware of this, I added a note to keypoints about added achievements. The changelog does however cover five years of updates. I wondered which one I should use, I agree with you now. Thank you for the help.
  11. Mars icecream

    Game changelog to general information

    The developers often don't post changelog to "news" on Steam and update notes can be difficult to find - in this instance, Frictional Games shared patchlogs on their forums for all of their games preceding Soma. I've started adding game changelogs under "general information", for instance: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Amnesia:_The_Dark_Descent Do you agree?
  12. Mars icecream

    Citation needed - how to verify stuff ?

    There are no explicit rules, but all fixes should have a source. Yes, you should add a comment unless you're simply "verifying" information added by others. Game manual is a great source.